Imperial Tribune

  • EC elections drawing to an end

    **The EC elections first round was closed yesterday and three winners were presented. James Howard Stanton, of Belarum, Michael McDowell, Derbyshire and Fife and Kurt Goerts, Gro?deutsches Reich. The Empire wish them all well and in the ongoing election between mr Stanton and mr McDowell for Prime Commissioner, the Imperial government have decided to back the EPP-ED candidate McDowell. On another topic, the second round of the EC elections has begun, the Imperial government are expected to abstain from voting. **There are simply no candidate attractive for the Empire in the second round. Concluded Dr. Antonius of the Jerusalem Academiae, PhD in Imperial politics.

  • Consuls dissolve the government and the Senate

    **As expected both Consuls dissolved their government and the Senate today as the morning session began. With the drop-out of the Christian Unity and their 29 seats in the Senate, the governing coalition lost thier majority in the Senate and thus it will be impossible for the government to rule. Most important decisions along with the legislation pass the Senate floor. Therefore both Consuls Quintus Vibilus (NFP)
    and Gaius Marius (Pop) decided to dissolve the Senate and their government and call for a new election to be held within five days. There has been some specualtions about the short timelimits, the oppsition calles it a strategic decision in hope that some of the support for the NFP, FF and Pop are remaining while the government claims the short date to be based on the ongoing changes in the EU demands the attention of a functional government as soon as possible.

    Dissolving a Senate and a government are unusual in the Empire, it has however happened before on a few occasions. Until the new election are held, the former Consuls and their government will stay in office, they can not however do any radical changes but to continue the ongoing everyday policy. In the event of natural disaster or war, emergency clauses in the constitution will apply.**

  • **Congratulations Europe, and congratulations EPP-ED! **

    **When the dust settles, the EPP-ED have gained two seats in the European Commission, and one of them, Michael McDowell, the important office of Prime Commissioner! This bodes well for the new era of the European Union, the era of the people. As one of the first to be elected for the EC, requesting the office of commissioner for defence, we hope to see the Grossdeutches Reich.

    Candidates from the Holy Roman Empire and Duxburian Union also gained seats in the European Court of Justice, independant offices, however a sign of progress in the European region.** Said Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis in an EPP-ED meeting shortly after the elections.

  • Virus outbreak

    Virus outbreak in Aesop Rock has stirred up the political debate aswell as regional turmoil. The death toll are still uncertaint, and as Aesop Rockian authorithys claim that the situation has been contained, possible victimes to the virus has been found in the Grossdeutches Reich, claiming the lifes of nine Grossdeutchans and a soviet citizen. Pro-Consul Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis with the support of the temporary government have closed down traffic between the Empire and Aseop Rock aswell as Grossdeutches Reich. As the virus are still unknown no goods nor people may cross the borders. Imperial citizens in Aesop Rock and Grossdeutches Reich are to remain calm as the Empire will do everything to get them home safely as soon as possible.

  • Victory for the Boni faction!

    _The Boni faction expectedly won the new election in the Empire after the collaps of the short NFP, FF and Pop government. The Boni faction won more than 40% of the popular vote throughout the Empire and will once again dominate the Imperial policy. It is however still unlcear who will lead the Boni Faction and the government since the former party leader and Consul Marcus Aemilius Scaurus resigned after his defeat. Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus of the Optimares did also resign after his party defeat and thus there are no obvious candidate to lead the country. The strongest Boni candidates are Quintus Lutatius Catulus, Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus and Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis. However Pro-Consul Cato are currently MEP for the Empire in Europolis and are hailed as the most competent foreign politician in the Empire at the time. It's as of today unlikely that he will resign from his office in Europolis, however he is enormusly popular with the people in the Empire for his strict policy and his modesty. Catulus and Bibulus are the most likely candidates as both of them are well respected Senators of the Senate and both of them have a strong domestic platform. The new leader of the Boni faction will be announced a few days before the new government will be declared.

    Here are the election result, highlighted figures are the acutal result, and the other figures are last elections result:_

    Boni Faction: 41% 22%
    Optimares Party: 20% 12,5%
    Populares Party: 10% 13%
    Nationalistic Faction Party:8% 15%
    Fascistic Front: 5% 10%
    Christian Unity: 7% 9%
    Libertas: 5% 7%
    Opus Iunxi: 3,5% 5,5%
    Blank:0,5% 6%

    The Boni faction won back thier voters lost in the last elections, and won many new votes, mainly from dissatesfied voters whom voted for the extreme parties in the last election. Many voters were dissapointed with the new policy and the NFP and FFs inability to deliver good policy. With 41% of the votes, the Boni will dominate the Empires politics for the up comming period. The Optimares won back most of thier support and are again the second largest party in the Senate. The populares have paid for their shifting of loyalty and are most likely to be excluded from the new government. NFP lost almost half their support but are still in the Senate with surprising 8% of the votes, they have clearly established some support in some of the rural areas of the Empire. The FF on the other hand made their efforts on the countryside and their support was also halfed, many of the voters traditionally voing for the socialistic Opus Iunxi voted for the Fascistic Front in the last election and many of them clearly keept doing it on this election. The CU lost some of their support but are now the fifth largest party in the Senate, and perhaps they will be abel to gain seats in the new government given the fact that their vote of no-confidence made the former government to fall. An other extrordinary thing is the low votes on blanks, only 0,5% this shows the sentiments of the Holy Roman people that it was time for a change, a change back to tradition and conservative values that is. Commented Dr. Antonius of the Jerusalem Academiae, PhD in Imperial politics.

