The Greens - Talkshop

  • Of course, they are an essential part of the proccess. We don't exist without them so to speak. As representatives of a larger community we are held by the concept of doing the best for them, something we will always do and will always improve upon.

    Improved protection of the environment and resource base is one of the most important tasks of European political leaders. It is also one of the main activities that citizens of the European Union expect of the EU.So it will be one of our primary responsibilities. Polls show that over two thirds want decision-makers to give equal weight to environmental, economic and social policies. The need could not be more clear. People are asking for this reform, we shall bring it about as best we can.

    OOC: Your right Galen, I mean we have covered quite some amount of areas tonight. I think we should leave it for now, as they said Rome was not built in a day. Or was that a week? hehe Nice work to all of you who participated. A 100% participation count, now thats Real Progress to reform.

    And with that Eva casually said her goodbyes for this day to all her fellow party members. Tomorrow would see the conference delve more into party issues and focuses. Until then she fully intended to cycle home and get some rest. 'Rome wasn't built in a day!' , she told herself. She laughed.
    "Nope, Rome took much longer than that...."

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    Eva Straus MEP, Party Leader,
    [European Green Party] - Real Progress

  • Galen had been sat in his chair for the entire duration of today's agenda and you can be sure he was feeling it now. He was attempting to regain some control over his legs as he stood up slowly from his position at the table.
    "Nope, Rome took much longer than that....", came the voice of Eva Straus across from him as she too gathered her documents and belongings, preparing to leave for today.
    "Well you can assume that it began in approx. 753 B.C and the city reached a peak in 120 when the population reached to 1.2 million. so - all in all about 870 years.", **Galen recoiled in shock, he had no idea how he knew that. They both laughed as they left the boardroom and parted their ways in the great reception area of the European Parliament building in Europolis.

    OOC: Its been fun, talk more tomorrow! See you all then.**

  • Its nice to see that people are demonstrating their interest in having a Green politician in power (EC Elections). I wish Ms. Straus all the best in the coming days.