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    The Foreign Office would like to invite member states of the EU to participate in our renewed embassy scheme. The following sixteen locations (one nation per building), all in New Birmingham, are available:

    1. The Palmyra Building - Miraco - [To be appointed]

    2. St. Stephen's Court - Duxburian Union - D. Jane Haddley

    3. Holywell House - Inquista - Michael Lee

    4. 45 Arpad Boulevard - VACANT

    5. Old Corporation Hall - SItanova - Harold Poschenko

    6. Lionheart Place - Fremet - Alessandro Oteri

    7. St. Cajetan's House - VACANT

    8. Frewin House - VACANT

    9. 166 Centenary Street - Turkmenbaijan - Chelchük Ahmayev

    10. 50 Centenary Street - Halsberg - Colby Rocheford

    11. Old Patriarch's Residence - VACANT

    12. The Mailbox - Derecta - Dwayne Tranter-Barre

    13. Hospitallers' - VACANT

    14. Europolis House - Australia - [To be appointed]

    15. Randolph House - VACANT

    16. Old War Museum - United Kingdom - Margaret Smith

    Apply thus:


    [b]Ambassador[/b] [IMAGE] [i]Name:[/i] [i]Age:[/i] [i]Education & Experience:[/i] [i]Family:[/i]

    [b]Embassy Staff[/b] [i]Number of Staff:[/i] [i]Number of Security:[/i] [i]Weaponry present:[/i] [i]Ambassadorial vehicle(s):[/i] [i]Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher?[/i] [i]Special requests:[/i]

    [b]Preferred Embassy Location:[/b]

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    Angleter's Current Embassies Abroad

    Aleutia - Beylerbeyi Palace - Sir Jonathan Carpert

    Australia - 3-5 Moonah Place - Sir Raj Sherman

    Davishire - Floor B, Embassy Block 1B, Sandford Road - Ms. Emma Hanin

    Duxburian Union - 1420 Grand Dominion Avenue - Mr. Ariel Asher

    Framptonia - The Guildhall, Parliament Square - Caroline Spelman

    Großdeutsches Reich - Unter den Linden, 65 - Sir Dominic Lassey

    Halsberg - Marsten House - Mr. Mike Tiflis

    Icholasen - Floor 2, Tower 1, Diplomatic Towers - Mr. Bob Ainsworth

    Inimicus - 42 Hugh Lane - Mr. Peter Arkwright

    Inquista - 1105 City Gates Avenue - Mrs. Margaret Dakhil

    Kalmar - Former Swedish Royal Palace, Stockholm - Sir Edmund Vincent

    Kryuland - Embassy No. 9 - Mr. Kevin Graham

    Miraco - [TBD] - Mr. John Clancy

    Os Corelia - 2 Karpathia Bay - Mr. Michael Dixon

    South Africa - 14 Amos Street, Colbyn - Mr. Gerry Dumont

    United Kingdom - 58 Knightsbridge - Dame Barbara Woodward

  • Nation: The Twelve Commonwealths of Halsberg

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    Name: Colby Rocheford
    Age: 48
    Education/Experience: Graduated from the University of St. Appolonia with a degree in International Relations. He joined the Halsbergian diplomatic service soon after, working in various roles through the years. He's served as the ambassador to Kadhola's assistant, along with numerous other positions in diplomatic missions across the region.
    Family: Wife, one child.

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 21
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard small arms, taser.
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Modified toyota prius, with entertainment system and minibar.
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Is the space pope reptilian? Of course.
    Special Requests: None.

    Preferred Embassy Location: Number 10, please.

  • Nation: The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

    user posted image

    Name: Mrs Penelope Throssell
    Age: 42
    Education/Experience: DPhil Oxon - Mrs Throssell is a celebrated concert pianist, who speaks five foreign languages fluently and can converse adequately in ten others.
    Family: Husband - Mr Rodney Throssell, 18 year old daughter - Simone (student at Oxford University)

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 8
    Number of Security: 5
    Weaponry Present (if any): 3 Heckler & Koch MP7 sub-machine guns, 5 Heckler & Koch HK45 pistols, tasers and pepper spray
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 4 Mercedes Benz vehicles: 1 GL63 SUV, 1 SL65 AMG, 1 S600, 1 B-Class Electric Drive
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: no thank you - Mrs Throssell is allergic to nuts
    Special Requests: ability to fly our flag and permission for Mrs Throssell to import and stable her horses in the country

    Preferred Embassy Location: 45 Arpad Boulevard

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    Both Halsberg and Framptonia are accepted. Provided that Mrs. Throssell is able to acquire stables in Angleter, her horses may be freely transported into the country.

  • Nation: The Constitutional Monarchy of Ryccia

    Ambassador Hector RusselyanImage

    Name: Hector Russelyan Voichi
    Age: 30
    Education/Experience: Graduate from Daonlathas Law University, the best law university of Ryccia
    Family: None, he's single

    Embassy Staff 6
    Number of Staff: 10
    Number of Security: 20
    Weaponry Present (if any): Security armed with normal military weaponry
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 5 Mercedes-Benz
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: If you would like to supply it
    Special Requests: No peanut edibles, since Hector has peanut allergy

    Preferred Embassy Location: Old Patriarch's Residenc

  • Nation:Albion

    user posted image

    Name:John Chretien
    Education/Experience:Degree in political science
    Family:A pet turtle

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff:4
    Number of Security:2
    Weaponry Present (if any):9mm Ruger P-95s
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s):Bicycle
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher:You could never give me enough to please me
    Special Requests:A rooftop light so John may use his telescope

    **Preferred Embassy Location:Frewin House **

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    Nation: Microstate of Inquista


    Name: Michael Lee

    Age: 61

    Education/Experience: Studied a BA in Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies while attending the St. Gereon Military Academy in Saint Dominico, which eventually saw him pursue a professional military career in the Inquistan army. Graduating as an Officer, Lee went on to serve over a decade in the military. Lee quickly rose up to the rank of Major before leaving his duties to pursue a civilian career. Graduating with a MA in Public Administration from from Hammond University, Lee soon entered the Inquista diplomatic service. After serving for over 2 decades in different Inquistans diplomatic missions, Lee was eventually appointed as the Inquistan High Commissioner to Angleter in 2010.

