Budget of the European Union (2015-2016)

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    **European Budget for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year **


    Income from National Contributions (as mandated by the European Budget Act): 126.10018 billion
    Income from the sale of patents: 0.77371 billion
    Total Income: 126.87389 billion


    Defence Commission Total Budget: 40.32 billion
    European Nuclear Applications Authority: 0.8 billion
    European Biological and Chemical Weapons Authority: 1.68 billion
    European Relief Force: 32.4 billion
    Europolis Security (Council, Commission, ECoJ, etc.): 0.64 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 4.8 billion

    Internal Affairs Commission Total Budget: 15.77 billion
    European Arts Collaboration Fund: 1.07 billion
    Highway Numbering Act: 5.52 billion
    European Health Insurance Card: 2.06 billion
    The European Healthcare Accreditation Committee: 1.96 billion
    European Seed Trust: 0.11 billion
    Heritage Site Programs: 0.3 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 4.75 billion

    Foreign Affairs Commission Total Budget: 2.76 billion
    European Union Embassies (including maintenance, security, etc.): 0.52 billion
    Foreign Outreach (communication, recruitment, etc.): 0.06 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 2.18 billion

    Economics Commission Total Budget: 5.37 billion
    European Finance Agency: 1.9 billion
    European Patent Office: 0.6 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 2.87 billion

    Premier Commission Total Budget: 0.002 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries (includes state visits): 0.002 billion

    ECoJ Total Budget: 2.09 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 2.09 billion

    European Council Total Budget: 1.933 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 1.933 billion

    Future Initiative Allotment (From Legislation, etc): 20 billion

    Total Expenditure: 88.245 billion

    Surplus Total: 38.62889 billion

    All amounts are in Euros.

    Budget authored by JennaMarelle Johnson, Commissioner of Economics

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