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    On behalf of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos, Imperial Foreign Officer Sarah Gladwell is happy to welcome any European nations wishing to set up an embassy in the Inimician capital city, Telum. To apply, please fill out the following form. The Foreign Office has provided a list of available properties and an overview of current relations below.

    [b]Nation Name:[/b]

    [b]Ambassador[/b] [i]Ambassador name:[/i] [i]Ambassador image:[/i] [i]Name:[/i] [i]Age:[/i] [i]Family (if any):[/i]

    [b]Embassy staff[/b] [i]Number of staff:[/i] [i]Number of security:[/i] [i]Weaponry Present (if any):[/i] [i]Ambassadorial Vehicle(s):[/i]

    [b]Embassy site[/b] [i]Prefered embassy builing:[/i] [i]Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):[/i] Special Requests:

    Six buildings around His Majesty's Imperial Palace have been set up in order to facilitate nations' ambassadorial needs:

    1. 3 Imperial Square


    1. Pacifist Cowards
    2. Australia

    2. 4 Parliament Road


    1. The United Republics of Framptonia
    2. The United Kingdom of Davishire
    3. The Royal Dominions of Icholasen
    4. The Federation of Fremet

    3. 233 Artabanos Place


    1. The Microstate of Inquista
    2. VACANT

    4. 42 Hugh Lane


    1. The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter [currently under suspension]
    2. Albion on Sea
    3. VACANT

    5. 52 Lords Square


    1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    2. VACANT

    6. 17 William's Square


    1. The Rosebourg Monarchy
    2. VACANT

    Emperor Artabanos and Officer Gladwell look forward to meeting your ambassadors in person. Accurate records of relationships between Inimicus and countries that have applied will be maintained here.

    Inimician-Davishirian relationships: Formerly close allies, Inimicus and Davishire have grown apart over the Davishirian invasion of Prussia and the Airbus A400M Transport payment issue that arose from it. However, the Emperor is keen to restore ties with the Kingdom.

    Inimician-Inquistan relationships: Though tense in the past, Inimician relationships with the Microstate have been improving over the past few months. The two nations worked together in countering Davishirian aggression in the early months of 2015, and the Inimician government hopes to strenghten relationships during the coming period.The Emperor was extremely pleased to hear Archbishop Craticus's acceptance of the temporary Inimician government-in-exile and will not soon forget this sign of friendship.

    Inimician-Framptonian relationships: The Empire is yet to establish cordial relations with Framptonia.

    Inimician-British relationships: The Empire was expelled from the UK without formal reasoning in 2015, and as such relations have been stressful in the past. However, recently the two countries have taken a better liking to each other and been building up relations.

    Inimician-Angleteric relationships: Although Inimicus and Angleter have been neighbours for many centuries, their leaders have never formally met since the Glorious Inimician Revolution of 2011. Despite this, the two countries are on good grounds.

    Inimician-Albion relationships: The Empire is yet to establish cordial relations with Albion on Sea.

    Inimician-Nicolezian relationships: The Empire takes keen interest in Icholasen. After signing a treaty allowing Inimician naval units into Nicolezian ports, and affirming Inimician protection of Nicolezian neutrality, the Empire considers Icholasen one of its allies.

    Inimician-Rechroat relationships: The Empire worked together with Red Croatia in the early days of its EU membership. However, over the Sahrawi crisis and other incidents the nations grew apart. His Majesty is therefore very pleased to see Inimicus on the interest list of the Croatian government and hopes Inimicus will restore relationships with Red Croatia in the near future.

    Inimician-Australian relationships: The Empire has not yet established cordial relations with the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Inimician-Fremetian relationships: Though supportive of Emperor Artabanos's administration, Fremet and Inimicus have not established formal cordial relations yet.

    Inimician-Rosebourg relationships: Though cordial with each other and on general good terms, Rosebourg and Inimicus have yet to establish formal relations.

  • **Nation:**The United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks

    Image: user posted image
    Name: Rt Hon Miss Nicola Sturgeon
    Age: 44
    Family (if any): None

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 15
    Number of Security: 5
    Weaponry Present (if any): 5 Glock 17 Pistols, 6 X 22" Autolock Batons 6X CAPTOR Incapacitant Spray, 5X X26 Taser
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2X Black Landrovers (Provided) 1 X Merlin Helicopter (as needed and provided)

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: 4 Parliament Road (Floor 2)
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):
    _Special Requests:_None

  • Davishire's request is gladly accepted.

  • Admin

    Nation: Microstate of Inquista



    Name: Gerard Olivero

    Age: 38

    Family (if any): N/A

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 20

    Number of Security: 2

    Weaponry Present (if any): Tasers, pepper spray, semi-automatic pistols

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Numerous sports cars and black limousine

    Embassy site

    Preferred embassy building: 233 Artabanos Place

    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): N/A

    Special Requests: Gas mask, just in case.

