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  • The Norland Offshore Wind Power Plant is expected to triple in size as a result of the new legislation.

    Parliament Passes Major Renewable Energy Legislation

    TRONDHEIM- Today, parliament enacted a new mandate that requires that 60% of Fremet's energy be produced via renewable means by 2018. The mandate also effectively doubles the Ministry of Energy's funding in order to take on this major project. Another mandate passed called for Fremet to be entirely renewably powered by 2020, only using fossil fuels to power vehicles and various other machinery. The project is expected to cost in the tens of billions of Francs, and plans are expected to be released by the MoE by the end of the month. Angela Merkel, Fremet's PM has said this is bringing forth a new era and said, "If we can provide an example for our European counterparts to follow, we can ensure a better world for our descendants.

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  • Merkel Speaking to Fremetian Parliament

    Merkel Pledges to Keep Capital Punishment Illegal in Fremet

    "It is the duty of this government to maintain the Fremetian constitution, and by the Fremetian constitution capital punishment is illegal and is labelled as cruel and inhumane. I stand with the Fremetian Constitution. And I pledge that Capital Punishment will remain illegal as long as I hold this office."

    The statement comes as Merkel herself announced to the Fremetian Parliament the repeal of the Capital Punishment Act from EU Law. The repeal came as a shock to many Fremetians, and politicians are expressing concerns over recent developments in Europe.

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  • Parliament Whilst in Session Earlier Today

    Fremetian Parliament Votes to Accept 150,000 DK Migrant Refugees

    TRONDHEIM- Today, the Fremetian parliament voted unanimously to bring to pass a motion to allow 150,000 migrants into Fremet. The act secures social funding for the refugees and allows the Ministry of Interior Affairs to begin preparation to bring these migrants into Fremet.

    A temporary settlement facility has been set up in the southern province of Potenza, on the Pravoslaviyan border. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs gave reasoning for the location, "We have chosen this particular area in Potenza due to its low population density and its proximity to one of Fremet's largest airbases. We believe this is the most ideal location to begin the long process of migrant integration. The Interior Ministry will also be working closely with the Defence Ministry to guarantee that no migrant crosses the border into Pravoslaviya."

    The facility is already operational and migrants are to begin settlement there by the end of the week. The Ministry of Interior Affairs has stated that migrants will spend no more than three months in this temporary settlement facility before being integrated.

    Parliament will be holding a midnight session tonight to address recent aggression by the Pravoslaviyan government towards migrants and to vote on taking in even more refugees.

  • Defense Ministry Requests New Funding to Maintain Fremet's Defensive Readiness

    TRONDHEIM- A Ministry of Defense Spokesperson speaking before parliament today urged Fremetian lawmakers to expand Fremet's tight defense budget.

    "We must always be ready to defend our homeland, and now, I am sorry to say that we cannot adequately defend the Kingdom." The spokesperson went on to discuss further expansions of Fremet's missile defense network, and pressed parliament for more funding to continue development of military technology.

    Military analysts that, without an infusion of new cash into the defense budget, the Royal Air Force will have to reduce its operations by 80% in five years due to lack of equipment and lack of funds for general maintenance. The Royal Navy is in a similar situation. Over half of the fleet sits in mothballs at the Palermo Naval Dockyard. The Royal Army has cut its operational units by 30% and is expecting further cuts to curtail rising equipment costs.

    The Bundestag, after the MoD's statements, voted in favour of an increase in funding, though the amount of such an increase must still be debated. Until then, we must hope the world remains at peace with Fremet.

  • Bundestag Votes to Increase Military Spending Two-Fold

    TRONDHEIM- Today, the Bundestag voted to double Fremetian Military Spending over the next five years. The National Budget Office reports that the funds will be taken from the surplus in the budget, and a new tax on petroleum (₣0,14/Litre). The Motion will move on to the House of Lords for reveiw.

    If the House of Lords approves the new military budget and tax to assist in payment, the Ministry of Defense says they have already formulated plans for the new funding.

    The Budget Office's Overwatch Commitee has, however, cited concerns over if a new petrol tax could make up for the shortage of funds. A Parliamentary decree from 1892 prevents the national governement from running over a 5% deficit in times of peace. If adequeate funding cannot be secured, an emergency session will need to be held to decide which programs will lose funding.

  • Communist Protests in Palermo; Mass Unrest Accross Potenza Province

    PALERMO- Members of the Fremetian Communist Party and others joined in protests against the Fremetian government today in the Potenza capital of Palermo. The chanted slogans calling for the arrest of Fremetian top officials and the dissolution of Fremet's free-market economy.

    "Potenza has always been a hotbed for unrest and communist sympathies. The local economy is highly reliant on oil production and farming, and has never truly developed for the modern age. These protests are as a result of our trying to introduce new stimulus into local service and non-production jobs. I suspect these protests will die down pretty quickly..." says Potan Ostman, Mayor of Palermo.

    Jeremy Corbychov, head of the Fremetian Communist Party disagrees, "This is our moment-- our moment to rise above the filthy laissez-faire capitalists in our government, a moment to cast aside our ancient monarchy and look forward to a new future, a red future where all men and women contribute to their ability and receive to their needs. WE SHALL PREVAIL!"

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