Emergency UNS meeting

  • Grey, the new leader of the Teutonic State was scared. He was a general, not a politician. Yesterday after clearing out a tower he discovered many disturbing things. Just what to disclose to the Havvenskarians he wasn't sure, but he knew he needed help.

    I sure hope taking the train out here was worth it..I'm sure many people died just during my ride here..he was thinking furiously. What the hell did these guys want with the state? Was this a coup? A rebellion? No. It seems much worse. He got up and walked off the train, hoping the Havvenskarians had got his last minute email about his arrival.


    Location: Classified, Havvenskar
    Date: March 19, 2015


    The Joint Defense Council was already present at the UNS-HQ. So was Prime Minister Jens Johanssen. He knew that there was unrest in the Teutonic State. He became worried after the email from Grey. He immediately gathered the Joint Defense Council to discuss the matters at hand. They only had to wait for Grey.
    "Prime Minister, he is here." said someone to Jens Johanssen.

    He walked in quite a high pace to one of the many entrances. He walked through a concrete corridor, across some stairs and across some more corridors and he saw the entrance. Grey stood in the opening.
    "Good morning, glad you could made it." he said. He shook hands with Grey. "We will offer any help we can."

  • "Everything is absolutely crazy over there right now! There are at least 5,000 dead. I found a pile of bodies in a flak tower I cleared..I didn't find any connections yet between victims, but I have a few intel officers investigation. I don't know who is behind this yet, to be honest..but they are very well armed, and have pockets deeper than Wilhelms government did, that much is well known. I haven't came across any enemy armor yet thankfully, so I don't think this is a military coup.

    Do you mind if I crack this whisky I bought? I need to calm down, I feel my heart pounding."

  • "Yeah go ahead. Is this any threat to Havvenskar? We need to place our national security at a high priority? Could you please tell the Joint Defense Council what happened in the Teutonic State so that they are all informed. What sort of aid do you want from Havvenskar?"

  • "Well..some kind of gas bombs were used, I'm all that's left of the government, short of my inferiors in the military. I don't know if they are a threat to you. I don't know who they are, or what they want. I suggest you watch your borders well. As far as help, some peacekeeping troops to protect civilians and maybe some refugee camps would be great to start."

  • "We'll increase patrols on our western borders. The troops and camps are coming as soon as we can manage it. How is the Teutonic army holding out? We will bring extra supplies for the army if this is necessary. How do you want to handle this matter?"

  • "The army is doing alright, but so far theres only been minor skir"-his radio crackled to life, it was a distress signal coming from home somewhere. "AIR UNITS MOBILIZE, ALL KONIGSBERG BASED AIR UNITS SCRAMBLE TO INTERCEPT, TH- the line went dead. Grey tried to dial back in but only found a mess of static. "Well, I'd say the water just got deeper. I think it's time for me to head back, whether you send troops now or later I have to get out of here." Grey went flying out the door, hoping he would survive to at least see the foreign troops evacuate some civilians.

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