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  • Scandinavia's Radio:

    Niko: Hi, this is Lars Niko Peterson and welcome to Scandinavia's Radio live from Stockholm. Today is probably the most busiest day of our show and our first. Alot of events have token place within the past week. So, I would like to get of with this show.

    Niko: First I would like in the news, we have airplanes in air? Yes, we have officially opened up our first EU airline into Turmanistan and according to "The People", the Folketing stated that they plan on opening more airlines in the future. Also, we would like to announce that the international travel hub that Framptonia spent millions on is finally finished. The Scudness International Travel Hub is complete and in operation. The Kalmaran government has requested the Framptonian government to add airlines going into Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo. Next up, is the Folketing going into the shadows or is it concealing its foreign policies from other nations? We shall answer that after the break.

    Niko: Welcome back to Scandinavia's radio. So just days ago, our new EU Councillor just requested recognition that we become a neutral state. So alot of people in Kalmar are new to the EU so let me just say what this means for our country and we will have a special guest explain more in depth and get some questions answered. So what neutrality means is by the name, we basically stay out of affairs not that we do such a great job of that. But hey, 'maybe' it is a great idea. But anyways, if the EU does approve of this which in my honest opinion, we will no doubt get approved, they will give us certain rights and duties that non-neutral nations do not. The two major right according to the European Constitution states that no nation shall declare war on us legally, and everyone in the EU will have to honor our declaration. But we generally have to stay out of wars completely and tighten military access laws . So I have been talking long enough, so let me introduce our guest, Parliament Member Alfred Thorsen to our show. So Alfred, I want to ask you this question first off, do you support this proposal and why?

    Alfred: Absolutely. I do support this cause and most of my colleagues understand why this is critical for Kalmar. Firstly, is slightly biased but it is the simple truth, these countries for far too long are being diplomatically demonizing us when we are about to make a major foreign choice. Secondly, not alot of people outside this country do not know how miserable it is here now. We are in a recession, alot of people lost their homes, their jobs, and even their family. Our unemployment rate has went up at an alarming rate from 11% to 20.67% that is twice as much that we started with and even if somemone's life was not affected directly the streets will always remind us what happend on the 23. of November. I is absolutely important that we are not shunned by the international community while we cope with this dark time in Kalmaran history, In fact, I would say that the 23. was the worst day in the modern history of Kalmar.

    Niko: Another question is do you think that the convention of Stockholm was an attack on Davishire or was it an approach to neutrality?

    Alfred: It was hard to say but I will say this. The convention did a bad job explaining its purpose and what it meant for the Scandinavian region. An alarming number of countries denounced us for announcing the convention of Stockholm. I think the convention was somewhat of an attack on Davishire a slightly a poltical way to slap Davishire back in the face because of the massacres that committed and the country. I understand this hatred especially since they took no precautions nor measures other than war. But, the main purpose was de facto trying to basically make a declatation of neutrality unless military activity was right next door. Which I thought was reasonable. But alot of Councillors saw this as exerting influence over our neighbors. But the convention of Stockholm was meant to preserve peace, not to invoke it.

    Niko: Next question, how is Kalmar going to take advantage of being neutral particularly in the Economic perspective?

    Alfred: Now if you look at the bare shell, it will not seem very different. But it will give us more diplomatic recognition which would mean more trade deals are likely. In fact, I do believe that Framptonian delegates are coming today to discuss more about it. Another benefit is we can cut our military spending to help restructure our economy. This is huge because the government is using alot of costs to provide some of the best quality government service in the EU. Another benefit is we will become more likable to more workers that will move here bolstering our economy. And more follow.

    Niko: Thanks you Parliament Member, Alfred Thorsen for joining us today on Scadinaiva's Radio. Next up, lets talk more about what exactly is going on today.

