Got Issues?

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    Hello Everyone!

    So with a new forums come new issues, this would be the place to report all the problems you've encountered, please include as much detail as you see fit and hopefully we can get it resolved as soon as possible!

    Thanks for your help,

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    A couple of things:

    • Align tags; font, size, and colour tags; [hr] lines; and various symbols (eszett, etc.) don't seem to have been carried over.
    • The forum description links (as were) aren't working.

  • Spoilers ain't working either.

  • Thanks for fixing the issue with line breaks.

    As Angleter has mentioned, perhaps, you should go the tag route, using either html code or bbcode, rather than the random symbol route. However, if you stick with random symbols, I suggest using backslashes ( \ ) for spoilers rather than right arrow-exclamation point (>!) because of the similarity to quotes.

    The single tilde for underlining (~) seems to be malfunctioning within my post previews while the double tilde for striking-through (~~) shows up just fine. Thus, (tilde)Text(tilde) displays text surrounded by single tildes while (tilde)(tilde)text(tilde)(tilde) properly displays struck-through text. Perhaps, someone else can confirm a similar sight on their message previews.

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    I've noticed that the text editor cannot keep up with long posts when copy-pasted. After a certain threshold, it cuts off and does not scroll down any further, so you can't edit or style text beyond the cutoff. The preview, however, does scroll all the way to the end of a post.

    The "random" symbols are Markdown, a shortcut styling language. The problem with that, is Markdown is the creator's logic and not necessarily anyone else's. Personally, BB Code tags are preferable because they are descriptive. [B] and [I] vs * and **. When you have trouble remembering what the right symbols are for a shortcut scheme (is * bold or is ** bold?), it defeats the purpose of it.

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    Thank you all for the input, I've already updated the website to feature a new WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor and so hopefully it should be better than the old one. Feel free to give more feedback so we can further refine the website.

  • Would ir be possible that the threads are shown in reverse date order, so that newer posts are shown before older ones? Thanks

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    You can already do this using the Sort By option.

  • Hi, when I log in on my mobile, I am unable to access the menu for unread posts etc.  Is this a known problem?  Not that it really matters as I shouldn't be accessing this site from work, but hey ho

  • [Angry post]

    I've been out of it all for a month or two and as such hadn't used the new forums at all. So yesterday I thought I'd update my factbook for a bit. However, if this is what the new forums are like, you won't be seeing much of me for a while, and I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing issues.

    You need only to take one look at what my factbook is currently like to see some major faults. For one, aligning images is completely non-existent. Not even with an entirely new [center] tag does getting images to the centre work. Secondly, lists are more than broken. BB coding lists doesn't work at all, as the forums automatically reconstruct your list forms and make the entire coding extremely confusing. Moreover, the forums automatically add some kind of weird [/] digits to lists. Also, it seems to recognise the asterisks in the [*] tag as a way of making italics. It is disastrous.

    The forum does look shiny, and there are many laudable new features. I know coding an entire forum is no small feat and requires lots of time and effort, but surely issues like these can be resolved? I'd rather a grey, dull, adminless forum that actually works, than a good-looking one that's completely broken.

    [/angry post]

  • To anyone having coding issues, [url=]HTML coding[/url], which uses the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs instead of brackets,  is enabled as well. Thus, try using that, like me. I'm not sure if the html's center effects images, but I know it still works.

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    My only lingering complaint is about how the WYSIWYG editor handles longer posts.  When I write one in an external editor and then copy paste, everything looks good, but the white space comes out destroyed once I submit it.  The paragraph breaks are not preserved even though they show up before submitting.  It then doesn't let me edit certain lines or anything beyond a certain point.  Even if I start the post in the WYSIWYG, certain lines just can't be selected and the cursor won't move to them, or certain portions of them.  It's maddening and happens without rhyme or reason.

  • HTML coding actually works well, it's just a shame that's the only form of coding that's currently doable. Guess I'm going to have to dig up the HTML coding basics I learned many years ago.

    As for the DU's issue, I fully agree wtih him, this has to be resolved.

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    Thanks for the input, the following fixes were pushed out:

    [list][o]Image alignment with the center tag is now working[/o][o]Lists are no longer broken[/o][o]You can code lists with the new BBCode syntax [code][list] [o]Item 1[/o] [o]Item 2[/o] [/list][/code][/o][/list]

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think the forum needs to be down for a few days. This is the third error i saw today on the forums and only been on for 10 mins. Plz fix yur errors!

  • When I went to settings and changed my 'topics per page' to something like 30, it said 'invalid pagination value' so I changed it back to 15, and then it said 'invalid pagination value', it only works now on '1' so I'm forced to cope with having 1 topic per page. These Forums have the most glitches I've ever had to deal with.

  • Hello all:

    I just wanted you to know that my embassy application page is broken! When I try to go on it hangs up on me and times out. I know its not me I have quality internet so plz look into it ty!

  • While HTML's "details" tag previews correctly, it isn't working in posts

  • I'm not sure if it's just me but the Roleplay Realm Forum looks completely broken.