  • New Imperial Government

    Executive branch:

    Consul - Quintus Lutatius Catulus (Boni)
    Consul - Uticius Vorenus (Opt)

    Pontifex Maximus - Lucius Cornelius Sulla (Ind)

    Princeps Senatus - Licinia Sextia (Ind)

    Censor - Pompei Sextimus (Boni)
    Censor - Lucius Entius (Boni)

    Tribunus Plebis - Lucius Cornelius Cinna (Opt)

    Aedile - Maximus Eximus (Boni)
    Aedile - Quintus Lutatius Catulus (Boni)
    Aedile - Aemilius Mamercinus
    Aedile - Fabius Vibulanus

    Quaestor - Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus (Boni)
    Quaestor - Nautius Rutilus
    Quaestor - Quinctius Cincinnatus
    Quaestor - Lucretius Tricipitinus

    Judicial branch:

    High Praetor - Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus (Boni)
    Praetor - Sergius Fidenas (Opt)
    Praetor - Manlius Capitolinus (Boni)
    Praetor - Justianius Virilus (Boni)
    Praetor - Sempronius Atratinus (Boni)
    Praetor - Horatius Barbatus (Opt)

    The new govermnent are dominated by the Boni Faction who made their best election in modern history. The Boni Faction formed a new government with the Optimares as expected but excluded Christian Unity from the government, however the CU and Boni made an alliance where the CU will have some saying in welfare questions for the elderly, their strongest political question. The CU are pleased with the deal and will continue to support the Boni and Optimares coalition.
    Several important seats in the government will now be in the hands of the Boni Faction and a stricter conservative policy is to be expected in the near future. New party leader and Consul for the Boni Quintus Lutatius Catulus are confident in his new office with broad support from his own party aswell as the support of pro-Consul Cato in the European parliament. Some say that his support was vital for the candidacy of Catulus. New party leader for the Otpimares and co-Consul Uticius Vorenus are also pleased with the new arrangement as his party gained more offices in the new government than expected, the loyalty of the Optimares are somewhat secure since both parties have co-operated togheter for decades.

  • Statevisit from the Kingdom of Luvenburg

    _HRH Prince Phillippe, Prince of Merovia and heir to the Luvenburgish throne arrived today at the Imperial Airport in Jerusalem. He was accompanied by the newely elected Prime Minister Selene Clarke of the Luvenburgish liberal party, aswell as other high ranking officials of the new Luvenburgish government:

    • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Vallier,
    • Minister of Defense Jacques Duplessis,
    • Minister of Finance: ?lisabeth L?vesque
    • Minister of Industry and Commerce: Ren? Letard
    • Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Alain Ollivier
      These distinguished guests were welcomed by Consul Quintus Lutatius Catulus and His Holyness Pontifex Maximus Lucius Cornelius Sulla in a brief welcoming cermony. Both Censors Pompei Sextimus and Lucius Entius attended aswell. The Luvenburghis National Anthem was played by the Praetorian orchestra at the arrival, after that HRH Prince Phillippe inspected a cohort of the Praetorian Guard along with the Imperator of the Imperial Forces. A pressconference will be held for media in which both Consul Catulus and Prime Minister Selene Clarke are expected to attend and answer questions for the world media as for the statevisit.

    The guest along with their staffs are to live in the Imperial Palace in central Jerusalem, the former residens of Emperors of the Imperial Rome back when the Empire was ruled by an Emperor. The security around the guests appears to be high as extra prefects and Praetorians Guards have been called into the city. The Imperial Guard, also known as the Praetorian Guard are normaly not stationed witihin the border of Jerusalem as it is to be a military free-zone, except for the small Holy Guard serving under the Pontifex Maximus. However in times of need for extra security Praetorians can be called to serve within the city. 5000 Praetorians have been called to guarantee the safety of the important guests from the Kingdom of Luvenburg._

  • Military build-up nearing an end
    Healthcare reform launched

    _The military build-up in the Empire are nearing an end, however the rapid rate of military activity has been critizised by large groups of the Empire. The fast build-up has taken a sever toll on the Imperial economy. Large amounts has been spent on the investments and recruitment of military personell. _We expected the economical outcome to be far better than this, the investments in the arms manufacturers and the lowered unemployment rates should benefit the Imperial economy, not the other way around. Said Censor Pompei Sextimus in a pressconference. **However the effects are not simply downsided, many positive effects have been seen and the economy are rapidly regaining much of its strenght. The new Imperial budget will see a large surplus even with the last military expenses in account, as well as the promised healthcare reform taking effect over the next six months. This togheter will greatly impove the situation after the disastrous last government hos managed to put Imperial finances out of temporary controll. **Finished the Censor.

  • The Empire is now the Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in European Union

    Today's world census report shows that the Imperial arms manufacturers togheter consists of the largest single arms manufacturing sector in the European Union. Even larger than the might of the Empire of Tireria who comes in second. The other superpowers Belarum and the Sovietunion comes in sixth and seventh respectively. It is a sign of Imperial might. Said Censor Pompei Sextimus. We are proud to contribute to a safer Empire, but also a safer world. The right for countries to arm themselves to fend off foreign threats as well as domestic are vital for any modern nation. However most manufcaturers do no buissnes with military dictatorships, communists or other hazards to regional security. The quality are guaranteed by the arms manufacturers association (AMA) in cooperation with the Imperial government, to ensure the highest quality of weapons, often even above international standards. This is one of the main feats for Imperial arms manufacturers, no producation are outsourced outside the Empire as it's all a very high technology process, which requires the finest enginers found in the Empire itself. Said spokesperson for the AMA in a interview.