Regional Update May-June

  • Please find below the proposed embassy update for the region period May-June. Please suggest amendments by Thursday when I hope to distribute.

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    May-July 2015 Update

    Nations: 144 (19-06-15)
    World Assembly Delegate: Occoron

    Premier: Eric Hitchens. Inimicus (UEC.)
    Forgein Affairs: Jeremy Hunt, Chilterns (Ind.)
    Defence and Peacekeeping: Jenna Marelle Johnson, Inquista (Ind.)
    Economics: Renata Kligenburg, United Kingdom (Ind.)
    Internal Affairs: Henry von Cavill, Red Croatia, (CEPC.)

    Chief Justice: Anthony Scalia am Trennington, Duxburian Union
    Justice: Jane Dorr, Framptonia
    Justice: Hjalmar HOVLAND, Havvenskar
    Justice: Chamika ISZTVRARATI, Os Corelia
    Justice: Elvin KENNET, Halsberg

    Speaker of the European Council: John Walters, Halsberg

    Socialist Workers Party (SWP): Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
    Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
    Coalition of European Progressive Conservatives: Progressive Conservative, Pro-European
    European Classical Liberals (ECL): Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
    Union of European Conservatives (UEC): Conservative, Christian Democrat
    European National Party (ENP): Fascist, National Socialist

    Commission News

    • Former- Commissioner Lagunov was impeached from the Commission early this month after a proposal by the United Kingdom of Davishire. Although the Commissioner had had a promising start it was decided that he had not had enough activity for such an important commission role. Elections were held with candidates from Os Corelia, Framptonia and Red Croatia. Henry von Cavill was elected as the new commissioner.

    European Court of Justice News

    • The European Court of Justice has been quite quiet, although recently Havvenskar has petitioned for a case against the Inimician Emperor Artabanos in relation to his wide ranging reforms to Inimician government.

    Council News

    • Since the last update several different pieces of legislation have been proposed in the council chamber. The first being the Marriage Recognition act. This has made gay marriage de-facto legal within the entire European Union. The act passed with 6 votes in favour and 1 abstention.
    • Another was the European Central Bank Act. This makes provision for an ECB as is necessary under the European Constitution. The act was passed with 4 votes in favour and 1 against
    • Another key piece of legislation was the Nuclear Weapons Act. This act prevents the further development of nuclear weapons or the increase in national stockpiles as well as the use of nuclear weapons. Their was a significant debate with nuclear weapons possessing states against the bill. The final result was 11 in favour and 6 agains.
    • The council also saw two proposals by the Red Croation councillor.The first was the Trans Fat Regulatory Bill, which aimed to make the European Union healthier. There were mixed reactions but the bill failed with 7 votes for and 8 against. Railway reform was also proposed, which would harmonise railway signalling systems and gauges across the European Union. The proposal did however meet heavy opposition and was withdrawn.

    Other News

    • One of the major topics of the last month has been the kidnapping of Lucinda Bareham from the EU council chamber. This came as she spoke out against abuses that were taking place in the Teutonic State although there is not yet any link between the two. Rather strangly also was the disappearance of former Davishrian Councillor Eric Pickles. It is not yet known where either of them are or whether the events are linked. The President of Framptonia has set up a social media campaign with the aim of getting Mrs Bareham, otherwise known as "Cinders" released.
    • Tensions rose again early in June as the United Kingdom increased its military patrols around the Teutonic State in response to worrying news reports which were coming from the nation.In response Davishire and Inimicus, which have treaties with the Teutonic State increased its naval forces in the region and the British significantly reduced naval patrols.
    • There are multiple concerns from the international community regarding the internal issues within the Teutonic State. It is not known exactly what happened but everyone agrees that somebody else should do something to stop the atrocities which are believed to be going on. Thus far, nobody has done anything although.
    • National elections were held in Angleter last month, with a new Prime Minister resulting after some weeks of negotiations. The citizen alliance has formed a confidence and supply agreement with the Social Democrats thus allowing Sam Courtenay to be appointed Prime Minister.
    • The Eurotunnel, which connects Icholasen with mainland Europe is now open, which trains going between Icholasen, the UK, Miraco and Davishire. This has been a massive engineering project which has helped to improve the high speed rail infrastructure linking the European Union.

    IN OTHER NEWS.... The European Union has migrated to a new forum. Located here To access the forum just press forgotten password and go for a reset with the same username!

    That is all for now, from the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs good bye !

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