Territory Selection

  • @Pefki Added, and welcome! Sorry for the delay.

    @Papal-States @Turkmenbaycan I'm not prepared to OK this. For one, we already have a Vatican and a Pope ( @Os-Corelia / @The-Holy-See), and secondly I think the Pope should be RPed region-wide anyway - he's an international figure and the player who controls him has a fair degree of influence over the spiritual lives of other players' peoples. The current RP Pope was elected in a region-wide conclave RP, for instance. Also, the last time someone claimed the Pope unilaterally, His Holiness ended up unsuccessfully trying to resolve a civil war (just ask @Inquista).

  • Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): The Republic of Medicia
    Nation Name on NS (short): Unified Medicia
    Puppet (if so, of whom?): I am not a puppet.

    Map plot requested: 15

    Capital city: Leonarda
    Currency: Liorin
    National language(s): Medician and Iscidan

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): President Sandro Gronchi 
    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Prime Minister Matteo Goria
    Governing party: Forward Medicia Party

    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Mrs. Daniela Adinolfi
    Europarty (if any): None yet.

  • @Angleter Thank you!

  • @Angleter I understand your arguments. That´s why I ask now to receive plot 56 beside plot 55 Turkmenbaijan owns already, as part of the State Turkmenbaijan. Plot 55 is not in use, gives Turkmenbaijan more sea acces = more commerce and development and most important of all: more diverse climate. As Turkmenbaijan knows a desert climate the more milder climate of plot 55 can bring a good balance for the nation. I call this region ´West Turkmen´.

  • @Turkmenbaycan that wouldn't be fair for the rest of rpers, especially those who own small plots, including myself.

    If every one were to enlarge their territories by occupying unused plot, the map would be mayhem.... 

  • @Turkmenbaycan I agree with @Derecta 

    I just joined up, but if we could all swallow up unoccupied posts, there'd be no spots for new guys like me to claim and I might as well get myself some sea access without RPing it. Perhaps you could buy the land or annex it through RP? Besides, the geography we start with influences our RP. I, for example, will have to be neutral and try to get trade agreements with everyone around me due to being landlocked, while using the fact that large rivers pass through my country as a bargaining chip. It's not all bad ;)

  • Nation Name in RP: The Federal Republic of Sudslavija

    Nation Name on NS: Sudslavija

     Puppet: No

    Map plot requested: 4

    Capital city: Belgrade (Beograd) 

    Currency: Sudslavian Dinar 

    National language(s): Slovene, Croatian, Serbian,  Minority language: Italian, Secondary official language: English

    Head of State: Marshal Josip Broz Tito 

    Head of Government: Prime Minister Mr Ante Marković

    Governing party: Socialists Union of Sudslavija (Savez Socijalista Sudslavije)

    European Councillor: Unelected

    Europarty: None

  • Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): The Kingdom of Montenbourg 

    Nation Name on NS (short): Montenbourg 

    Puppet (if so, of whom?): No

    Map plot requested: 15

    Capital city: Montague 

    Currency: Monten Pound 

    National language(s): English 

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx + name in bold): His Majesty King Lawrence I 

    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx + name in bold): Prime Minister Mr William Anderson

    Governing party:  Classical Monarchist Party

    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx + name in bold): Ms Emma Granger

    Europarty (if any): None

  • Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): Republic of San Trinidad
    Nation Name on NS (short): San Trinidad
    Puppet (if so, of whom?):

    Map plot requested: 61

    Capital city: Port-of-Trinidad
    Currency: Euro
    National language(s): Spanish, English

    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): president Mr. Nicolás Vecero
    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold):  president Mr. Nicolás Vecero
    Governing party: Partido Popular Trinidado

    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Mrs. Suzanna Luna
    Europarty (if any):

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