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    Dear Foreign Minister,

    In light of recent events in Inimicus, we regret that we are withdrawing all embassy and consular staff from Inimicus with immediate effect, and encouraging Angleteric citizens in Inimicus to return home as soon as possible. The Angleter-Inimicus border will be closed from 2am tonight, except for Angleteric citizens leaving Inimicus. We would like to take this opportunity to call for calm on all sides in Inimicus, and express our hope that normality will soon resume, and that we may thus soon return to 42 Hugh Lane.

    Peter Arkwright.

  • Foreign Minister,

    I would like to say that the Fremetian embassy will remain in Telum. We do not feel cutting ties is any solution to the issues affronting your nation. BUT, I must ask that we be allowed to station 100 soldiers of the Federal Army at our embassy to ensure security of the ambassador, the embassy staff, and our citizens at the embassy. We understand the brevity of what I am asking you, but I can assure you that we will not be engaging in any activity other than security of the embassy. Our prayers are with your nation.

    Thank you,

    Justin Trudeau, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federation of Fremet

  • It pains Me to receive these reports. However, in the light of events My permission to station a Fremetian military battalion at the Embassy in Telum is hereby given. However, I do want the assurance of the Fremetian government that the moment this situation is resolved, their troops are immediately withdrawn.

    Emperor Artabanos

  • Name: Dr. Lecter Hannibal
    Age: 40
    Family (if any): Single

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 150
    Number of Security: 75
    Weaponry Present (if any): Military style weapons (Assault Rifle 92, Pistol 92, Grenades, Tesla Grenades etc.)
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Heavily Armored and Armed Limos and Military style Jeeps

    Embassy site
    Preferred embassy building: Near the closest Church
    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable): N/A

    Special Requests: To fly the colours of Norsefire Union and a high-speed fibre internet connection. Oh, if you hear any talks about cannibalism and screams during midnight, ain't your business ;)

  • Regrettably, due to the current political climate in Inimicus, the Emperor cannot accept any further embassy requests at this time. Moreover, He will have it known He does not indulge in low humour or cannibalism, whichever the applicant from Norsefire is alluding to.

    Foreign Office of the Rightful Empire of Inimicus

  • Foreign Minister,

    As the unrest has been resolved, we will be withdrawing the battalion from the Fremetian Embassy in Telum and resuming normal diplomatic operations in Inimicus. The PM and His Majesty's government give our full support to Emperor Artabanos and offer our hand of cooperation to His Imperial Majesty's Government. We are pleased this has been resolved before it lead to combat, and we feel that this only proves the competence of the Inimican Imperial government and its subjects.

    Thank you,

    Justin Trudeau, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federation of Fremet

  • His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos is pleased to hear Mr Trudeau's announcement and thanks him for his continued support. The Emperor views Fremet's decision to withdraw its troops and continue normal relations as a genuine sign of true friendship and will not soon forget it.

    It also pleases Him to announce that embassy applications are re-opened following the successful negotiations between conflicting parties in the Empire.

    Artabanos Imperator Maximus

  • 22/03/2016

    A delegation led by the Councillor for European Affairs is delighted to formally submit, following a diplomatic mission, His Royal Highness King Charles-Xavier I's request for authorisation to open a Permanent Mission to Inimicus.

    Nation Name: Kingdom of Rosebourg

    Ambassador His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary Wouter de Rosebourg :

    Name: His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary Wouter de Rosebourg

    Age: 55

    Family (if any): Angela de Rosebourg, and their two children

    Embassy staff

    Number of staff: 150

    Number of security: 2

    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard issue side-arms

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Two Citroen limousines

    Embassy site

    Preferred embassy building: 17 William's Square

    Preferred embassy partner (if applicable):

    Special Requests: The Rosebourg Monarchy respectfully requests authorisation to fly our flag on allocated Embassy premises.

  • It pleases His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos to formally accept and welcome His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary Wouter de Rosebourg. The Ambassador's chosen venue and his request to fly a national symbol are both generously granted.

    Teluminan Embassy Office

  • Nation: Democratic Republic of Sitanova


    • Name: sir Franz Kaupper
    • Age: 55
    • Family: Wife and a daughter

    Embassy Staff:

    • Number of Staff: 20
    • Security Staff: 10
    • Weaponery Present (if any): Standard Pistol
    • Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Audi a4, 1 Mercedes Benz class a, 1 Volkswagen touareg

    Embassy Site:

    • Preferred embassy building: 233 Artabanos Place
    • Preferred embassy Partner:
    • Special Request: Gas mask

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