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    This can be a database for us to store and create our characters. Fill out the template bellow for character creation:

    Character Name:
    Character Race:
    Character Sex: M/F (skip this if the character is Asari)
    Character Age:
    Character Physical Description/Image: Brief description of character appearance. If you can find a suitable picture, feel free to use it.
    Character Personality Description: Brief description of their personality and demeanor. Mentions any quirks and mannerisms here too.
    Character Biography: Brief biography or summary.


    • The Unit
    • Dr. Deanna Volante
    • Anavasa V'tilyt
    • Iyan Whittaker

  • Name: The Unit (To be named by the crew when met) Race: Geth Sex: N/A Age: 25 years since construction

    Physical description: A combo of many types of earlier Geth, created to be mobile like a Geth hopper, stealthy like a hunter, with shields inspired by Geth juggernauts. It was created with a brand new scientific suite onboard for research purposes. It was created to be a survivable unit capable of researching anywhere.

  • Character Name: Professor Deanna Volante Character Race: Human Character Sex: Female Character Age: 30

    Character Physical Description/Image: Short, cropped black hair. Normally found wearing typical archaeologist clothing, but almost always adding her own twist. Average height and slim, all the running keeps her in shape.

    Character Personality Description: Always on the hunt for the next big discovery, she always seems to end up in the middle of dangerous situations. She takes it in her stride and has learned to love the thrill of adventure that her job brings. She likes a drink, always carrying around a trusty hip-flask she "acquired" from a former colleague. Deanna has a sharp wit, never missing a chance for a sarcastic line now and again.

    Character Biography: Born on the Earth colony of Beta Caprisis, her mother was killed during a slaver attack. Hiding the 3 year old Deanna in their storage unit, Vanessa Volante was caught by stray gunfire while she was trying to find Deanna's favourite soft toy. Her father was a high ranking officer in Beta Caprisis' unofficial defence Navy, which was overwhelmed by the slaver forces. He disappeared during the attack, and Deanna has spent much of her life trying to find him.

    She moved from planet to planet during her childhood, usually getting passage on seedy cargo ships and salvage vessels. Eventually, through some clever manipulation of data, she managed to convince St. Columba's University on Dellah of her Professorship, despite the fact she'd never set foot in academia in her life.

    Since then, she's gone to half the galaxy, although most of her time is divided between staring at the ground and running from whoever's sacred relics she's digging up or whatever ancient evil she's awoken.

    Currently, she's out on a dig on Menaxus III, investigating the remains of an advanced, non - Prothean civilization.

  • Character Name: Anavasa V'tilyt Character Race: Asari Character Sex: Character Age: 264 Years

    Character Physical Description/Image: A grey-ish green-ish purple-ish faced creature. Soft facial features including a soft non-sticking out nose. Purple rings around the eyes and freckles a similar colour to the skin just darker makes the face an interesting sight, also with purple lips. Tentacle things for hair.

    Character Personality Description: Anvasa is an Ansari which means she possesses maternal instincts - perfect for the Hospital Ship she Captains. And she fulfills the typical Ansari roles of being elegant and diplomatic.

    Character Biography: Born on Thessia she studied Medicine in a small Thessian Republic. Due to the fact Thessia is almost ridden of internal and mostly external wars it was a peaceful - almost sheltered early life. However she joined an Ansari Medical Ship and rose up the ranks to become Captain. A well respected Captain at that. A loyal crew on her medium sized ship means she feels secure in her position. Her second officer Deyxa T'neze is also her closest friend. However she hasn't got a lover - but she's too busy for that kind of uselessness anyway.

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    Character Biography: Brief biography or summary. Character Name: Iyan Whittaker Character Race: Human (L5x Biotic) Character Sex: Male Character Age: 22

    Character Physical Description/Image: With a muscular build and a tall height of 6'2, Iyan has a somewhat imposing presence. Iyan has white and fair skin, which is complimented by tattoos that runs up on the side of his face and neck that that are used to cover up minor facial scarring that has occurred. He has dark green eyes and short dark hair which is usually styled into a messy faux-hawk. Image here.

    Character Personality Description: Iyan usually comes off across as quite cocky and highly conceited. He suffers from a frustrating god-complex and strong beliefs of grandeur, which are unfortunately fueled by his powerful adept biotic abilities. Carrying himself super seriously, Iyan has a poor perception of himself and others, which often throws him at the sharp ends of hilarious jokes and situations. Like many overly-engineered and experimental biotics, Iyan falls into pits of blind rage and anger when depraved of element zero.

    Character Biography: Iyan was born on Earth as the only child of two highly decorated Alliance military researchers. Naturally, Iyan soon found himself as the living experiment of the Alliance military’s biotic engineering. By the age of 4, Iyan had already began the process of having biotic implants inserted into his body. Many of his implants were L5x, while the rest were experimental prototypes. Iyan’s parents enrolled him into the Jon Grissom Academy, where he was trained under the Ascension Project. Iyan continued to receive new implants while he studied at the Academy, where he continued to show great promise and potential. Under the Ascension Project, Iyan was able to utilize and tune his biotic abilities for even greater purpose. He soon became the biotic poster-child of the Project, where he was used by researchers as a symbol of the benefits of biotic implants. Iyan's biotic abilities became very powerful and he was then put on track to eventually become an officer in the Alliance military.

    However, as his abilities grew stronger and stronger, Iyan began developing a large sense of entitlement and became quite rebellious to authority, as he saw himself as too good for their project. By the age of 17, Iyan began to rebel against every command. After arguing in person with the director of the Ascension Project, Iyan was kicked out of the Academy, much to the disappointment of his parents, whom did not allow him to return home. Confident and relishing in his biotic abilities, Iyan became a bounty hunter and began accepting bounty contracts. At first Iyan specifically accepted bounties that targeted mercenary bands and illegal cartels, but things soon changed when his desire for even greater wealth and fame clouded his constant thoughts. Iyan then began accepting increasingly shady bounties, which led him to even to eventually assist and support criminal organisations. Now after helping an Omega crime gang in taking out an Asari double agent, who actually happened to be an Asari Commando, Iyan has earned the ire of an Asari Justicar whom was secretly working in coordination with the victim.

    Iyan is now currently on the run in Terminus Space, fleeing from the Asari Justicar.

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