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    [/url][b]Regional Government[/b][/big][/big][/center][table=2,][b]Monarch:[/b] HM King Charles III
    [b]Consort:[/b] HM Queen Georgiana
    [b]Prince of Wales:[/b] HRH Prince James

    [b]WA Delegate:[/b] HM Queen Georgiana

    [b]Crown Court Chief Judge:[/b] Lady Constance St. James
    [b]Crown Court Judge:[/b] Lord Edward Stewart
    [c][right][b]Prime Minister:[/b] Sir George Mountbatten[/right][right][b]Deputy Prime Minister:[/b] Jan van Dijk[/right]
    [right][b]Home Secretary:[/b] Akillian Talleyrand[/right][right][b]Foreign Secretary:[/b] Lady Elena[/right][right][b]Defence Secretary:[/b] South Boston Irishmen[/right][right][b]Culture Secretary:[/b] Vaclav Vinograd[/right][right][b]Attorney General:[/b] South Boston Irishmen[/right][/table]
    [center][b][big]Veteran Citizen says goodbye? Not quite![/big][/b][/center]
    Andrew B. Fraser, longtime member of the United Kingdom and prolific political schemer has announced his retirement from United Kingdom and resigned as both an Administrator and Prince of Wales. He cited a the lose of a sense of novelty that made him invested into United Kingdom and Nationstates, and that if he allowed that feeling to settle in he would eventually fall into a deep slumber of inactivity. As such he had no other choice than to resign and find a renewed interest in Nationstates life.

    Despite having been the Prince of Wales for the past few months since King Charles III crowning, Andrew is best remembered as a many time serving Prime Minister, in fact holding the rank of second longest serving Prime Minister, only behind fellow political maniac, the Dishonourable South Boston Irishmen, the incumbent Secretary of Defence. Having also served in many other positions both in the executive and legislature, perhaps it is in the middle of politics that Andrew finds himself more at home and will find a renewed interest.

    Andrew has however already found a pastime, at least for the time being. Following the latest trend in United Kingdom, Andrew has joined the media boom, joining the ranks of the BBC, which had been somewhat neglected despite the media boom, but has since the publication of an article investigating the truth behind the activity of the media and information business and the two current media moguls, Vaclav Vinograd and South Boston Irishmen, and how they might have much more shadowy plans than anyone could think.

    [center][b][big]A New Prince of Wales[/big][/b][/center]
    With Andrew B. Fraser's resignation as Prince of Wales the United Kingdom saw itself without an immediate heir to the crown. As commoners rushed to nearest betting houses to place their bets on who would be chosen as the first in line to the throne and British aristocracy gossiped on what name the royal baby would have , the royal couple hurried to produce a worthy heir.

    On the 6th of December, the royal baby, a fully grown man in his 20's, was shown to the public for the first time. The new Prince of Wales took the name of James Stewart but he has in the past been known as Daniel Wilson, or if we go back even further, as Tony Benn, and was in the past, like the previous Prince of Wales, a veteran of British politics, having been Prime Minister and having several in many other capacities in the executive and in the legislature, and having been Lord Chamberlain to the King.

    The new Prince of Wales took the seat in the House of Lords that was held by his predecessor, as is customary, but soon announced that he would only be serving in the House of Lords for the remainder of the current term, wanting to take a different role as Prince of Wales, in helping the United Kingdom accommodate new members and undertaking other initiatives.

    The new Prince of Wales also took the occasion of his appointment as Prince of Wales to remind that whoever you are in the United Kingdom, new or old, as long as you contribute to the United Kingdom you will be rewarded accordingly, something that he himself and many other current and past citizens of the United Kingdom have proven to be true.

    [center][big][b]British Culture on the rise![/b][/big]
    [i]Written by Vaclav Vinograd[/i][/center]
    United Kingdom is a surging throng of culture activity. In sports, the region has been swept by football fever as the inaugural season of the United Kingdom Premier League has reached its dramatic conclusion. An epic series sweep by Cranford’s pride, Eagles, over the Corbynite Labourers led the birds to victory as the first winners of the King Charles Cup. In Albason, Cranford, fans, clad in black and white sang and danced and drank.

