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    January 12, 2016

    18:00 Fremet Central Time (UTC +2)

    DM: Hello and welcome to NPR News in Trondheim. I'm your host Dave Mattingly.

    SY: And I'm Steve Yomato.

    DM: Tonight: the Fremetian Parliament voted today on reform of Fremet's national bank, A massive power-outage caused by a failure at the Northern Territory's Droughtmont Coal Power Station, and the upcoming referendum of Fremet's membership in the European Union. We start with our parliamentary news correspondent, Stephany Hawk.

    SH: Guten Abend. Today, the Fremetian Parliament voted in a joint session of both houses on reform of the Fremetian National Bank and the Finance Ministry. Most of the debate centralized around the debasing of our national currency off of the Dollar.

    DM: Stephany, why would Fremet change our currency?

    SH: You see Dave, the current Fremetian Dollar was only a temporary fix, created during the emergency economic reforms to replace the Frem during the last financial crisis to stabilize our national bank.

    SH: Fremet's previous currency, the Frem, is a known dead currency, and it would be foolish to go back to a failed currency and monetary structure. The origional plan was for Fremet to have the Fremetian Dollar for a short time and then switch to the Euro, but with the recent collapse of the Eurozone, Parliament must make a new plan, and that plan of action is what is being discussed today and voted upon tomorrow.

    DM: Thank you Stephanie.

    SY: And we should have the results from parliament tomorrow.

    DM: Yesterday, a massive power-outage at the Droughtmont Power Station in northern Fremet left over 25% of Fremetians without power. Power was restored when Fremet's emergency power network was brought online. Droughtmont is the last remaining fossil fuel power station in the Federation of Fremet. The facility is massive, with a maximum installed coal-fired capacity of 5,500 MW, distributed among 4 generation units. Calls for the plants closure have been brought up many times before, but this may be the "last straw". The outage was caused by a failure of the water distribution system, preventing the heating of water to create steam for power generation. With Fremet's power network coming up for reveiw next week in parliament, this stations days are numbered.

    SY: Now we move on to our final topic for the evening, Fremet's upcoming referendum for its membership in the European Union. Polls are projecting a 62% vote in favour of remaining in the EU. The referendum will occur on the first of February.

    DM: And that's all we have for tonight, I thank you all for tuning in and we will see you all next time on NPR News.

    Announcer: NPR News is brought to you in part by the Fremet News Centre, the David R. Boey Trust, and Fremet Aerospace-- "A great leap Foreward"

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  • Fremetian Currency Reform

    Following a long debate in the Fremetian Parliament and a week-long referendum, the Federation of Fremet will be changing its currency to the..........

    Franc! The Franc (symbol: ₣) will become Fremet's official currency and all monetary actions will be done in Francs, effective immediately. Conversion of currency will occur as follows: All digital currency will be converted automatically, and all physical money is to be turned in by 1 April, 2016, at an exchange rate of 1:1. The Fremetian government is excited with this new beginning of the monetary policy of Fremet.

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  • NPR Nightly News in Trondheim Fremet

    January 23, 2016

    18:00 Fremet Central Time (UTC +2)

    DM: Hello and welcome to NPR News in Trondheim. I'm your host Dave Mattingly.

    SY: And I'm Steve Yomato.

    DM: Tonight: Fremetian Parliamentary Elections January 30, new nationwide fibre internet network, and the results of the EU membership referendum.

    SY: We start with the upcoming parliamentary elections, let's go to our Parliament News Correspondant, Stephany Hawk.

    SH: Thanks Steve, the Parliamentary elections are coming up and half of the seats are up for grabs. So far, it appears that the Conservative Party may maintain their majority, but not a landslide one like last time. The Liberal Party and the National Socialist Party are projected to get seats. If the NSP gets a seat, it will be it's first seat in over 25 years. That's all we have at the moment Dave.

    DM: And the Parliamentary Elections are, again, occurring on January 24th. Next we go to Steve Yomato with news on a new national high speed fibre network.

