Manifesto of the C.P.E.U.

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    Political Manifesto
    of the Communist Party of the European Union

    The goals, functionalities and aims of the Communist Party for the future
    _"The powers of Socialism have long assisted the poor and the weak, distributing accessible services, education and healthcare inside the Soviet Union and so many other socialist states; our economy has grown, our people have grown strong and happy, free and deciding for their own. This is not, though, the case for many other countries; other political entities globally, of every aspect of the political spectrum, are suffering under the poverty and the neo-colonialism issued by the imperialistic powers of capitalism, which put financial gain above all else. The Soviet Union has been a natural enemy of this status ever since its appearence as the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1917, putting an end to the feudalistic and oppressive powers of the Tsars and the Mensheviks.

    We have endured poverty, civil war, famine, lack of international recognition and aid, being left to ourselves by the rest of the world expecting to collapse on ourselves; the forces of socialism though are triumphant, having managed to turn this state into a global economic, political and military power. We do not want more countries to suffer like this, drawn into multiple civil conflicts, more poverty, more death and oppression; the creation of the Communist Party of the European Union is but the first step towards a new world order, in which equality, freedom and stability will reign, supported by economic and political stability.

    The creation of this Party is not an attempt to dominate the world's political spectrum, as the enemies of Socialism will attempt and claim from every edge of the globe; it is an attempt to put an end to the oppression and exploitation began by them, through peaceful and diplomatic means before violence would commence. It is an attempt to put an end to nuclear proliferation, the construction of new weapons of mass destruction, and whatever else could destroy this world we live in, in any aspect. The Communist Party of the European Union has four goals set: equality, peace, freedom, and stability."_

    Irina Mikhailovna Nevskaya
    General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
    Premier of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    A socialist society
    The Communist Party of the European Union supports and believes in a socialist society solving the problems of the Union; this, unlike what capitalist propaganda might suggest, does not at all rule out the possibility of personal property and private initiatives in the economy. Our goals begin with free education, healthcare and transportation for all citizens of all countries of the European Union, involving a well-maintained and nationalized system of each section, rendering high-quality services accessible for even the poorest.

    Government transportation should be free in urban and rural centres, as well as places within a short range from them; as well as easily affordable by everyone when it comes to visiting a distant location, such as beginning from London and wishing to go to Venice by car. Additionally, such initiatives would be good for the environment, considering that a well-maintained and organized transportation system will cut down the need for automobiles.

    Nationalized healthcare is something non-negotiable for several political entities already. For too long the proletariat has been unable to afford several layers of healthcare, due to the privatized systems of several countries such as the United States and Greece. Healthcare, to prevent private interest from taking over and make the systems malfunctioned, should be at the hands of the state; the state, in turn, should be bound to maintain the system free and well, and root corruption out whenever it might appear, wherever it might be.

    Education should be provided for free, being compulsory for at least twelve years from the beginning of elementary school to the end of high school, followed by university or other equal schooling, also provided for free by the state to the students. The system should be organized not just to provide workers for the corporations and the state: it should be organized to make good, intelligent citizens of the future, with lack of ignorance and with participation in commons. Additionally, education should work to provide the strudents with poaths both acceptable to themselves and beneficial to a country's economy: no more excess doctors, lack of plummers, or whatever else keeps appearing in the world of capitalism, because of the bad informing and education system these country possess!

    The basic means of production, including agriculture and industry, should belong to noone other than the people, serving them and functioning using them. As such, we believe in organizing these sections of the economy using councils full of qualified persons to run each industry or field, providing all workers and farmers good insurance and payments, decent working hours, and good initiatives to work. Corporations, if existing in a country, are not ruled out; they can, in turn, 'rent' the functioning of an industry or field, paying the workers instead of the state, and getting what the factory produces normally. Private initiatives, such nas donating money to be invested in a specific goal, or taking part in programmes to benefit the economy, are also planned; a market full of competition and goods is welcome, as it benefits the state and the people alike.