    Niko: Welcome back to Scandinavia's Radio and breaking news. The Framptonian delegates just arrived to Copenhagen as you can see at this livecam here. In case of anyone what the Framptonain delegates are doing today are to discuss more trade deals, and expand some schooling programs between our two nations. Hopefully, we can get ore visas to Framptonia shortly. But later, we will have to find out what success they will have next week.

    Niko: Next up, we have a intresting study that is about 5 days old. Most of you guys what to leave the European Union. Now when the referendum comes on the 2nd, will the the moment of truth. But just keep in mind what the European Union is about and consider what Kalmar's future will be like in the future. Honestly, I am prepared to leave the EU if the people feel that EU only brought Kalmar misfortune but I am willing to give the EU another chance. This is all we have for this show for this week and will see you on the next show on the 28th. This is Lars Niko Peterson

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  • Scandinavia's Radio:

    Niko: Hi, this is Lars Niko Peterson and welcome to Scandinavia's Radio live from Stockholm. Today, let us talk politics.

    Niko: I would like to start off giving some good news. In which the Framptonian diplomatic meeting was a true success. The Folketing says that it will now be easier to travel through Kalmar and Framptonia. Furthermore, more college programs have been put into place or the students in between our two nations. Visas also have been abolished between our two nations and now, only passports are necessary to enter Framptonia. So if you plan on going to the sun-drenched haven of Framptonia, you have luck among you. More Politics follows after the break.

    Niko: Welcome back to Scandinavia's radio. More good news follows for the unfortunate. The Folketing invest roughly 206 Million Kroner to give those who lost their homes, jobs, and/or family a good quality shelter and food for Christmas and new year. These shelters will serve as their home until construction is complete. There is also some tax burdens being given to shattered families. Another example of good will twords the families of Kalmar. In other news, did you know that festivities opened up for the new year? Well some say we should celebrate the new year with great festivities. Though we crashed down at the end of the year, government officials say that 2016 will be a glorious year for Kalmar as trade deals are bound to boom. Also, we will have our first example on the 4th of 8th of January of 2016 when the UK officials will arrive at Copenhagen to discuss re-establishing diplomatic ties. Kalmar has great optimism for 2016. And we will be back hopefully you having the same optimism.

    Niko: We are back. Today we have another interview. Before we get started however, I would like to tell what is going viral in Kalmaran politics. Snow has become a big problem with the roads and streets. Construction workers are everywhere and this is the highest record of snow in roughly 10 years in Kalmar. So I have brought the director and Minister of Infrastructure, Nathan Spineri. So what are the biggest challenges in this-mess?

    Nathan: Well, Niko there are several things we have challenges for. Traffic is a big problem especially for this time of year. Icy roads are not healthy for traffic, however traffic is not as bad as other countries I have heard. Luckily, with our excellent public transportation system, we have light traffic compared to others.Another problem that was brought up in the department just yesterday in fact, was the fact that our shipping is stuck. We did not expect the lakes and oceans to freeze in this fast, as a result our freight is stuck here in Kalmar and our warehouses are going to be appealing to mice and other rodents.

    Niko: I do not want to take up too much of your time, so I'll ask you one more question. What are some solutions that is in the works?

    Nathan: That is a good question, Niko. Currently we are encouraging people to take public transportation, which that was simple. We are sealing packages. Speaking of which we do not know what to do with the perishable packages. As a result, we are potentially losing money. So like you said, Niko we are still discussing solutions to these issues.

    Niko: Thank you for joining us Nathan on Scandinavia's radio. And we will be back for more news.

    Niko: Welcome back to Scandinavia's Radio. We will wrap up today's show with another headline. I think we all remember one of the worst events in the modern history of Kalmar with the destruction of the world trade center in Oslo. The Folketing announced just yesterday with great news. Reconstruction will begin on the forth of January. I will leave it there for you guys to make of it. Thank you guys for watching Scadinavia's radio come back next monday for more.

  • The Danish Harald

    Copenhagen Celebrates for 2016 and its Future.

