European Arts Collaboration Fund Meeting

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    As you all are aware, the European Arts Collaboration Fund needs a chairman and it needs active artists around Europe.

    I would like to hear if anyone is interested in this post and wonder if there have been any sort of recent artistic breakthroughs. I heard my British colleague Rushanara Ali in the halls of the Council on my weekly walk through of the legislative body, and she was in a cutting budgets kind of mood after seeing the European draft budget.

    Anyone interested in the top job, which can be very nice, anyone truly working on collaborations care to share them?

    Renata Kligenberg
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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    I can't speak for all the countries of the European Union, but I've been made aware that a large amount of Inquistan artists have accessed the EACF and have collaborated with others abroad. Inquistan artists alone have collectively applied for just over 100 million Euros worth of funding. One of such projects included a statue of Archangel Michael (picure), which was created by Inquistan and Rechroatian artists. It's now featured on the top of a chapel at the Saint Dominico School of Drawing and Design. While this just might be because Inquista has historically placed an emphasis on the importance of arts and culture, we have certainly found that the EACF at its current state has greatly increased cross-border arts collaboration.

    Does this mean that funding shouldn't be cut? I am not sure. I think funding could be much easier pinpointed to an exact number if, like you said, a new chairman was appointed. The chairman could collect data on the total amount of money applied for by all artists across all EU countries.

    Edward Firoux
    Councillor of Inquista

  • This is a notice to remind members of the Region that the Internal Affairs Commission has still not received any nominations for the post of Chairman of the EACF. This position is still open, and if no one is willing to take it I will be forced to appoint a direct Commission employee.

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