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    With this treaty, the three Kingdoms of Havvenskar and the Teutonic State declare the foundation of the United Nations of Scandinavia (UNS). They are determined to safeguard freedom, common heritage, and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of libertary, the rule of law and democracy.
    They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defence, trade and the preservation of peace.

    They therefore agree to this Treaty:

    Article I

    1. The founding members of UNS have automatic entrance into the organisation.
    2. The member nations of UNS, by aninomous agreement, invite any other nation in a position to further the principles of this Treaty.
    3. The adding of additional nations must be agreed to unanimously by the existing nations in UNS.
    4. Partnerships can be requested by UNS with other nations that are not members of UNS, to advance the common ideals of UNS and said other nations.

    Article II

    1. UNS meetings will either take place in the UNS Headquarters, located in Havvenskar.
    2. UNS meetings will take place whenever existing nations in UNS decide this is necessary.
    3. Emergency meetings can be called in an emergency by Commissioners or any of the member nations whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the member nations is threatened.

    Article III

    The member nations will contribute towards the further development of peaceful internation relations by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international economic policies and will encourage economic collaboration between any or all of them.

    Article IV

    UNS nations must maintain free trade and free movement between other member nations.
    Free trade is defined as free movement of goods between UNS member nations without tariff and without extensive customs checks between nations.
    Free movement is defined as travel between UNS member nations that does not require a visa.

    Article V

    1. The nations of UNS agree that an armed attack against one or more of them shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an attack occurs, each of them, will assist the Party or Parties attack by taking actions in concert with the other Parties, including the use of armed force to restore and maintain the security of the member nations and, when this is unanimously deemed necessary by the member nations, take action against another nation.
    2. The Joint Defense Council votes on matters regarding UNS military actions.
    3. Member nations are not obliged to engage in an offensive war conducted by any of the member nations. They are, however, obliged to engage in an offensive war if this is decided by the Joint Defense Council.

    Article VI

    Any amendments to this treaty must be unanimously agreed to by member nations of UNS.


    Olav IV of House Andalvik
    King of Havvenskar

    Nikolaus Wilhelm
    King of the Teutonic State

    Agatha III
    Queen of Jyllandet

    In order to join the United Nations of Scandinavia a nation must apply here. Then the member states will debate if the applicant is accapted into the UNS.


    [b]Nation name (full)[/b]:

    [b]Government type[/b]:

    [b]Geographical Location[/b]:

    [b]Why should the applicant be accepted?[/b]:

  • Nation name (full): The 1st Constitutional Monarchy of Poretos

    Government type: Unitary Constitutional Parliamentary Monarch

    Geographical Location: [OC: You know where I am?] South of the Current Members of the Agreement

    Why should the applicant be accepted?: Request Pre-Acknowledged.

  • The Teutonic State recognizes and thinks Poretos would be a valuable UNS member.
    We invite you to a meeting we will hold in Konigsberg, do you accept?
    (OC: Where from?)

  • Poretos will send a Delegation in the uptmost haste, sadly the Lady President and Lord Chancellor are currently engaged with the Terror Attacks on our Southern Border, and the Reform of the Constitution of Poretos, however the Chief Lord Ambassador and Foreign Premier will be on their way as soon as their paperwork is sorted.

    [OC: Oh, Very Sorry]

  • When is it starting and where?

  • (OOC: For some reason I read your posts meaning you were too busy)

    "We can have this meeting in Konigsburg, and start after everyone arrives at the debate center. Reps from us, Havvenskar and you should talk there a while and sign off."

  • Aye, we will very much look forward to working some of this out - we would like to discuss somethings too before we join.

  • Nation name (full):
    The Glorious Empire of Vuroska

    Government type:
    Unitary parliamentary
    constitutional monarchy

    Geographical Location:
    West of Teutonic Crusaders

    Why should the applicant be accepted?:
    I believe that Article VI, will help Vursoka and the region's economy and job opportunities.
    I would also point out that Vuroska is in a strategic position for military and trading

  • [b]Nation name (full)[/b]: The United Kingdom of Kalmar

    [b]Government type[/b]: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

    [b]Geographical Location[/b]: plot #13, West of Framptonia

    [b]Why should the applicant be accepted?[/b]: 1) The United Kingdom of Kalmar is Scandinavia united 2) Klamar wishes to seek closer contact with her bothers and sisters 3) We would like to enter alliances which would strengthen the world, its Kalmar's duty to make the world a better place.

  • Nation name (full): The Federal Republic of Xeng

    Government type: One Party State

    Geographical Location: Right next to the Kalmar Union, number 6 on the eu regional Map.

    Why should the applicant be accepted?:Culturally while my nation is very much dissimilar to any of you. I wish to be a member purely out of economic convieniance, and geographical security. Other than that Xeng is mostly neutral when it comes to everything else.

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    ((OOC: Havvenskar is gone and Jyllandet has also left (but has recently returned with a new country) - just leaving the Teutonic States lone in this organization. The Teutonic States is currently violating most things under this charter, and has until very recently been ruled by a fascist dictator. The UNS is a completely dead organization, and acts as nothing more than a former facade of goodwill for a tyrannical regime. Do not apply. /end this thread))

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