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    The DIDM is delighted to welcome the Fremetian High Commission to Inquista. We look forward to building warm and cooperative relations with your country.

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    The DIDM would like to announce that we have safely received the Inimican government in exile here in Saint Dominico. The DIDM would like to make it clear that we will continue to operate our High Commission in Inimicus. States that have ceased operating diplomatic missions with Inimicus in Telum may continue to operate with the Inimican government here in Saint Dominico instead.

    The DIDM will be upgrading the security status of the Inimican embassy, and we will be offering the Inimican government in exile the ability to operate out of Saint Michael Castle.

  • Name: Claude Frollo
    Age: 50

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 150
    Number of Security: 75
    Weaponry Present (if any): Military style weapons (Assault Rifle 92, Pistol 92, Grenades, Tesla Grenades etc.)
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 4 Heavily Armored and Armed Limos (more are currently being ordered)

    Special Requests: High Speed internet connection, Be able to raise our flag high and bring Esmeralda the Gypsey girl

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    The DIDM welcomes the delegation from Norsefire to Saint Dominico. The DIDIM does, however, find the amount of security to be completely unnecessary. We would like to remind the government of Norsefire that Inquista is a safe country, and that they needn't establish a military barracks in our country in order to keep their ambassador safe. The DIDM will allow a maximum of 10 security personnel at the Noresfire embassy. We hope that this does not inconvenience Ambassador Frollo, and we look forward to having his presence here in Inquista.

  • I shall humbly accept this, hope you don't mind my singing ;)

  • A delegation led by the Councillor for European Affairs is delighted to formally submit, following a diplomatic mission, His Royal Highness King Charles-Xavier I's request for authorisation to open a Permanent Mission to Inquista

    Nation: The Kingdom of Rosebourg
    Ambassador Name: Ambassador Grace Kelley

    Number of Staff: 30
    Number of Security: 2
    Weaponry Present (if any):Standard issue side-arms
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Citroen C5 Limousines
    Special Requests: Ability to fly our flag at the premises of the Permanent Mission

  • Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova

    Ambassador Name: Indira Mebarak


    Number of Staff: 19

    Number of Security Staff: 10

    Weaponery present: Standard Pistol

    Ambassadorial Vehicle: 2 BMW X5, 1 Oppel Antara

    Special Request: Gas Mask

    Location of the Inquisitan High Commission in applicant Country: 233 Independence Boulevard, City of St. Peter and St. Paul

    Embassy Image:

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    The DIDM is delighted to welcome the High Commissions from Rosebourg and Sitanova to Inquista. We look forward to working with Ms. Kelley and Ms. Mebarak, and we hope to to build warm and cooperative relations with your countries.

  • Nation: federal Republic of Derecta
    Ambassador Name: Lady Vanessa Ainsworth, 37th Duchess of Aurora
    Number of Staff:
    1 ambassador
    1 minister
    1 minister-chancellor
    2 counsellors
    2 first secretaries
    2 second secretaries
    4 third secretaries
    6 attachés
    10 assistant attachés
    Number of Security: 7 Derectan Police Force officers
    Weaponry Present (if any):7 Heckler & Koch USP, 7 Heckler & Koch G36
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 5 Audi A8 L
    Special Requests: Special number plates for the vehicles (nº 1 being assigned to the ambassaador's vehicle, and so on), permission to import the Duchess' favourite wine.

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    The DIDM is pleased to welcome Lady Vanessa Ainsworth to Inquista. We sincerely hope to to build warm and cooperative relations with Derecta, and we look forward to all bilateral discussions between our nations.

  • Nation: The Kingdom of Montenbourg


    Name: Lady Cornelia Waldörf

    Age: 27

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 12
    Number of Security: 15
    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard issue semi-automatics, tasers, stun baton, cattle prod.
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Lincoln Town Car.
    Special Requests: None.

    ***If Inquista does not already have a diplomatic mission within the applicant country***

    Location of Inquistan Embassy in applicant country: Diplomats Street, No. 5

     Link to Embassy picture: Inquista Embassy in Montenbourg

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    The DIDM has accepted and has overseen the opening of Montenbourg's embassy in Inquista. We apologize for the delay. Montenbourg's Theological Institute for Inter-Religious Dialogue and Exchange, as outlined in the MIFTA agreement, has also been given approval for residency. 

    The DIDM has begun the process of closing embassies with countries which have ceased relations with the European Union and Inquista. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

  • EU

    Nation: Royal Federation of Malfazia

    Ambassador name: Giorgia Nachttisch

    Image: Malfazian Ambassador in Inquista

    Number of staff: 13

    Number of security: 17

    Weaponry present: every security member is equipped with at least a taser x26, a ZT0562 knife and a Glock 19 9mm G5, there are 5 special security members selected personally by our Baron von Bergtrett with top tier training that are equipped with a Tridagger, an HK VP9, a Steyr AUG and an EMP grenade

    Vehicles: 1 Maserati Levante (Ambassador and close staff), 2 Mercedes S-class Sedan (Security), 4 Kawasaki police motorcycles (security) and a JLTV 

    Special requests: n/a

    Location of Inquistan High Commission in applicant country: Botschafter Straße 12

    Embassy image: Embassy of Inquista in Malfazia

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    The DIDM welcomes the Royal Federation of @Malfazia to Inquista. We will work closely and collaboratively with ambassador Giorgia Nachttisch. We look forward to building warm and friendly relations between our respective states. 

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    @inquista we hope so as well

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