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    Welcome to the Coalition of European Progressive Conservatives. The CEPC is a progressive conservative and liberal conservative europarty that support a free and democratic Europe.

    Apply here for membership of the CEPC. Fill out the application form below and wait for the approval of the Party President. Once approved, your party is officially a member of the CEPC europarty.


    [b]Party Name:[/b]
    [b]Party Leader:[/b]
    [b]Status (incumbent, opposition, etc):[/b]
    [b]Councillor to the EU (if in power):[/b]

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  • Nation: The Federal Republic of Xeng

    Party Name: One Xeng Party

    Party Leader: Dai Yeong Tzeng

    Ideology: One Nation Conservatism, Communitarianism, Third Way Economics

    Status (incumbent, opposition, etc): In power since 1981[b]

    Councillor to the EU (if in power): Miyan Shen-Li

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  • (OOC: So is anyone going to approve or do anything with this?)

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