Kalmar adresses the ENAA

  • To the representatives of European Member States:

    Framptonia earlier this week declared that the ENNA was not legitiment. It has come to the intention of Kalmar that while the ENNA was founded for benevolent intentions, it is also of need of reform. Many nations may have said the same issue that we will address today. Today Kalmar would be anxious to address that the very concept and reality of the ENNA having permanent members in the council is not effective and demotrates moderate degrees of favotism within the crucial system in the European Union. I have also been instructed to anounce that Kalmar is calling for a reform to this Council. We wish to stay in friendly terms with all nations in the EU if possible, furthermore the Perement members would remain in the Council until this term is finished. The Kalmaran people feel that a handful of Nations should not have permanent status for reasons unknown to Kalmar. We believe if they are fit to stay in the council, then the voters will keep them into the council.

    We understand the accomplishments that these group of nations done. We applaud their works however they should treated like all other member states. The Kalmaran people simply ask merely for fair, and equal treatment to all nations.

  • The Duxburian Union, Angleter, the UK and indeed the Twelve Commonwealths have gained permanent member status as they are the leading, and currently the only, major powers in the EU that have nuclear deterrents. It is not favoritism, simply a statement of fact. Indeed, the Nuclear Proliferation Act, which governs the ENAA, was amended in the last month or so, an amendment which added both Halsberg and the UK to the permanent members' ranks. If there was widespread enmity to the idea of permanent and elected members, the Council wouldn't have passed the amendment.

    Kalmar is welcome though to open up a Council debate on reform of the ENAA, if it so chooses.

  • The Kalmaran government has intructed me to renounce this proposal amoung other unresolved issues in the past.

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