Coalition for the Defense of African Europe

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    Coalition for the Defense of African Europe

    The Coalition for the Defense of African Europe(or CDAE) is an organization dedicated to the defense of its members and the promotion of peace and unity worldwide.

    Although our region(African Europe) has not suffered any wars recently(OOC: Of all I am aware of), the CDAE wants to prevent them, and, if it is needed, we will fight against them for the defense and peace of the world.

    Our purpose is not just defending our members for peace, we are also a humanitarian aid organization. African Europe has one of the largest deserts of the world, and the people living in there might perish. We strive to change that. We also want to end humanitarian crisises around the world, if necessary.

    Although its name sounds like African European countries only, the CDAE also accepts nations of other continents, if they are committed to a peaceful and blooming world and the defense of it.

    We don't have a treaty yet, but if we get enough members, we can discuss and create one in the future.

    Thank you for hearing us. We certainly are grateful for just your attention. Thank you.

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