EuroParty Reform (MKII)

  • I, and the people of Poretos, feel we might as well give the Europarties a chance and hereby vote for Angleter's proposal.

  • Having attempted Europarty reform in the previous commission terms, Inimicus wholeheartedly and with full conviction votes for Angleter's proposal. However, I feel I should add that Europarty reform can only happen if nations actually make valuable contributions. Member states keep criticising the Commission for not doing enough; now, the Premier has actually proposed reforms and discussions about every major European institution, and now almost no input is given. In fairness, it reeks of hypocrisy.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Admin

    On behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, I vote FOR Councillor Stuart's proposal.

  • Admin

    On behalf of the Constitional Monarchy of Miraco, I vote FOR Councillor Stuart's proposal.

  • "Thanks Ralph." Eilidh Whiteford said.

  • Admin

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote [b]FOR[/b] Councillor Stuart's proposal.

  • Admin

    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR my proposal.

  • I, John Walters, vote FOR Cllr. Stuart's proposal.

  • On behalf of the Federation of Fremet, I vote FOR Councillor Stuart's proposal.

  • Councillor Stuart's proposal will be entered to be made law as it received 7 votes to 0.

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