Inimicus - War List

  • Official Nation name: The Empire of Inimicus
    Conventional Nation name(s): Inimicus

    Imperial Inimician Army: 1,500,000 + 375,000 reserves
    Imperial Inimician Air Force: 5,700 planes, 76,000 servicemen
    Imperial Inimician Navy: 288 vessels, 126,720 servicemen
    Imperial Bombardiers: 50,000 servicemen, 100 missiles, 150 warheads
    Total military personnel: 1,752,720 + 375,000 reserves

    Total upkeep cost: 6,444
    Total IC's available: 130,265
    Total IC's used: 130,244

    Motorised Infantry: 0
    Mechanised Infantry: 100
    Airborne: 50
    Special Forces: 50
    Armour: 50
    Artillery: 50

    Fighter: 20
    Fighter-Bomber: 20
    Attack Helicopter: 20
    AWACS: 10
    Tanker: 10
    Transport: 40
    Bomber: 30
    Strategic Bomber: 40

    Patrol Boat: 30
    Corvette: 30
    Frigate: 30
    Destroyer: 30
    Cruiser: 40
    Transport Ship: 30
    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 5
    Helicarrier: 5
    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 5
    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 12
    Supercarrier: 5
    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 0
    Attack Submarine, Nuclear (SSN): 20
    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear (SSGN): 21
    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear (SSBN): 25

    ICBM silo: 5
    Mobile ICBM launcher: 5
    Conventional Ballistic Missiles: 1,000
    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 150
    Strategic Biological Warheads: 0
    Strategic Chemical Warheads: currently being dismantled
    Special Unconventional Weapons: 150

    Satellites: yes
    Military Satellite Network: yes
    Space programme: yes
    Space research programme: yes
    Nuclear technology: yes
    Nuclear weapons: yes
    Biological weapons: no
    Chemical weapons: yes



    To Whom It May Be Of Concern,

    Today I have published the new state of the Imperial Armed Forces. In line with Imperial Mandates, the Inimician military produced 150 nuclear warheads, the limit we have been granted by the European Nuclear Arms Association. These warheads are currently operational and have therefore been registered. The Emperor has also decreed the abolition of all diesel-powered submarines in the fleet, preferring nuclear-powered vessels instead. The Imperial Navy has complied with this order, as visible. The Emperor has cited environmental protection as his reason for this sudden change.

    He has also ordered all Imperial Air Force reserves to be disbanded and join the regular standing army. As Inimicus has a passive compulsive system of military enlisting, this was a logistically-possible move and has, in obedience to the Imperial Will, been followed through with.

    Finally, a new division of the Imperial Armed Forces, the Imperial Bombardiers, has been set up to operate and maintain Inimicus's new ICBM silos, mobile ICBM launchers, and 150 strategic nuclear warheads. The Emperor is pleased to announce He will also set up an independent organisation to scrutinise the work of the Imperial Bombardiers, and ensure they keep in compliance with the ENAA order concerning Inimicus's new nuclear armaments.


    Jacob Churchill, Imperial Defence Officer

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