    SY: Yes Dave, today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broke ground on a nationalized fibre network. Capable of hitting speeds of up to 3 gbps upload and download, this new network will provide world-class internet speeds to every citizen of Fremet. The new network is being paid by a new "internet tax" which, when the network is completed, will be all you need to pay for internet access. It is expected to launch simultaneously, nationwide, at midnight March 30th.

    DM: Next this evening, we have the results of Fremet's referendum on EU membership. For the results, we go to our EU correspondent Hank Fisher.

    HF: The results are in, and Fremet will stay in the European Union, with the vote of 78% in favour, 20% against, and 2% abstaining. Voter turnout was a groundbreaking 97%.

    DM: Well, that's all the time we have for tonight. Your nightly quote: “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” -by: Alan Moore. Our show was cut short tonight for the premiere of "The Blacklist." I thank you all. Be safe. Be vigilant. Goodnight Fremet.

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  • Parliamentary Election Results

    National Parliament Building, Trondheim, Fremet

    Fremetian Parliament Building in Trondheim

    Today, the people of Fremet held their four-month elections for the Fremetian Parliament. Voter turnout was an acceptable 73%.

    Out of 100 seats in the Senate,

    54 went to the Conservative Party, the Labour Party received 31 seats, the Green Party received 13 seats, and the National Socialist Party received 2 seats.

    Out of 350 seats in the General Assembly,

    186 went to the Conservative Party, the Labour Party received 124, the Green Party Received 39 seats, and the National Socialist Party Received 1 seat.

    Nikki Haley, a Conservative herself, has her elections approaching next month.

    The new government will meet in the National Parliamentary Building for a Joint-Assembly Meeting tomorrow to begin this new session.

  • Ôst speaking at a symposium in Europolis

    EU Councillor Benito Ôst Arrested Amid Corruption Charges

    TRONDHEIM- Today, at 17:30 Fremet Standard Time (UTC +2), the Fremetian councillor to the EU has been arrested amid corruption charges. Authorities believe that Benito has been taking bribes to sway his decision making for at least 25 years of his career. The Fremetian Prime Minister, Nikki Haley, denies any connection to this, and she has sent a temporary liaison to handle affairs in Europolis. Ôst is believed to have taken bribes from companies and government officials throughout the European Union, totaling over 2.000.000₣ in bribes. Original suspicions began when Ôst abstained from voting on the Councillor Accountability and Democracy Act II, an act that he expressed upmost support for. It is unsettling that his endeavours took so long to come into light, and this news agency believes that this is only the beginning. The temporary EU councillor is Antonio Göransson.


  • Prime Minister Nikki Haley Reelected

    TRONDHEIM- After a full day of voting, the results are in and Nikki Haley will remain Prime Minister of the Federation of Fremet. Parliament met today to approve her new cabinet appointments, and the final appointments are as follows:

    Deputy Prime Minister:

    Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

    Minister for Foreign Affairs:

    Justin Trudeau

    Minister of Defense:

    Jürgen Stark

    Minister of Commerce:

    Mimi Kodheli

    Minister of Health:

    Mehmet Müezzinoğlu

    Minister of Education:

    Vincent Peillon

    Minister of Infrastructure:

    Don Johnson

    Minister of the Interior:

    Sally Jewell

    Fremetian Councillor to the EU:

    Charles Michel

  • King Gustaf III Ascends to Throne

    TRONDHEIM - King Gustaf III of Fremet was coronated at the Imperial Palace in Trondheim today. He ascends to the throne as King Torchia VII abdicates due to his failing health. On his coronation speech he said he will "strive to maintain a stable government....... maintain equal representation in parliament....... and..... to bettre foreign relations with Fremet's neighbours-- both close and distant." His Royal Highness is expected to meet with Nicoleizian Queen Anastasia in the coming week.

  • Palace at Palemu

    TRONDHEIM - His Majesty the King Gustaf III of Fremet heads to the imperial palace in southern Palemu today to view the construction of Fremet's new Hypersonic Missile Defense System. The Ministry of Imperial Affairs said today that he will remain in Palemu for the next few days, and will afterward head to the Palace on Napoli Coast to meet with Nicoleizian Queen Anastasia on Thursday. The meeting will be the first meeting of the Nicoleizian and Fremetian royal families in over 300 years.

