European Patent Office (EPO)

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    As mandated by the European Patent System Act of 2011, the EPO has been established in order to protect the entrepreneurship of European citizens and has provided them with the ability to patent their innovations and inventions. European citizens wishing to apply and gain a patent may do so with the EPO.

    The EPO is made up of three bodies: the Board of Applications, the Patent Archives and the Board of Appeal. The Board of Applications is responsible for examining, processing and accepting all European patent applications. The Patent Archives records and organizes all accepted patent applications and is obliged to keep the records open to public viewing. The Board of Appeal is tasked with investigating and deciding on all legal disputes or formal complaints.

    The EFO is also responsible for deciding the general price of patent applications. The total amount of granted applications, as well as total revenue generated from application fees, is to be reported here.

    Not all European Union member states are obliged to be members of the EPO. If a member country wishes to opt-out of the EPO, they should leave a formal notice below. However, all European Union member states are EPO members by default.

    The EFO is headed by the European Patent Office Chairman.

    European Patent Office Chairman: Cllr. Irina Katyanova

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