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    Inquista is once again delighted to be given the opportunity to host the EuroVoice contest here in our amazing city of Saint Dominico. Under the watchful eye of the outgoing EuroVoice Chair, Mr. Viante Stockseylius, the EuroVoice competition has soared to amazing heights and we, here at IBC, thank him for his service and contribution to Europe's most amazing contest. Last year we awarded Mr. Stockseylius with the Person of the Year Award at our annual IBC EuroVison Awards, but we do not think such an award can emphasize our gratitude enough.

    IBC has always been committed to producing and delivering great EuroVoice contests, such as EuroVoice XIX: Revenge & Redemption and EuroVoice XXII: Queens of Europe. A key to our success has been the implementation of fun and competitive themes. In order to shows our thanks to Mr. Stockseylius, we wish to host a contest with a theme he personally wanted to see, and one that has also been enthusiastically supported by the public.

    Get in your sleigh and get ready for EuroVoice XXVI: Jingle Bells!

    That's right, a Christmas and holiday themed EuroVoice competiton! All details will be revealed later once the competition begins. We hope to have EuroVoice XXVI: Jingle Bells scheduled for some time this December. See you then!

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    Ooc : yesssss

  • "I, Prince Tommy, believe this to be a great theme! As we all know, Christmas is a great time for saying "Ho ho ho" and when I next see Mikaela Klingenburg I will be sure to point at her and say "Ho ho ho" because she is one! Thanks for the theme xx - Tommy." A statement from the Royal Louisburg Street Residence.

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    "I do love the theme, Tommy! I'm not surprised you love it as well, considering you like it when packages are rammed down your chimney! Merry Holidays!"

    Mikaela Kligenberg

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