    In holiday news, the Christmas festival for the region, Yuletide, is well under way with games, contests, and quizzes posted. If you’re around the region, come by and get your photo taken on Santa’s lap*. *Please note: this offer is for children only.

    Finally, the region hosted its award show, the Ukies, which was a night of dancing, drinking and dressing up. It was a huge success and many deserving recipients won. Some of the more notable awards included Briton of the Year which went to both Vaclav Vinograd and King Charles III, Best Veteran (HRH Prince James), and, of course, Spam King (Longdendale). The big winner of the night was Vaclav Vinograd, who walked away with nine awards.

    The region is on track to knock its activity goals out of the park! Great success and certainly a cause for Christmas cheer and holiday drinking

    [center][big][b]In Other News[/b][/big]

    * Electoral Reform hotly debated in the halls of Parliament as the House of Lords sends the bill back to the House of Commons. *

    * Recruitment policy in discussion as the need to properly reward both manual recruiters and stamp donators is made evident. *

    * Parliament abolishes the position of MI5 Director. *[/center]
    [big][b]On behalf of the United Kingdon, thank you for reading![/b][/big][/center][/table]

  • Memorandum: United Kingdom's Commitment to Being an Interregional Partner
    From: The Office of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, The. Hon. Lady Victoria E.C. Stewart
    Published: 02 January, 2017

    In recent days, United Kingdom has seen one of its newest and most energized citizens, Vaclav Vinograd, elected Prime Minister, and then chased from the game. Shortly after his election, Mr. Vinograd announced his intention to resign not only his political positions, but also from NationStates altogether. His stated reason: He received a threat to his family members from someone else in the game, a citizen of another region.

    It has now come to light that Mr. Vinograd, at various points in his NationStates career, made comments expressing Nazi sympathies. These comments understandably provoked strong reactions, including the threat that allegedly prompted Mr. Vinograd's decision to leave the game. There are still many questions in need of answers regarding this situation. We do not know, for example, whether Mr. Vinograd's comments were sincere expressions of his belief, or jokes. We do not know whether the threat alleged actually occurred, nor from whom it came.

    The Government of United Kingdom at this point wishes to clarify these events from our perspective. Regardless whether Mr. Vinograd's statements were sincere, they were immature and short-sighted. If he genuinely adheres to a Nazi ideology, then we denounce him; if he was joking, then we condemn the joke as entirely inappropriate. United Kingdom is committed to fostering a gameplay atmosphere that is welcoming to all people. We are signatories to the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism, and we aim to enforce strictly our laws against harassment and the Terms of Service for our forum, which prohibit statements that may be construed as threats. That being said, we are also committed to the free exchange of ideas, so long as those ideas are not expressed in a manner that threatens another. Mr. Vinograd's beliefs, whatever they may be, were largely unknown to our citizens. His election as Prime Minister was not an endorsement of any particular real world ideology, and United Kingdom, although open to the exchange of ideas, has never embraced or endorsed a Nazi ideology in its long history.

    Regardless of Mr. Vinograd's beliefs, the Government of United Kingdom feels that threats of harm to one's family are never appropriate. We condemn Mr. Vinograd's harasser, if such harassment occurred, to the same extent that we condemn Mr. Vinograd's actions that prompted the harassment. It is the position of the Government of United Kingdom that if Mr. Vinograd was driven from NationStates by threats, his harassers should be brought to justice. As we continue our investigation into this matter, we ask that our friends and allies assist us by sharing any information that may come to light regarding the identity of Mr. Vinograd's harassers, as well as the nature of the threats. We further request your cooperation in bringing any harassers to justice through your domestic legal systems. We cannot, as a global community, allow threats against individual players to go unchallenged.

    In the days ahead, United Kingdom will be electing a new Prime Minister to replace Mr. Vinograd. The Government looks forward to a peaceful transition, to continued relations with our friends abroad, and to continued defence of the right of all people to participate in NationStates undeterred by intimidation.

    The Hon. Lady Victoria E. C. Stewart

    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

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