    Family: Wife

    Embassy Staff

    Number of Staff: 20

    Number of Security: 2

    Weaponry Present (if any): Tasers, pepper spray, semi-automatic pistols

    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Black luxury SUV, black limousine

    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Yes

    Special Requests: N/A

    Preferred Embassy Location: 3 (Holywell House)

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    Ryccia, Albion, and Inquista are all accepted. A rooftop light shall be set up on Frewin House forthwith.

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    Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


    Name: Dame Margaret Smith
    Age: 81
    Education/Experience: Ph D International Politics, Cambridge University
    Masters, Political Science, University of Edinburgh
    Bachelor's, Political Science, University of London

    Family: None

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 13
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard issue pistols and rifles
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Black Vauxhall Astra
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Yes
    Special Requests: None

    Preferred Embassy Location: 16, please

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  • Nation: Verona

    user posted image

    _Name:_Sergio Accuri
    Age: 44
    Education/Experience: Masters degree in International Relations
    Family: Wife and 3 kids

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 17
    Number of Security: 4
    Weaponry Present (if any): standard pistol
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Fiat
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Why yes of course
    Special Requests: None

    Preferred Embassy Location: 13.

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    Verona has been accepted.

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    Federal Republic of Belarum

    user posted image

    Name: Frederick Southwell
    Age: 48
    Education/Experience: Vanderson University (BS), Harmon University (MA/JD)
    Family: Wife, Two Children

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 32
    Number of Security: 14
    Weaponry Present (if any): Pepper Spray, Tasers, Stun Grenades; Glock 19 Pistol (10); SIG Sauer M11 pistol (4); MAC 10 machine pistol (15); MP5 machine pistol (15); M4 Carbine (20) (All weaponry higher grade than machine pistols are "locked down" and reserved for high-security meetings or emergency situations.)
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Chevrolet Volt Hybrid (12); GMC Terrain SUV (10)
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Indeed
    Special Requests: None

    Preferred Embassy Location: St. Stephen's Court

  • Nation: 2nd Republic of Sestern


    Name: Damian Kowalski
    Age: 48
    Education/Experience: Quantine University (Politology)
    Family: no

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 50
    Number of Security: 20
    Weaponry Present (if any): 20 pistols, 20 inhibitors
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Mercedes S-Class, staff & security vehicles (12x Opel Corsa, 11x Ford Focus, 20x Fiat Panda, 5x Peugot 206, 18x Fiat 500, 1x Ford Transit), 2x Autosan A1010T
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: we don't need it, but... ok.
    Special Requests: 3x year-long tickets for public transport (for those staff & security wihout cars)

    Preferred Embassy Location: 12

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    Nation: Duxburian Union

    user posted image

    Name: D. Jane Haddley
    Age: 64
    _Education/Experience:_Dozlir Haddley is the most senior member of the Duxburian diplomatic service

    Ofislir, Office of Foreign Relations
    Fellow, Center for Foreign Relations
    Avizlir, Suez Strategic Council
    Profezlir, College of International Relations, Verington University
    PhD, International Relations, Verington University
    MA, International Relations, Verington University
    BA, Political Science, Blackstone University

    Family: Married, 2 kids

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 75
    Number of Security: 25
    Weaponry Present (if any): Assault and sniper rifles in emergency storage, but only tazers for daily service use
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Hendry A1 Aelir Series, 4 Hendry H42 Towncars, 4 Valkyrie P1 Interceptors, 8 Valkyrie Blackstone Series Escorts
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Lifetime
    Special Requests: Dual helipads, fiber-optic internet, broadcast television head-end, free parking

    Preferred Embassy Location: 2 (St. Stephen's Court)

  • Nation: The Federation of Fremet


    Name: Alessandro Oteri
    Age: 57
    Education/Experience: -PHD in Political Science, University of Trondheim

    -Served as Fremetian Minister of Security for 4 years

    Family: Married, 3 Kids

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 15
    Number of Security: 5
    Weaponry Present (if any): Standard issue pistols and Rifles in reserve with tasers and pepper spray for daily usage
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 1 Mercedes Sprinter Van (black), 2 BMW 5-Series (black)
    Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Yes
    Special Requests: The permission to fly the flag of Fremet, free access to public transportation for embassy staff without personal vehicular transportation, and permission to install discreet satellite communications on the roof

    Preferred Embassy Location: Lionheart Place (number 6), please.

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    The application from @Fremet has been accepted. We are, however, not prepared to pay the public transport expenses of Fremetian diplomats.

  • Ambassador
    Name: Felicia Del Rossi. Age: 46. Education & Experience: Socialite. Family: None.

    Embassy Staff Number of Staff: 58. Number of Security: 10. Weaponry present: Non Applicable. Ambassadorial vehicle(s):5. Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher? No. Stop Asking.

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    @Icholasen has been accepted - hi, Felicia! Since you expressed no preference, you've been randomly assigned No. 13, Hospitallers'.

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