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  • Following the Internal Commissioner's productive think tank, I'd like to invite the leaders of the five europarties in the Council to discuss the implementation of the ideas proposed there. I'm particularly interested to hear what the party representatives have to say about them and if we can find an idea we'd all be happy in moving forward with. My personal opinion is that Councillor Montfort proposed the best and most workable solution to the europarty problem, but of course the party representatives may disagree.

    To this end, I'd like to invite Councillor Evangelos Iordanu of the S&D, Councillor Edward Firoux of the CEPC, Councillor Acwellan Devoy of the ECL, Wilfred Cocx of the UEC and G?nther Waldenstein of the ENP. I'd also like to suggest inviting Councillor Montfort.

    So, a rather broad question to begin with, but what would each of you like to see from reform of the europarty system in the Council?

  • "Obviously, as Party Leader, I would like to see a reinvigoration of the Europarty glory days. I followed the Commissioner's think tank with interest, and hope the new Commission will also keep stressing the importance of Europarties. However, we have to face the facts and realise that support for every party, not just the UEC, is dwindling.

    "I heard and read Councillor Montfort's ideas with great interest, and I fully support his position, even if this may mean that I lose my position as party leader. Smaller, more organised caucuses of councillors will arguably work much better and more efficiently than the system we have today."

    Wilfred Cocx, UEC Party President

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    "My only concern about Councillor Montfort's proposal is that I can't see that much of a difference between the caucuses and the current Europarties. How will the caucuses be different?"

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    "The main change is that caucuses would be under the auspices of the Council and would be subject to a standard set of rules - rules which would make it easier for inactive leadership to be replaced and for moribund caucuses to be abolished. They'd also be set up, therefore, as groups of Councillors rather than of national parties, thus allowing Councillors more freedom to shift allegiance (in theory), and reorienting the caucuses towards those with actual power on the European stage, rather than national parties who often aren't in power or don't have anything to do with their nation's Councillor. Commission candidates would, I assume, have to run originally as independents, and then vie for the endorsement of the caucuses."

    ((OOC: This could tie in with the wider discussion about how to RP econ and population and that sort of thing. If we were to end up with a spreadsheet of nations considered active - and therefore a way of determining which nations are considered active - and their populations and econ stats, we could add to that spreadsheet their Councillor and their caucus. Then we could keep better track of who's who and of how many Councillors are in each caucus - and thus whether a caucus needs a new leader or should be abolished.))

  • Let it be known that Europarty Reform has been identified as a key priority for the Office of Internal Affairs during this Commission, so I would welcome a re-opening of this discussion and an input of ideas from interested parties.

  • Indeed. I'd like to invite any others, not just the persons invited to this meeting, to put forward suggestions or comments.

  • "I would personally be in favour of going through with Councillor Montfort's proposals as soon as possible. The Europarties as they stand are not just useless, they are also causing divides between councillors and inventing voting strategies that don't contribute to the democratic process. Even my own party, the UEC, which was -and still is- the largest Europarty, has not shown signs of much acitivity in the last weeks. Months, even. Whatever system we impose, I suggest we impose it quickly and efficiently, as the current structure is most definitely not stimulating active debate anymore.

    Councillor Montforts plans have been outlined well, and although the imposition is yet unclear to me, I suggest we bring about legislation to get rid of the current parties, and start forming Montfort's caucuses. I'm confident the Premier and the Internal Affairs Commissioner will be more than happy to work with us and the Council."

    Wilfred Cocx, UEC President

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    Councillor Montforts plans still do not make sense to me, and as they have not been made in this stage of the conversation, I'd like a second go around of an explanation. I can't support or detract from it until I understand fully, as I think my European friends would also agree.

    Rushanara Ali
    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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