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    So, you should by now all be aware that we survived, with defender help, a raid attempt last night. One of the ideas that's been mooted for increasing security has been an endorsement cap. I've always been resistant to the idea, but now I think it has merit and is at least worth a discussion.

    Before the raid, Occoron had 23 endorsements, and I think 25 is a reasonable number to expect Occ to be able to maintain, were we to put 'PLEASE ENDORSE OCCORON' on the WFE and regularly TG those who haven't. There were 15 invaders supporting Deutschia last night, and I'm told it's a struggle for raiders to muster more than 20 invaders for an initial attack, so I'd propose an endorsement cap of **6**.

    Some people, obviously, are trusted enough long-standing members of the region to warrant a higher cap, but I believe that should be given out at someone's (or some people's) discretion. But who?

  • EU treats its community as being separate from the boundaries of NS, therefore the administration of the NS version of the EU lies solely with the person that controls the region in the eyes of NS which is the delegate. Really the only Office that has any NS role in the EU is foreign affairs, but a political office should have no role in regional security. Angleter currently is the admin of the forum and the NS region administrator (in the form of World Assembly Delegate, Occoron). There is nobody better and nobody we likely trust more.

    It is my request that this conversation be moved to a possibly more noticeable part of the forum and not be tied to a commission office. It is also my request that this be a conversation about the EU's security in general. There are several opportunities available to make the EU safer. As I mentioned earlier in Skype, endorsement capping is likely the best way to up security while EU's native endorsement count remains low. Actively pursuing more native endorsements is another easy way to tighten security.

    At this time, far too many important players in this region are not endorsing the delegate by way of not being a WA nation. I get that you don't want the WA forcing your stats to change, but in all honesty you decided to join a region which means giving a little as well as taking. I think its perfectly reasonable to ask those that do not have WA nations elsewhere to please put an endorsement on the delegate. What is more important: your nation stats or our regional sovereignty? This is no longer a what-if scenario. The invaders have shown themselves to be a real threat.

    Recruiting also is a solution to this problem. Script recruiting alone is not yielding the numbers needed to keep a stable regional population. If we could get back to the recruiting efforts of old it may be possible to get our endorsements back into the 30s. 40s would be a hard one to achieve, but perhaps obtainable a while down the road if we don't fall back into a false sense of security.

    We've dodged a bullet, but the battle for our sovereignty is not over. Its time for heroes to emerge and get European Union back on the right track. I'm definitely going to do what I can to help and I expect those of you with the power to make a difference to do so as well. I'm not going to guarantee that I'm going to stay here forever with my WA, but for the time being I'm yours. I will be my trademark annoying self. Do know that I only nag and complain because of how much love I have for this region and how much I'd hate to see it fall. I'm not fully sure if I'll return to the RP, but I'm definitely going to be around. Please use me and other resources to their fullest extent. This is not the time for apathy.

  • At first glance, these are the people who are not apparently endorsing the delegate who probably could be. Of course I could be wrong as I've been away for some time and do not know of the existence of new potential puppet-states. Forgive me if I make any errors.

    Not endorsing the delegate:
    Inquista (applied for WA on puppet)
    Os Corelia
    Borvosky (likely inactive still, but someone should reach out to him)
    Llanowar (is a WA member; unacceptable at this point to not be endorsing)
    Tierra del Helios (knowing them they likely have WA elsewhere. cant hurt to ask though)
    Unfreedomia (likely inactive overall, can;t hurt to ask though for an endo)
    Pompaloni (is WA, but is badly inactive. Probably will CTE)
    Pacifist Cowards (has applied to join WA post raid attempt)
    Kingdom of Bulgaria (is WA, but is badly inactive. Probably will CTE)
    West Embria (inactive, but worth a shot)
    Lourinhal (looks inactive, but did endorse the invader. dont expect anything from them)
    Athrania (is WA, but is inactive. Probably will CTE)
    Belarum (Chronically inactive, likely to CTE again. still worth a shot given their history)
    Imperial Prussian State (I think he retired, but is still somewhat around. May be a good idea to let them know of recent events)
    Fremet (active WA. Definitely worth reaching out to)
    Volkva (new nation. Best possible scenario for endorsement)

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    I moved the Tamil Islands back to the EU. Once it gets WA membership, I'll endorse Occoron.

    As for Rhine Ruhr's list, the only nations on there that are active (and will actually listen) are Os Corelia, Davishire, Poland-Lithuania, Davishire and Llanowar. If joining the WA and endorsing Occoron is not ideal for your main nation, please make a puppet.

  • Bump.

    Just because the immediate threat has subsided does not mean that the threat doesn't exist.

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