  • Nation: The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

    Image:user posted image
    Name: Miss Nicola Thomas
    Age: 34
    Family (if any): None

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 8
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): 3 Heckler & Koch MP7 sub-machine guns, 5 Heckler & Koch HK45 pistols, tasers and pepper spray
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 4 Mercedes Benz vehicles: 1 GL63 SUV, 1 SL65 AMG, 1 S600, 1 B-Class Electric Drive

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: 4 Parlliament Road
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):
    Special Requests: Must have a South facing office which is not on ground or first floor, the ability to fly our flag

  • Admin

    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    user posted image
    Name: Susan le Jeune d'Allegeershecque
    Age:: 44
    Family (if any): Husband, one child

    Embassy Staff
    _Number of Staff:_11
    _Number of Security:_3
    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard pistol and rifle issued by the Foreign Office
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Black Vauxhall Astra fitted to Foreign Office standards

    Embassy site
    _Preferred embassy building:_233 Artabanos Place
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):
    Special Requests: None at this time

  • The requests from Inquista, Framptonia and the United Kingdom are all accepted. However, Inquista requested the 233 Artabanos Place venue first, so the UK?s embassy will be housed in 52 Lords Square, which is closest to Artabanos Place.

    EDIT: the UK has ceased relations with Inimicus, however His Majesty has allowed its embassy to remain open for however long the UK wishes.

  • Admin

    Nation: Angleter

    Ambassador: user posted image
    Name: Peter Arkwright
    Age: 52
    Family (if any): Wife (Lisa)

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 18
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): FAMAS, Manurhin MR 73
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Rolls-Royce Phantom (armoured)

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: 42 Hugh Lane
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): N/A
    Special Requests: Supply of Ferrero Rocher

  • Nation:Albion

    user posted image
    Name:Patrick Brazeau
    Family (if any): One wife, one mistress

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff:6
    Number of Security:2
    Weaponry Present (if any): 9mm pistols, stiletto knives in bodyguards heels
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Limousine

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building:42 hugh lane
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):
    _Special Requests:_Alcohol stocked

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos and His Minister welcome the ambassadors from Angleter and Albion On Sea, who will share the 42 Hugh Lane venue.

  • Nation: Icholasen

    Ambassador: Name: Liros Wulsson Age: 40 Family (if any): Wife

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 5
    _Number of Security:_2
    Weaponry Present (if any): N/A
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): N/A

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: Parliament Road
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): N/A
    Special Requests: N/A

  • His Majesty is happy to accept the request from His close friends the Nicolezians.

  • Nation:

    Red Croatia


    Mikaela Visage, 47
    Mother of two children
    Former member of a girl group
    Hostess of a radio talk show
    Political activist in Red Croatia

    Embassy Staff

    One assistant for Mikaela
    Four guards equipped with standard Inimician police weapons
    Chauffer from the Kligenberg Motor Industries (KMI)

    Embassy site

    52 Lords Square,
    No preferred partner or special requests

  • **Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Kalmar
    **Ambassador: Mr Birger Riis-Jørgensen

    Age: 42 Family (if any): Wife, Hildra Jørgensen

    Embassy staff Number of staff: 6 Number of security: 2 Weaponry Present (if any): Taser and Pistol for each guards Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Royal Bjorn Edition 4

    Embassy site Prefered embassy builing: I invite the Imperial Government to assign the building Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): None Required. If so, then we leave the decision in your hands

    Special Requests: The ability to fly our national flag

  • His Imperial Majesty warmly welcomes the Kalmaran delegates to His country, and He will personally ensure a sizeable flagpole will be made available.

  • Nation: The Federation of Fremet

    user posted image
    Name: Rüdiger Freiherr von Fritsch
    Age: 36
    Family (if any): Wife, 1 child

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 18
    Number of Security: 10
    Weaponry Present (if any): Tasers for everyday use, small arms and rifles for emergency or high risk circumstances
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Black Armoured Mercedes-Benz Sedans, 1 Black Mercedes Sprinter Van

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: 4 Parliament Road
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): N/A
    Special Requests: To fly the colours of Fremet and a high-speed fibre internet connection

  • His Imperial Majesty looks forward to welcoming the Fremetian ambassador to Telum.

  • Admin

    Dear Foreign Minister,

    In light of recent events in Inimicus, we regret that we are withdrawing all embassy and consular staff from Inimicus with immediate effect, and encouraging Angleteric citizens in Inimicus to return home as soon as possible. The Angleter-Inimicus border will be closed from 2am tonight, except for Angleteric citizens leaving Inimicus. We would like to take this opportunity to call for calm on all sides in Inimicus, and express our hope that normality will soon resume, and that we may thus soon return to 42 Hugh Lane.

    Peter Arkwright.

  • Foreign Minister,

    I would like to say that the Fremetian embassy will remain in Telum. We do not feel cutting ties is any solution to the issues affronting your nation. BUT, I must ask that we be allowed to station 100 soldiers of the Federal Army at our embassy to ensure security of the ambassador, the embassy staff, and our citizens at the embassy. We understand the brevity of what I am asking you, but I can assure you that we will not be engaging in any activity other than security of the embassy. Our prayers are with your nation.

    Thank you,

    Justin Trudeau, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federation of Fremet

  • It pains Me to receive these reports. However, in the light of events My permission to station a Fremetian military battalion at the Embassy in Telum is hereby given. However, I do want the assurance of the Fremetian government that the moment this situation is resolved, their troops are immediately withdrawn.

    Emperor Artabanos

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