The Suez Cartel

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    The Suez Cartel is an international crime syndicate based in Laatzen, DU. The cartel was formed in 785 (1981) as an alliance of drug smuggling organizations in the Gulf of Suez.

    The Duxburian Union is represented in the Suez Cartel by the Suez Branch. This is one of the cartel's founding organizations and currently led by the Wasserman family. The branch does an estimated K:3.8 billion in annual business, specializing in drug smuggling, sex trafficking, computer hacking, gambling, graft, and money laundering. Some of its core business is perfectly legal within the borders of the Duxburian Union, giving it advantages over rivals. It is currently at war with the Chirez Cartel over Suez Canal fees, and with the Varian Cartel over port access in Norimere and Westeria.


    Suez High Council:

    0. Boss of Bosses: Leader of the entire cartel. Currently unfilled. The position has a history of becoming available shortly after being filled. The most powerful branch boss is typically the symbolic leader of the cartel by default.

    1. Boss: Leader of a national branch of the cartel. Currently, the highest rank in the organization. Each branch boss has 1 vote in the High Council. Heavily abstracted from the branch's day-to-day business, does not directly touch anything remotely illegal.

    2. Underboss: Designated successor to the Boss and groomed for eventual leadership of a branch. Often a family member or trusted advisor. Has lots of power, but also lots of rivals.

    3. Consigliere: The top advisor to the boss. Usually a person of great trust and experience in running the branch. Able to, and even expected to, question and criticize decisions and strategy made by the Boss. Often votes the Boss' interests in the High Council.

    4. Treasurer: Manager of the branch's finances, a vital person, well-insulated from law enforcement and other external threats. Does not get involved in internal politics, one of the most secure positions in the branch.

    5. Lord Enforcer: The top enforcer, responsible for managing all external hits, internal discipline, and other uses of hard power that may be necessary. This person is the judge, jury, and executioner.

    Suez Council:

    6. Captain: The leader of a geographic territory that the branch controls. Manages day-to-day operations of the branch within this territory. Often groomed for future leadership, or involved in plots to take future leadership.

    7. Lieutenant: Responsible for smaller units in a territory. Usually fall guys for when a Captain or higher rank gets into legal trouble.


    8. Dealer/Broker: Middlemen who make deals, organize local logistics, and buy/sell/trade product.

    9. Soldier: The grunts of the branch, carrying out its work on the streets. The most likely group to get arrested or killed.

    10. Associate: Non-members of the branch who conduct business with/for it. Usually have limited or no power within the branch, but also have limited or no legal liability for its activities.

    Members of the Suez Cartel:

    Branch: Suez

    Nation: Duxburian Union

    Headquarters: Laatzen City

    Territories: Gold Coast, Blackstone, Alveria, Kaumbrennia

    Annual Revenue: K:3.8 billion

    Specialties: Drug smuggling, sex trafficking, computer hacking, gambling, graft, money laundering


    Nickname: Top Kael

    Real Name: Kyle Wasserman am Suez

    Rank: Boss

    Nickname: Kid Shmurdah

    Real Name: Sean Wasserman am Suez

    Rank: Underboss

    Nickname: Grandpa Death

    Real Name: Anthony Wasserman am Suez

    Rank: Consigliere

    Nickname: Pretty Boy

    Real Name: Robert Kligenberg am Aurimere

    Rank: Treasurer, Captain (Gold Coast Territory)

    Nickname: Hammerhead Jed

    Real Name: Jed Lenner am Krigo

    Rank: Lord Enforcer

    Nickname: Slick Nick

    Real Name: Nick Swift am Neroston

    Rank: Captain (Blackstone Territory)

    Nickname: Big Mac

    Real Name: Mackenzie Black am Alveria

    Rank: Captain (Alveria Territory)

    Nickname: Shit For Brains

    Real Name: Stefan Maywood am Kaumbrennia

    Rank: Captain (Kaumbrennia Territory)

    Joining the Suez Cartel:

    If your organization wishes to join, please provide the following information:

    Branch: (1 per player)




    Annual Revenue:


    Leadership: (At least the top 5 people, their nicknames, real names, and rank)

    You can change the rank names as long as the overall structure is the same. The Suez Cartel plans to meet in the upcoming weeks to discuss…business.

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