National Anthem Thread

  • National Anthems:

    I would like to jam out to some of our Union's smashing anthems.

    Post yours here, instead of having to dig through factbooks, there'll be some resemblance of an index here (?)

    It's a bit of fun really, let's see what we're all jamming out to!

  • Inimicus has two anthems (one isn't enough for such a glorious nation and Emperor, of course).

    The first is the Civil Anthem (click click), which is sung on day-to-day basis and on state occasions where the Emperor is not present. Also applies to sports matches.

    The second is the Imperial Anthem (click click), which is perfomed at any occasion where His Majesty is present, at imperial births/deaths, etc.

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    Duxburian National Anthem -MᐱŖ$J $ϟᐱ∵

    The full version is played for state funerals, state dinners, important events, for Aelirs, and foreign heads of state.

    A shorter (about 3 minute) version is played at sports venues, informal settings, for Stewards, and foreign dignitaries (non heads of state).

  • Montenbourg Royal National Anthem

    Montenbourg,  The land I call my home, 

    From the green clear summer,  

    From blossoming apple trees,  

    Magnificent her mountains and seas,  

    Montenbourg, Oh Montenbourg,  

    You're noble, proud and brave,  

    Oh Montenbourg, Oh Montenbourg, 

     Forever, will your banner wave

    Still more majestic shalt thou rise, 

    With thy king so mighty and true 

    Sons and Daughters, Thy glory shall reach the skies, 

    By his guidance and by his queue, 

    Oh how radiant are your daughters!

    And how wealthy are your sons!

    Montenbourg,  The land I call my home, 

    To thee belongs the rural reign; 

    Thy cities shall shine: For we will march in the right path.

    Montenbourg,  The land I call my home, 

    The clarion of war re-echoes, Proclaiming his immortal glory.

    Lift up your head to the rising sun, Montenbourg,

    Til the road you've trod lead unto the skies,

    From the green clear summer,  From blossoming apple trees,  

    Magnificent her mountains and seas,  Montenbourg, Oh Montenbourg, 

     You're noble, proud and brave,  Oh Montenbourg, Oh Montenbourg,  

    Forever, will your banner wave.


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