Think Tank: Europarty Reform

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    Renata Kligenberg, Councillor for Internal Affairs


    As a part of the Commission's commitment to reform and new ideas, I introduce a think tank for your proposals as a part of Europarty reform.

    This think tank will go on through 31 January, and after that I will take your ideas and ask that someone will author the legislation.

    I will offer my opinion and give advice, but this will have to be a Council led reform.

    So I will ask the open ended question: what do you want to see as Europeans, councillors or otherwise, in terms of reform of the Europarties?

  • "These Parties need to mean something, but not prevent nations from getting positions in other locations just because their leader wants them"

  • Could you elucidate further? I would really like to understand to what that comment pertains.

  • I.e, usually only one member of a part goes up for any position I.E Members cant gain control of a commission or join a commision as part of their party.

    But they are also completely useless.

  • QUOTE (Poretos @ January 25th, 2015 - 12:44)

    I.e, usually only one member of a part goes up for any position I.E Members cant gain control of a commission or join a commision as part of their party.

    But they are also completely useless.

    I see. So you'd rather have Commissions that were composed of one ideology over another, etc. Is there a particular reason to that, or do you think that this current system is inefficient?

    It's hard to understand because it's not like national government where the winning party forms a government, I do understand that. The closest we've been in a while have been the EFP and UEC sweeps as of late.

  • There is just no real reason to be part of one, you stand a more likely chance being independent as you dont annoy anyone with your political party and you are still considered highly.

  • Yes, I understand this. Would having people vote for a ticket of Commissioners work better instead of 5 individual commissioners?

  • "I applaud the Commissioner for taking the initiative about Europarty reform. Indeed, this subject has been discussed a lot lately, many nations have voiced their desire for reforms in this area. However, I find the subject a hard one to have a clear opinion of. In short, I think we might have to disband certain inactive Europarties to start off on a clean slate, but most importantly I think it is mainly down to national parties themselves to become more active. I, myself, have heard the President of the UEC is intending to host a UEC Winter Conference shortly, but in the end it will be down to UEC members themselves to attend these conferences, there is only so much party leaders, or the commission for that matter, can do."

    Ralph Jaevons

  • "Would it be possible to find a middle ground between a full ticket and separate commissioners.?"

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    The possibility of reforming the system to have complete party candidacies for the commission looks very interesting. In my opinion it would both help revive and give a meaning to the Europarty system as well as having more coordinated commission teams, banded together under a common ideological project.

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    I have been meeting out of chambers in the council bar with Councillor Montfort for many late night cap and he has some wonderful ideas, not wanting to steal any credit.

    What I will offer is my experiences in folding ALDGE. The problem we had was that there is no left wing presence in chambers really any more and we couldn't run a whole Europarty with one nation taking part it seemed rather futile and pointless. I urge all leftist members to contact me and we'll set up meetings.

  • A balance between ideologies would help quite a bit, and I think those who are serious should contact the Corelian councillor immediately

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    I am of the opinion that the demise of the Europarty system is the best thing that has ever happened to it. In the current, highly de-aligned political atmosphere, voters are more likely to pick the strongest candidates with the best ideas. In a system where party tickets are elected, minority views are shut out and weaker or unpopular candidates get to ride on the stronger candidates' coattails. I can see this situation being to the detriment of many Europeans, as their will is not being represented. The European Commission is not a national government and should not be treated like one. It does not exist to serve your interests or the narrow interests of a single party. It exists for everyone, and if it ceases to act in this role, then it does not deserve to exist at all.

    Furthermore, why are you proposing to legislate parties and activity? All of this should be left up to them and their effort. If national parties want to maintain successful europarties, they have to go do that. Just get in action and get it done. If the parties are being left to rot, then the system clearly deserves to remain de-aligned, for that is what people truly want. Action reveals intent, not words.

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    As Cllr. Jelesniak said, I've some ideas as to how the party system can be reformed and revitalised. I would like to suggest that Europarties be superseded by, or be transformed into, caucuses of European Councillors. They could be formed by two or three (or more) Councillors, and be dissolved if they fall under that number. This would get round the problem of how much power parties that aren't in office back home should have within a Europarty, and even the issue of a Councillor representing a government comprised of members of more than one Europarty. Moreover, inactive caucus leaders would be subject to dismissal by the caucus membership, or perhaps even by the Council, allowing them to rejuvenate instead of lying moribund because there is no mechanism for new blood to unseat an inactive old guard.

    The main obstacle would be defining who is and isn't an active Councillor, which would be a matter for discussion with the Speaker, who I'm sure could maintain a list of active Councillors - i.e. the representatives of those countries who, at that moment in time, could be considered to have taken up their Constitutional right to an equal voice in the Council.

  • Councillor Montfort has presented the most workable and desirable ideas so far. Its clear that the europarties need to be shaken up and I do believe that Councillor Montfort's proposals would provide that and some more besides. It would it make them more accountable and relevant to the voters, only existing as long as the electorate wishes it.

    As Councillor Devoy has said, electing party tickets would be a step too far. The personal connection, along with more unconventional ideas, would be lost, sacrificed in an attempt to revive the type of politics people evidently seem to be rejecting. Councillor Montfort's suggestions are an excellent middle ground, and as I've said I support them fully and would help in their implementation in any way.

    As such I'd be more than happy to produce a list of active councillors at regular intervals or on an as-needed basis.

    Speaker John Walters

  • It is not up to me, as I am not a Councillor.

    If you wish to take up Cllr. Montfort's proposals, please do so in the European Council. These have been excellent ideas and I am keen to see how they work.

    These seem to be things that affect the European Council more than the Commission. I'm wondering if anyone has an issue with how the Commission is elected in relation to Europarties.

  • Does anyone else have any suggestions for the party system before I adjourn the think-tank?

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