• My PC is giving me a DNS probe error on all browsers, even though internet is working for me on all other devices. I wont be around at the moment, but hopefully might come back soon.

  • The United Kingdom of Kalmar will withdraw from the RP realm until the 1st of Feburary inwhich I will announce if I will stay in this region or move to Eternity. Reason: Joining and asessing the Enternity community.

  • I have the flu, so I may be out for a few days. I ask that all my current diplomatic RP engagements be "paused"


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    @Fremet said:


    Yesss, welcome back! 😆

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    Hey everybody!

    Just making a post here. I'm not making a separate thread, because I not only find those overly-dramatic, but I'm just posing about an absence, not a guaranteed permanent leave.

    Anyway, to the point...

    Taking breaks are good. I've a huge advocate of taking them from this region if you need to. I've done it twice already, where I decided to just remove myself from activity for 5 (my first time) and 4 (second time) months. It helped me balance what I needed from this region and what I was feeling outside of it. People tend to forget we are humans that have lives, actual feelings and are more than a person behind the screen.

    Anyway, I'll be absent for a while.

    This was actually little bit long-time coming. The reason why I've stayed so long is really because of the great community we have here. It's because of you guys that I love this region. But recently things are becoming a bit toxic. People are more interested in fighting, starting drama and arguing over petty things. I'd like to think I stayed above the majority of it, but recently I felt slightly back-stabbed by some of my friends, and on the receiving end of some of the vitriol. I am defeated.

    On top of this, I feel like our community is shrinking. I've already been hit hard twice by two really great friends of mine leaving. So, to distract myself, I decided to give the Commission another go. I'm really proud of Emerett and what she did in her term. But now, after seeing that all be lambasted and reduced to worthlessness, I feel like I have let myself down and wasted time. I also don't feel like I'm serving my community or working with them anymore. The EU isn't interested in working together or achieving things. It's really about tearing each other down. I don't want to serve out a Commission term because I need to prove something. I feel that I have already proven myself. I want to do it because I want to make this a better community. For you guys. But I don't feel like I'm on the same wavelength anymore. It's about factionalism and division now. I can't keep up with this. I'm sorry.

    So, yeah, Emerett won't be accepting the Commission confirmation. Firoux will be stepping down as EPA Chairman. I don't know if I;ll be making IC posts about that, so just take it as it is. Both of those will need leaders who can fight and strive in this current environment.

    I'm sure I'll be back again next year. I might even be back sooner - if I see some of my friends still enjoying it here, or maybe if I see some old ones return. I <3 you guys.

    lol bye.

  • I will be joining Inquista in retirning indefinitely from the RP for many different reasons. You can do with Eric Hitchens what you want.

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    Our region is certainly poorer without either of you RP-ing and sharing your immense talents and gifts, but I understand you have to take breaks every now and then (as I have done several times).

    All the best and I hope to see you back in the future.

  • Just wishing to clarify my current RP position. I shall, for a variety of reasons I'm not going to explain on the internet, not going to be able to make any decent RP over the coming weeks to months.

    I won't have the time to RP anything effectively so I think that the best option is not to "return" to regular RP in the near future.

    All the best,

    The Person Behind Hubert

  • I know a bit new, so it probably is not important but I feel that I should tell you all that I will be on a hiatus for the next couple of months. My last year of compulsory education is coming up and I am not in the best situation in school right now, so I have a lot of things to figure out and sort out before school begins. So I guess I will see you guys later (and don't worry, I have a lot of things in mind for Ruthendy in the future!). 


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