Fremet Missile Defense Test

  • Fremet Conducts Hypersonic Missile Defense Test

    TRONDHEIM- Today, Fremet ran the first of a series of hyper sonic missile tests to occur in the months of January and February. This new system has been in development of the Fremetian Ministry of Defense's Air Defense Agency for some time now and is just now hitting the public spotlight. A Defense Ministry spokesman said the test was successful and that they look ahead to more tests in the future. "This defense network is the next generation of missile defense systems and it will put Fremet at the forefront of missile defense capabilities," said the spokesman. The missile defense is designed to defend against both conventional and nuclear ballistic missiles. The system may soon be adapted to defend against aircraft as well. As nations continue to develop their nuclear arsenals and with the new-found fire in Europe, this new defense system is absolutely necessary in order to protect Fremetian sovereignty. The defense network is expected to be operational by late March or early April.

  • POTENZA- The second bout of hypersonic missile defense tests began today, the Fremetian Defense Ministry said. The tests come as the Fremetian government prepares for the implementation of this new system next month. These tests are to finalize production data and to begin testing for use against aircraft. These tests are being carried out in the Potenza District in southern Fremet. Tests are expected to conclude February 17th, in time for Leap Year celebrations in Fremet. Deployment of the new system will be completed by February 24th. More information will come once the deployment is completed and the MoD releases an official statement.

  • RHODENHEIM- The MoD announced today that the testing stage is completed and that the Defense Ministry is already installing the system throughout the nation. Each unit costs 50 million Francs, and it is estimated that Fremet will need 100 to create a viable defense apparatus. The system is to go operational in the coming weeks. Details are to be released soon upon the specifications of the system.

  • Fremet Completes Tests and Activates New Defense Network

    RHODENHEIM - Today, the MoD announced that tests of Fremet's Hypersonic Missile Defense network have been completed and the system was activated today. Capable of stopping nearly every air attack that can be sent upon Fremet, this is a major leap forward in the defense of the nation. The system's stats are classified, though we can confirm that each unit costs around 50 million Francs.

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