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  • Ambassador
    Name: Felicia Del Rossi. Age: 46. Education & Experience: Socialite. Family: None.

    Embassy Staff Number of Staff: 58. Number of Security: 10. Weaponry present: Non Applicable. Ambassadorial vehicle(s):5. Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher? No. Stop Asking.

  • Admin

    @Icholasen has been accepted - hi, Felicia! Since you expressed no preference, you've been randomly assigned No. 13, Hospitallers'.

  • <strong>Nation: The United Kingdom of Kalmar</strong>
    <p><strong>Ambassador: Lars Peter Thorsen 
    <i>Education & Experience: Masters in International politics, Masters in Humanity Arts, and Fluent in German, Italian, English, Danish, Swedish, ad Norwegian</i>
    <i>Family: Wife, Margaret Thorsen Son, Peter Jr. Thorsen</i></p><p><strong>Embassy Staff</strong>
    <i>Number of Staff: 6</i>
    <i>Number of Security: 2</i>
    <i>Weaponry present: Pistol and Taser for each two guards</i>
    <i>Ambassadorial vehicle(s): Royale Bjørn</i>
    <i>Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher? No but Thank you</i>
    <i>Special requests: The ability to fly our national flag</i></p><p><strong>Preferred Embassy Location: Old Corporation Hall</strong></p><p><strong>

  • Admin

    @Kalmar has been accepted.

  • Nation:

    Name: Harold Poschenko Age: 55 Education & Experience: MA in Foreing Relations, BA in Economics Family: Wife

    Embassy Staff Number of Staff: 18 Number of Security:10 Weaponry present:Standard Pistol Ambassadorial vehicle(s):2 Mercedes Benz Class G, 1 Mercedes Benz Class e Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher? Yes Special requests:N/A

    Preferred Embassy Location: Old Corporation Hall



    [i]Name:[/i] Chelchük Ahmayev [i]Age:[/i] 34 [i]Education & Experience:[/i] 1st Secretary of National Department of european and international relations [i]Family:[/i] 2 (wife and kid)

    [b]Embassy Staff[/b] 12 [i]Number of Staff:[/i] 7 [i]Number of Security:[/i] 4 [i]Weaponry present:[/i] yes (4) [i]Ambassadorial vehicle(s):[/i] Lexus LS Luxury Sedan [i]Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher?[/i] No [i]Special requests:[/i] No

    [b]Preferred Embassy Location:[/b] 9 166 Centenary Street

  • Nation: Federal Republic of Derecta
    Name: Dwayne Tranter-Barre
    Age: 39
    Education & Experience: Officer of Diplomatic Affairs
    Family: 2
    Embassy Staff: 
    1 ambassador
    1 minister
    1 minister-chancellor
    2 counsellors
    2 first secretaries
    2 second secretaries
    4 third secretaries
    6 attachés
    10 assistant attachés

    Number of Staff: 5 Number of Security: 7 Derectan Police Force officers Weaponry present: yes ( 7 Heckler & Koch USP, 7 Heckler & Koch G36) Ambassadorial vehicle(s): 3 Audi A8 L Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher? Yes please! Special requests: None NoPreferred Embassy Location: We leave this decision to the Goverment of Angleter

  • Admin

    @Sitanova @Turkmenbaycan @Derecta have all been accepted. Derecta's embassy shall be located at the Mailbox.

  • Nation: République Libanaise


    Name:Inaam Osseiran Age:56 Education & Experience: Bachelor degree in Lebanese and French Laws at Lebanese American University, Lebanon; Master's degree, International Private and Public Laws, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.

    Family: Husband & Two Children

    Embassy Staff Number of Staff: 15 Number of Security: 5 Weaponry present: Standard pistols and riffles for extreme emergency Ambassadorial vehicle(s): Mercedes Benz S 400 HYBRID Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher: Yes Special requests: N/A

    Preferred Embassy Location: 4 45 Arpad Boulevard

  • @angleter said:

    [b]Nation:[/b] [b]Ambassador[/b] [IMAGE] [i]Name:[/i] [i]Age:[/i] [i]Education & Experience:[/i] [i]Family:[/i] [b]Embassy Staff[/b] [i]Number of Staff:[/i] [i]Number of Security:[/i] [i]Weaponry present:[/i] [i]Ambassadorial vehicle(s):[/i] [i]Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher?[/i] [i]Special requests:[/i] [b]Preferred Embassy Location:[/b]


    [b]Nation:[/b] The Kingdom of Montenbourg
    [b]Ambassador[/b] His Majesty Ambassador to the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter Lady Catherine Banks
    [i]Name:[/i] Catherine Banks
    [i]Age:[/i] 74
    [i]Education & Experience:[/i] Bosco University, Political Science. Hopkins Universiy, Russian and International Relations. Past-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Past-World Assembly Ambassador of Montenbourg.
    [i]Family:[/i] 2
    [b]Embassy Staff[/b] 30
    [i]Number of Staff:[/i] 20
    [i]Number of Security:[/i]30
    [i]Weaponry present:[/i] 10 Semi-Automatic Weapons
    [i]Ambassadorial vehicle(s):[/i] Aurus Senat, Jaguar XJ Limited and 4 Land Rovers Evoque Black.
    [i]Would you like a supply of Ferrero Rocher?[/i]Yes
    [i]Special requests:[/i] Raise in the front the Montenbourg Flag
    [b]Preferred Embassy Location:[/b] St. Cajetan's House

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