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    Irina sighed, frowing but for a second before she spoke. "Mr. Vaughn, may I remind you that the U.S.S.R. called for both the disbanding of the E.T.O. as well as the creation of a regional defence force to replace it, in order to cover the faulty and risky aspects of that renegade organisation. Our Commissioner and representative to the European Parliament, Comrade Kirov, has already included this point in the proposals he recently submitted for discussion" she said. Hoping that the Aesop Rocks representative would understand that this was an answer to his points, she moved on to the points made by the Italian monarch.

    "Mr. Cristoforo Vincenzo, I believe that most, if not all of your questions have already been addressed, some even before you made them" the young Soviet woman said. "The fact is that the E.T.O. does not like us, and we do not like the E.T.O., even before it was officially formed. For too long, E.T.O. members and the U.S.S.R. have exchanged poisonous words, and once, a few days before the announcement concerning the creation of your alliance was made, one of the founders of the E.T.O. threatened my country with war not with words, but with acts; then, the European Treaty Organisation was presented as a 'counter to the Soviet threat' that supposedly arose from the Trieran military mobilisation. Even if the U.S.S.R. was not the first to mobilise, and definitely initiated no complete mobilisation whatsoever."

    Having not finished her explainations, the Soviet Premier dried her glass of water by drinking it all, and as her secretary refilled it, she continued. "**I am a pacifist, and so are many members of my cabinet, but I think it is both obvious and expected that we are not idiots. The next time we are threatened with war by the E.T.O., depending on the circumstances, missiles and shells might as well start flying; we know this for granted, whether the first attack is from a Soviet or a Capitalist division, regiment, or squadron. A pacifist is not someone who ducks in the prospect of war, that one is a coward; a pacifist is someone who tries to prevent it altogether.

    Because we do not want to see the loss of innocent foreign and Soviet lives, we thus come here to discuss, even though we have been continuously slurred on national, governmental, and even personal level. We come here to discuss, even if our allies face the same as well as significantly worse attacks than we have. We are not here because we got scared by your nuclear arsenals, we are here because we are concerned about the loss of human life; and if it is not ours, our brothers' and sisters' and our children's, it will be because we are concerned about the loss of your own brothers', sisters' and children's lives.

    You asked me of what E.T.O. did, and I hope I answered, but I have more to state. I repeat, this renegade alliance is a threat to regional unity and security, for it is a closed clique of ultracapitalist states, rather than an institution fundamentally within the frameworks of the European Union and open to, with no exceptions, any and all European Union member-states! It is a closed club of capitalists that was created days after one of its founders started a crisis with our country, and this, if it does not justify our concerns of it being an offensive organisation, it definitely explains why we oppose it in the first place! Your charters can say all they want, how do we know that they won't be violated in the first place? Who is out there to control you? Nobody is!**"

    While saying all these, Irina's voice had increased in volume and she had also stood up. She looked with a penetrating stare straight in the eyes of the younger, and most likely less experienced Italian King before she sat down, with a menacing look on her face, signifying she was definitely not the weak anti-war lesbian hippy many westerners perceived her to be. Of course, every word, every motion was serving a carefully thought purpose and goal. If anything, she and her country had nothing to lose from this summit; only gain, as far as things had developed up to now.

  • Chekovsky coughed and nodded to Irina in thanks, before he spoke to the King. "Listen to me, Mr. Vincenzo, for one I agree with with the Premier here that we should throw titles out the window. Here, we are as equals and therefore, titles are meaningless. Also, if and when you choose to stop spewing hateful words at me and my country, then maybe I will bother to call you a King and actually take you seriously. But until you do, I am taking your words with a grain of salt." Upon hearing Triera, he then replied very simply. "Says the nation that decided to act childishly by initiating a war games of proportions that were totally unneeded." He reshuffled his papers and listened to Irina speak as well as thinking over what to say. After the Italian representative made his complaint about her not answering his question, and Irina replied with a stunning answer which would be very hard to counter. He decided to wait and listen to what the other representatives have to say.

  • Comrade Vaughn puzzled his brow at the Irasian delegate's words - 'initiated war games'? Triera? Never! I'm sure it was the Soviet's who were the very first EU nation to mobilise, he thought. But refraining from speaking out, he sat quiet knowing such comments would only spiral these talks back into who did what first - and no-one wanted such petty squabbling.

  • "If all your politicians know how to do is throw insults than Irasia should give up foreign affairs altogether because I fail to see how "Comrade" Chekovsky is helping us make progress."

    John said sarcastically and he hoped he let everyone know how Irasia's "cooperation" was a waste of his time and the time needed for the "talks" he had attended.

    **"Now I didn't come here to evade questions and answers even though that is the basis of politics. We can move forward or we can move backwards and I hope its the first because any further worsening to our relations will only result in unwanted death and suffering for us all. **

    This time he looked Irina right in her eyes and spoke once more, now calmly in an effort to turn the summit around into something fruitful.