    The services sector should be open to private initiatives such as private enterprise; the cafeteria of the street corner, the company investing in the town's chair factory and selling them in distant lands, and whatever else fits in the sector. The presence of private, well-kept enterprise enhances economic activity, and with the presence of suitable laws, assures that the copmanies and corporations are not going to cause economic or social harm such as outsourcing, which leaves thousands unemployed.

    Unemployment shall be battered, with the enhancement of the system that combats it, and introduction of new jobs depending on the country's needs. In the Soviet Union, this happens with the military's construction batallions and civil service of conscientious objectors; these fields already include several millions, making the country one with the lowest unemployment in the world. Similar moves, depending on each country's needs, can also take place abroad that nation.

    Science and technology will be developed, using programmes that involve the participation of multiple countries; for instance, a space programme in which the Soviet Union assists with the launch platforms, another country putting the electronics, another putting the launch vehicles, and so on; ending up in a big, strongly connected puzzle that functions well and fairly for all sides, preventing abuse for capitalist and imperialistic purposes.

    Equality is something most important; it is estimated that women get ten percent lower salaries than men, for instance, and it is well known that they are not given equal chances in the society. This can be fought through the education system, as well as legislations guarranteeing the wages of male and female employees being equal in private enterprise; in public enterprise, this can be acheived by the country simply submitting to this very same legislation. The state can provide centers for the free keeping of children as their mothers work, allowing women to combine career and parentship.

    Everyone is entitled strong and good pension, allowing him or her to function well in his last years of life. For those who need it, healthcare will be able to provide medication even at the homes of those who need it; the state should work to give them smooth old age, with access to their children and grandchildren, no economic troubles, and being far from freezing to death due to the lack of money to buy heating.

    In several countries, housing is a problem; many poor exist, many without a home. For those who fell there due to their acts, there shall always be the path of rehabilitation and gradually inserting them back to society; for those of no other choice, the government shall build apartment blocks of decent size and fully furnished, with a low rent for the citizens paid together with their taxes.

    The political front
    This is a point where capitalist and imperialist propaganda give and take, rumouring that a socialist state can only be achieved through a dictatorship. We are here to deny this. We support a free state with many political entities if the population choses to do so, in any case allowing all beliefs to be represented. The Soviet Union is a good example; although the CPSU is the only political entity, the election system is organized as such to vote for candidates for each position, each one qualified to guarrantee his ability to run, and not restrained due to his political beliefs. There have been the times when non-communist candidates have been elected in several positions.

    We support the right of all people to form political parties, and oppose the banning of political parties for their beliefs or acts, unless those acts directly work against the people through acts of blatant terrorism: from conservatives and nazis to socialist and anarchist, everyone has a right to form political entities, syndicates, concentrate and discuss their views, attempt to project them to the public, and get elected. Everyone has a right to elect. Supporting Universal and Equal election rights at the age of 18, independant of factors such as sex, race or belief, we encourage the active participation of citizens of all ages in politics.

    We support the right of workers to form syndicates and protest or strike to support their rights, if the government opposes those. All citizens of all nations have the right to protest and strike, seek refuge from political prosecution, as well as voice their opinion about the government and criticize it in a healthy manner, seeking its improvement.

    As a party pushing ahead the interests of the working class, the proletariate and the peasantry, the Communist Party of the European Union is open to all political parties and entities that have similar goals, including but not being limited at; Communist Parties, Socialist Parties, Labour Parties, Workers Parties, Agrarian Parties, and more. We are against nationalism and racism, and we will work to combat this with all our powers; after all, the Union we all belong at is not the only Union with so many nationalities and religions.

    Communist Party of the European Union
    The voice of the people!

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    Updated 1 June 2006.

    On a further note, please take a look and read, specifically under Membership. I find it dumb that countries form regional political parties, and in this Manifesto I support local political entities forming greater, regional ones. Everyone is welcome to have their Communist or Socialist parties join this coalition, after all these parties do not represent Governments but Parties instead. Let's put an end to this illogical sequence.