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    Nation: Miraco
    Name: Juliet Couillard
    Councillor: (Yes/No) No
    Party affiliation: (i.e Progressive Party) Le Parti Travailliste
    Ideology: Leftist, Liberal, Pro-European

  • Mod

    We happily accept Councillor Juliet Couillard of Miraco as a full member of the EPA! Welcome to our group, we are glad to have you!

    Due to inactivity, James Williamson of Ezriya and the Councillor from Golfia are removed from the EPA.

    Edward Firoux,

    Caucus Chairman and Councillor of Inquista

  • Nation: Gallambria

    Name: The Right Honourable Lady Suzanne Bostwick-Smythe, Baroness Bostwick-Smythe

    Councillor: Yes

    Party Affiliation: Social Democracy

  • Nation: New Sarai

    Name: Miss Julietta Rain
    Councillor: (No)
    Party affiliation: Sarai WikiLeaks Party
    Ideology:  Libertarianism, Transparency and Accountability, Whistleblower Protection, Privacy Advocacy

  • Name: Mr. François Beaufort. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Collaboration with the E.U./ E.U. Councillor
    Nation: Federal Republic of Derecta
    Councillor: (Yes)
    Party affiliation: Derectan Popular Alliance
    Ideology: Economic liberal, socially progressive, centre-right

  • Nation: Eylstadt

    Name: Chase Floyd

    Councillor: Yes

    Party affiliation: Centrist Party

    Ideology: pro- European

  • I apologise for the delay, but all applications have been accepted! Welcome to the EPA! :D

  • Nation: Vochadenia

    Name: Ms. Sara Evres

    Councillor: No

    Political Affiliation: Social Democratic Party

    Ideology: Pro-European, Anti-conservative, Progressive, Liberal

    ((OOC: I'm terribly sorry I messed up in the Territory selection. I didn't understood how this system works >_<))

  • Your application has been accepted! We're sorry for the delay.

  • Nation: The Alliance

    Name: James Smith
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Liberal Democrats
    Ideology: Christian democrat, liberal

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