  • Fremetian Foreign Affairs Ministry Places Travel Ban on Inimicus

    TRONDHEIM - Toay, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs placed a ban on all travel to and from Inimicus. The Foreign Affairs Ministry also announced that they are ordering for Fremetian citizens in Inimicus leave the country. The ban comes as increased tensions between political factions in Inimicus have resulted in outright violence. A MoFA spokesperson said, "We are concerned with the crisis in Inimicus escalating into a full scale Civil War. We ask that all citizens leave the nation, and if you cannot leave, please come to the Fremetian Embassy in Telum for us to provide to with transportation back to Fremet. Thank You"

    UPDATE: The Department for Homeland Security has raised the terror alert level in Inimicus to RED: Threat Immenent.

    UPDATE: The threat in Inimicus has subsided, and relations have been normalised. All previous travel bans or other border restrictions have been lifted. the terror alert level has been lowered to WHITE: Threat Recently Subsided.

    UPDATE: The terror alert level for Inimicus has been lowered to GREEN: No Activity Reported.

  • Winter Summit in Deadlock

    TRESMAN - The economic summit being held at Tresman castle in the mountains of the south is in deadlock. Little progress has been made after PM Nikki Haley proposed her new long-term economic plan for a trade bloc in the European Union. Little in the way of negotiating has occurred and this news agency fears that nothing will come of the summit except a massive waste of time and resources. Earlier this week, the PM had to return to Trondheim to run the government, and she left the Foreign Minister, Justin Trudeau, as the head of the Fremetian delegation at the summit. This summit has nations from all over the EU in attendance, and it is imperative to both Fremet's diplomatic reputation and her economy that a consensus of some sort is met at the summit.

  • 1 FRANC

    Norwegian Minority Protests in Trondheim

    TRONDHEIM - Today, protesters a part of the Norwegian Minority group are calling for the government to recognise Norwegian as an official language.

    The movement, known as "Freit Norge" has grown in popularity in areas with a large Norwegian population. The percentage of Fremetian citizens who are of Norwegian descent has reached a peak of over 20%, making them the third largest minority group in Fremet, only just behind the Italian minority group of whom makes up over 36% of Fremet's population.

    The group has seen stark resistance, however, as the current majority group in Fremet, German, has only a small majority of about 42%. T

    hese statistics are coming up for update this week, when the Royal Census Bureau releases the 2016 Census Report™. A demographic analyst from NPR told us this morning: "I think that they are testing the waters before the census release. The Census Bureau said that this next report will bring some major changes to the demographics of Fremet, and I believe these protesters know that they may not be minority much longer. The last census was over 10 years ago, and a demographic census hasn't been taken for over 25 years. What we think we know is simply based off of projections from a report that is nearing 30 years old. I can tell you that, just from experience, the Italian minority in Fremet has shrunk dramatically, and it is highly likely that the German population has seen major drops in large population centres such as Trondheim or Rhodenheim."

    The protesters in Trondheim are calling for parliament to remove English as an official language and replace it with Norwegian. The native English-speaking minority in Fremet is nearly non-existent, as the people who speak English natively have been changed by living here in Fremet and through a kind of "culture change."

    The Prime Minister, currently away in London, has called upon parliament to hold an emergency meeting before these protests become violent. It is the general fear that as summer approaches, the heat will cause some people to "get a little rowdy" according to Rhodenheim Chief of Police Sonja Poljeen. As the report release day approaches, the protesters wait to see if their hunch is true.

    The protesters say that if the Norwegian minority in Fremet either shrinks or remains the same as a percentage of total population, they will cease their protests. They also said that if the total Norwegian as in percentage of population grows, they will fight to have their language recognised by the Federal and Royal Governments. The report is scheduled for release Monday, 14 March.

  • Fremetian Parliament Building in Trondheim

    Fremet to Redefine Itself as a Kingdom?