    COPENHAGEN-- Copenhagen last night had the most colorful and eventful new years celebration that Kalmar has ever seen. Festivites were taking place all week since Monday and many people took work off this week to attend a lot of these festivities. The question is why are people so happy about 2016 like never before? The King of Kalmar was at the celebration last night to give a speech about 2016 quote : " A new era has arose. It was born out of the atrocities that took place within the mere collection of 12 months. I envision this era to promote unity, justice, freedom, and democracy". So what really is going on in 2016? Well on January the 4th and 8th, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland are coming to discuss reestablishing diplomatic ties. Furthermore, series and reforms in foreign policy and bills to rebuild our infrastructure has passed. The Kalmaran government is trying to organize a space program between all the northern nations to promote peace and friendship between the handful and nations.

    Many say that 2016 will be the year of recovery and a time for Europe to recuperate. Fairly said, political scientists suggests that this is the year were trade deals will boom in Kalmar and in many other places. Economics will be more stable. However Kalmar is still in a recession and some banks in Kalmar have crashed. The recession is believed to be short and be over by the time it is constitution day. Kalmar's path is open upon our actions in 2016. Many feel that this in contarary will be a good year.

  • Scandinavia's Radio was not broadcasted due to compicated conditions. This show will be produced next week.

  • The Danish Herald

    Kalmaran and British delegates truly make peace.

    COPENHAGEN-- The Kalmaran summit at Amleinborg Palace held at the 4th and this Morning was quoted by the Prime Minister, "A success that will be held in Memory". This week was a big week for the Kalmaran diplomats. Not only did they acheive reestablishing diplomatic ties, but they also stated some stepping stones for trade deals in the future. Prime Minister, Loekke Rasmussen stated " Today is a historic day for the historical friendship and our two nations and for Kalmar". With fanfare and literally cheering of the Kalmaran people to be truly at peace with an old friend has a big event this year.


    The 4th and one of the most influential politician in the Folketing has protested and warned to the Folketing that the diplomatic state of the nation was poor and the international community was treating Kalmar unjustly. Furthermore, he criticized the International community saying " For far too long I fear, Davishire among other nation have been living in a fairy tale". So it seems Kalmar in 2016 has some work to do with the rebuilding, stabilizing the economy out of the recession, and appealing to other nation for the health of their Diplomatic Reputation.

  • The Danish Harald

    The Prime Minister publicly announced preparations to seceed The European Union.

    BERGENHUS-- Prime Minister, Løkke Rasmussen on his visit to Begenhus Norway made a speech announcing that Kalmar on the 18th of January will begin to gradually break ties with the European Union as an entity. He claims that the Kalmaran government has not yet planned for it to be permanent. But the secession will be for the quote " The demtration of the political faliure, discord, and dishonesty of the European Union has led to the belief of the people that only the silence and lack of action of Kalmar will only lead to its diplomatic failure and!later distinction. With many efforts to attempt to deflate situations and failed, these collection of Nation States have shown that they have no interest uniting, protecting the rights of citizens of Europe, nor showing solidarity with justice for shall the strong harm the weak. This Union is not beneficial for Kalmar and as a result and as the Chief in Command, the right thing to do is to leave this institution for the welfare of the people of Kalmar." Many believe this speech was in response to the near riot of Gothenburg protesting the disicion to maintain in the Union premis.

    Nazi uprising in Kexholm:

    On January 11th, A Nazi uprising against the Kalmaran government caused numerous severe injuries and two deaths. The Kalmaran government at first ignored the rally until the uprising turned into a massacre. Many people including eyewitnesses claim the Kalmaran government did little to defuse situation. Ethnic and Reliegous Hebrews were advised to leave Kexholm until the situation was resolved. The victims claim that they were well housed when In refuge from Kexholm. The Nazi rally leader on the 13th was later arrested for manslaughter and starting and violent scene. However, his name will not be revealed.

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