EPA - Membership Registration

  • Nation: Gallambria

    Name: The Right Honourable Lady Suzanne Bostwick-Smythe, Baroness Bostwick-Smythe

    Councillor: Yes

    Party Affiliation: Social Democracy

  • Nation: New Sarai

    Name: Miss Julietta Rain
    Councillor: (No)
    Party affiliation: Sarai WikiLeaks Party
    Ideology:  Libertarianism, Transparency and Accountability, Whistleblower Protection, Privacy Advocacy

  • Name: Mr. François Beaufort. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Collaboration with the E.U./ E.U. Councillor
    Nation: Federal Republic of Derecta
    Councillor: (Yes)
    Party affiliation: Derectan Popular Alliance
    Ideology: Economic liberal, socially progressive, centre-right

  • Nation: Eylstadt

    Name: Chase Floyd

    Councillor: Yes

    Party affiliation: Centrist Party

    Ideology: pro- European

  • I apologise for the delay, but all applications have been accepted! Welcome to the EPA! :D

  • Nation: Vochadenia

    Name: Ms. Sara Evres

    Councillor: No

    Political Affiliation: Social Democratic Party

    Ideology: Pro-European, Anti-conservative, Progressive, Liberal

    ((OOC: I'm terribly sorry I messed up in the Territory selection. I didn't understood how this system works >_<))

  • Your application has been accepted! We're sorry for the delay.

  • Nation: The Alliance

    Name: James Smith
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Liberal Democrats
    Ideology: Christian democrat, liberal

  • Name: Lady Emma Granger, 2th Baroness of Montague
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Liberal Party of Montenbourg
    Ideology: Social Liberalism

  • Admin

    We happily accept Councillor Emma Granger, 2nd Baroness of Montague as a full member of the EPA! Welcome to our group!

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