    TRONDHEIM - Today, the Fremetian parliament voted to bring a referendum to the Fremetian populace upon restructuring the current federalist government into a unitary state. The referendum is to be held over the course of next week, beginning Sunday, 12 March, and ending Wednesday, 16 March.

    The referendum comes as calls from the Fremetian populace to reinstate the Kingdom of Fremet, which disbanded into the current federation in 1955.

    Current polls show a 68% in favour of reinstating the kingdom, which surpasses the 65% required by the Fremetian constitution to reestablish the Kingdom.

    We will be providing daily news updates as the referendum progresses.

    This referendum is extremely important to the inner-workings of the Federation of Fremet and is imperative that her people make this choice.

  • Census Bureau HQ in Trondheim

    Language Census' Results Shake Fremet

    TRONDHEIM- Today, the Fremetian Census Bureau released their report upon language demographics in Fremet. The results were announced at a press conference at their headquarters in Trondheim. And here they are:


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  • Norwegian-Speaking Fremetians Celebrate in the Streets of Trondheim

    Parliament Votes to Replace English with Norwegian as an Official Language of Fremet

    TRONDHEIM - Today, parliament voted unanimously to replace English with Norwegian as official language of Fremet. Both forms of the written language have been recognised– Bokmål and Nynorsk. The reform comes as new census reports show a major Norwegian-speaking people in Fremet, nearly outnumbering the German majority group. Protests turned into parades and celebrating, as Norwegian-speakers all over Fremet celebrate their victory. This is truly happy day for Fremet and her people– especially the Norwegian ones.


    TRONDHEIM - The referendum is over and the results are in..... The Federation of Fremet's referendum has ended in the following results: 86% in favour of forming a kingdom, 12% against, and 2% simply not voting. Prime Minister Nikki Haley announced,

    "Today Fremet joins a group of nations that truly recognise their monarch in government. Since 1955, Fremet has been defined as a Federation. Our king had no power, not even ceremonial. So as of now, affective immediately, Fremet is to be classified as a kingdom. Our official name shall be the Kingdom of Fremet. Parliament will be rearranged to a Westminster-style of government and all government departments shall be grandfathered in with the new government structure. The current government shall remain intact and our positions shall be transferred into the new government. Come this May, when the next elections are scheduled, you will go to vote to fill the remaining seats in our Parliament. I do have some name changes to go over with you....

    In the military: the Federal Army will now have the new name of the Royal Army, the Federal Navy shall bear the name Royal Navy, the Federal Air Force shall now be classified as the Royal Air Force, and the Federal Coast Guard shall be changed to the Royal Coast Guard. ............................... ((OOC: I will post a full list of government departments and government structure in my factbook))

    I know this change is a big one, and I ask that our European counterparts respect Fremet and her sovereignty during this time of great change. Thank You, and Good Night"

    The changes are expected to be completed by the end of the week as the government has already been making preparations for such a change. This is a crucial turning point in Fremetian politics, where we are embracing our history that so many have forgotten. This is truly a new chapter in Fremet, and I pray that this will be an even brighter one.

  • Eni Refinery B in Rodenheim. Petrol and other refined oil products are also going to be exported to neighbouring nations.

    Fremetian State-Owned Oil Company Eni to Begin Exports

    POTENZA- Today, Fremetian state-owned oil company Eni announced that they would begin exportation of crude oil and other refined oil commodities today.

    A company spokesperson said, "We are delighted to announce the commencing of oil exportation from Fremet." Eni was founded in 2014 as oil reserves in Fremet were discovered. Production continues to increase to this day, and production is expected to continue to increase with greater demand. Originally, oil exportation was prohibited by the Fremetian government, but fears of an economic slowdown have coaxed politicians to recant the prohibition. The company plans to export refined oil products in addition to standard crude. Eni has acquired a small fleet of oil tankers less than one month ago in preparation to immediately begin exports.

    CEO Thomas Lowery has stated "With Fremet's crude oil consumption at an all time low, and our production at an all time high, it makes perfect sense that the government permits us to export our oil surplus. And, I am proud to announce that the first shipment of crude oil is leaving Rhodenheim Harbour as I speak."

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