Soviet Troop Mobilization

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    Alright people, looks like we've got our first Situation.

    What are we to do of the Soviet Troop Mobilization?

    I've already issued a statement that could buy us some time, you can see it in the news consortium.

    What does everyone think?

  • Whilst I'm all for Democracy in all it's forms, it is something that should not be forced on other nations. What can I say. Sirgei has a point!

    Military mobilization on the other hand shows blatent impatience with the diplomatic process. I would not cope well when looking down the side of a riffle. I will probably recomend to my government that Dim Quai navy be put on alert.

    Would an apology and plenty of headbowing be completely out of the question?

    Prof. Scheldon List

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