    "We all made mistakes. This is our chance to fix them. Comrade Irina I hope our nations can follow through this together."

    John now sat down took a sip of his water but he was somewhat more calm with a feeling that the Soviet representatives shared the same goals, perhaps for different reasons but at this time he had nothing to lose.

  • **"I have corrected people already, please do not address me incorrectly again... I trust that those two times, again, were accidents." The King completely ignored that the Irasian insulted him, and was visibly upset now. **

    He took a breath to calm down.
    He looked back across the room, his eyes meeting Irina's again. She raised an eyebrow as if to say, 'the floor is still yours...' He should help her... but... was she being dishonest... did she want peace?

    **"I can not find valid reason not to agree with Irina on this one; however surprizing, the ETO could bring this season of peace to a jolting halt. This is something I will have no part in. I will not have my conscience and that of my nation's guilty of a war. A war, that can be prevented right now. I realize that the points against the ETO have been made, but I asked for them to basically be restated so we are all on the same page, and no miscommunications can follow. I would also like to state, that Nazione Italiana has NO nuclear weapons in its posession.

    This meeting is taking a turn for the worst unless we work here! We all must be willing... I have tried to get the ball rolling, and it was ignored by all, except Irina, who, and I thank her, answered my question.

    If this region wants peace it must be a mutual effort, and I there for ask either the ETO to allow the membership of the USSR and other communist states, OR, I will announce my nation's resignation from it. Unless... of course, you don't want to be admitted Irina..." **

    _Hoping the Soviets weren't playing him, he sat down. _

  • Coming into the hall, Comrade Phillips felt slightly self-conscience as he made his way towards Vaughn, a folded piece of paper in his hand. Leaning down and whispering something, Vaughn's face went from questioning to completely impassive; he was a veteran poker player and this was one of those moments. When Phillips finished, Vaughn looked down at the paper, sighed and began to read out loud.

    I apologise to interrupt, but I have been informed by my superiors that Aesop Rocks will be maintaining silence in these meetings until the matter of Alikhstan gaining control of Germany from the USSR has been resolved. We find it particularly disturbing that the Soviet Union is willing to disrupt the course of democracy through such subversive actions and shall not accept it. Until an official apology is given, Aesop Rocks shall not accept the authority of any Soviet or Alikhstani delegate in the European Parliament. Further talks shall not continue with AR delegation input until such a time.

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    Irina's cellphone ringed. Within half a minute, her attitude has changed completely. No details, other than one.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, Comrades, I just got a call from our MEP and Commissioner, Sergei Kirov. I am saddened to announce that, on the basis of the outrageously ridiculous accusations made by the European Treaty Organisation concerning the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I am required to halt any and all diplomatic relations with any ETO countries, excluding embassy exchanges. We will not stand up for such ridicule, such as claiming the USSR has ownership of a 'Germany' which it handed over to Alikhstan."

    Nodding towards her colleagues, the Soviet delegates stood up and left silently. The clouds of war were dramatically over Europolis, and they knew it well. More concentrated than ever.

  • **"Damn it!" **the King couldn't believe what was happening.

    **"What in the hell is the matter with all of you! We are so close to peace. My nation can not mentally and culturally afford a war right now! If things get any worse, you can expect my resignation from the ETO!" **

    The King sat down for a moment in silence, and began to gather his things.

  • Chekovsky just laughed, a dark laugh that ended with him having a grim face. "Aesop Rocks, are you sure you really are here to gain peace and acceptance for the ETO? Or are you stirring up trouble in the hopes a war will come? Because if it's the latter, you are doing a fine job!" His aide came over and told him what was going on and the stance of the Irasian government. "Well, my good friend, I do hope you enjoy your pariah status, you earned it well. You lying sack of ****. Have a nice time in your own private hell." He then stood up, gathering his things.

    **"Irasia will remain in the Parliament and it will remain open for discussion. However, this meeting has soured due to the idiocy of Aesop Rocks, therefore, I will take my leave. Should anyone negotiate another meeting for this, Irasia will consider it. Until then, I bid you goodbye."**Putting on his hat, he walked out, followed by his aides.

    [EDIT: Swearing Removed]

  • Standing, Comrade Vaughn looked stressed, tired and worred.

    Fellow representatives, I must leave you for the Aesop Rocks Government has today collapsed after recent false accusations were made by some Ministers against members of the European Union. I now therefore have no official authority in these halls. We hope that AR will be able to replace our delegation as soon as possible, however a Government must first be formed in order to do so.

    Thank you for listening and goodbye.

    Walking out, head down and delegation following, the Aesop Rocks representation across Europe has simultaniously left their positions, probably never to return. They were all ashamed and downheartened at their nations Governmental collapse and were to return to one of the most heated political climates AR had ever seen.

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