United Kingdom - War List

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    War List of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Official Nation name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Conventional Nation name(s): The United Kingdom, Great Britain, Britain, UK


    British Army (personnel): 875,000

    Royal Air Force (planes): 28,380

    Royal Navy (ships): 481

    Total military personnel: 1,530.040

    Total upkeep cost: 12,390

    Total IC's available: 123,285

    Total IC's used: 123,066


    Motorised Infantry: 0

    Mechanised Infantry: 50 (15)

    Airborne: 25 (10)

    Special Forces: 15

    Armour: 25

    Artillery: 25

    Fighter: 360 (165)

    Fighter-Bomber: 180 (80)

    Attack Helicopter: 90

    AWACS: 6

    Tanker: 10

    Transport: 50

    Bomber: 5

    Strategic Bomber*: 0

    Patrol Boat: 110

    Corvette: 0

    Frigate: 80

    Destroyer: 90

    Cruiser*: 0

    Transport Ship: 0

    Amphibious Assault Carrier: 5

    Helicarrier: 2

    Aircraft Carrier, Light: 0

    Aircraft Carrier, Standard: 0

    Supercarrier*: 2

    Attack Submarine, Diesel (SSK): 0

    Attack Submarine, Nuclear* (SSN): 70

    Cruise Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSGN): 0

    Ballistic Missile Submarine, Nuclear* (SSBN): 10

    ICBM silo*: 13

    Mobile ICBM launcher*: 0

    Strategic Nuclear Warheads: 1,300

    Strategic Nuclear Missiles: 300

    Conventional Ballistic Missiles: 4,000


    Satellites*: Yes

    Military Satellite Network*: Yes

    Space programme: Yes

    Space research programme*: Yes

    Nuclear technology*: Yes

    Nuclear weapons*: Yes

    Biological weapons*: Yes

    Chemical weapons*: Yes

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    1 January 2017

    In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and with the tradition of the Ministry of Defence, I hereby inform the public that an updated audit of the British Armed Forces has been conducted. This audit reflects the changes that were made in the Autumn Statement 2016.

    Sir Michael Fallon, MP

    Secretary of State for Defence

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    14 October 2017

    His Majesty's Government will be going through an internal strategy and policy review ahead of the 2017 autumn Budget. This review will allow the Ministry of Defence to make several suggestions and recommendations upon constructing the United Kingdom's defence budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and it will take into consideration the new security challenges of a long term deployment to Dromund Kaas that we have engaged in as a country and the ever changing situation in the security of the realm. 

    The Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Fallon KCB MP

    Secretary of State for Defence

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    26 January 2018

    The Ministry of Defence has conducted its full procurement period, and have recommended the following actions to His Majesty's Government as assessed by the heads of the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, and British Army: 

    • Procurement of 2 Dreadnought-class submarines
    • Procurement of 10 additional squadrons of fighter jets, the F-35 Lightning II B
    • Procurement of 10 Batch 2 River-class patrol vessels with Merlin-capable flight deck
    • Procurement of human resources to maintain and operate said procurement
    • Procurement of further cyber defence measures and drone warfare measures by GCHQ and the Royal Air Force

    The procurement would be within the United Kingdom's £33 billion annual procurement budget, and expected full payment of all procured items in time for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

    Stephen Lovegrove

    Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach

    Chief of the Defence Staff

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