A meeting in Konigsberg

  • "I think it might need a bit more than that"

    _The Lord Chancellor seemed to be counting some numbers in his head _

    "I'd like to suggest prehaps:

    • An High Ranking Officer from each force of a Nation, Ie Army, Navy, Air force and Auxillary
    • A Diplomatic Officer capable of representing the Government and Parliament
    • Their Aides (I.E Prehaps two for each)
    • As well as other Civil Servants that will be required.

    A bunker could be useful..."

    _The Foreign Premier interupted him _

    "Jordan likes big flashy plans and he hasn't had a chance to do any with ALexandra minding the books so he wants a chance whilst shes incapacitated to get it out of his system"

  • "That is I think even better. That is a good idea. When we are finished I will immediately phone to the fatherland to start establishing the facilities we need.

    I had this other idea. Would it be good if we would establish a joint space program? We can accomplish more in the area of space exploration and science then each on our own."

  • "I'm all for this, my population has a huge and growing interest in science. I really think this could benefit all of us.."

  • "My son would love it" replied the Lord Chancellor

    Again the Foreign Premier had to respond to prevent confusion

    "The Lord Chancellor's Son, 16 I believe, is a keen advocate of Science, wanting to be one himself and not go in his dads political footsteps and is always bothering him about doing something for the cause"

    The Lord Chancellor returned to the conversation

    "Plus our Rocket Launch Platform is out at sea and is very close to Havvenskar so it would be easy for you to access it. And we intend for the High Speed Rail to go along the coast so itll be fine. Whilst on the topic of Rockets. Would you like access to our Latest Satellite System - Oculus?"

  • "I most certainly would like to access Oculus. Would you like to access Verdens?ye? That's our satelite network. I think it would be for the best if wel can all access each others satellites. So we can all respond as fast as possible on possible threats on our nations."

  • "I would very much be interested in joining them all to grant us all access"

  • "Something else now. The European Union is full of conflict these days, one of them being very close to our nations. Do we deem it neccessary to temporary increase our defenses, in case the conflict reaches our own borders? The Defense Council is not yet ready to take action, so we have to decide this without it."

  • "We ought at least consider it"

  • "Right." King Olav tried to drink some more tea, but he noticed the cup was empty, so he asked for another one. A clerk came in with a piece of paper, with an amended article V.


    Article V
    1. The nations of UNS agree that an armed attack against one or more of them shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an attack occurs, each of them, will assist the Party or Parties attack by taking actions in concert with the other Parties, including the use of armed force to restore and maintain the security of the member nations and, when this is unanimously deemed necessary by the member nations, take action against another nation.

    2. The Joint Defense Council votes on matters regarding UNS military actions.

    3. Member nations are not obliged to engage in an offensive war conducted by any of the member nations. They are, however, obliged to engage in an offensive war if this is decided by the Joint Defense Council.

    "How do we like this?"

  • (ooc: internet has been really bad, sorry for the delay)

    "Yes, perhaps we should. I have 7 Artillery units I can post in strategic points, but perhaps we should discuss this more in full when everything here is sorted out. Poretos, what terms are yet to discus before your entry?"

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