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  • I have noticed that our embassies have not been update in a significant amount of time. Without a European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs I , in my position as Defence and Peacekeeping Commissioner have taken it upon myself to issue the following statement to the Embassies of Europeia and 10K Islands.

    All Best,

    Rt Hon Sir Geoffey Asquith-Robinson CEDM

    [center][size size="15"]An Update from the European Union[/size]

    [size size="8"]February 2016[/size]

    [b][size size="5"]The Region[/size][/b]

    Regional Population- 121 Memberstates

    Regional WA Deleate- Occoron

    [b][size size="5"]The Commission[/size][/b]

    Premier- Eilidh Whiteford (Icholasen)

    Defence & Peacekeeping- Geoffrey Asquith-Robinson (Davishire)

    Internal Affairs- VACANT

    Foreign Affairs- VACANT

    Economic Affairs- VACANT

    [b][size size="5"]The European Court of Justice[/size][/b]

    Chief Justice Salim Joubran (Angleter)

    Justice Nara Al-Kahina (The Sahrawi Union)

    Justice Hubert Christian (Inimicus)

    Justice Jane Dorr (Framptonia)

    Justice Justin Olatos(Poretos)

    [b][size size="5"]The Council[/size][/b]

    Speaker- John Walters (Halsberg)


    [b][size size="3"]Commission News[/size][/b]

    - August saw a new Commission election begin, with several candidates competing for one of the five places in the regional executive. One candidate, Suzannah Beech, was not happy with the debate process which is mandated by the regional constitution. The election was postponed and later declared void by the court in September prompting new elections in October. The commissioners elected for the 20th Commission period were;

    Premier- Eilidh Whiteford (Icholasen)

    Defence- Geoffrey Asquith-Robinson (Davishire)

    Economics- Suzannah Beech (Framptonia)

    Internal Affairs- Gordon Brown (UK)

    Foreign Affairs- Gorthuar (Teutonic State)

    -Once elected the Premier Commissioner began discussion on key issues where she believed that the EU needed reform. These areas included council procedure, the type of executive and the future of the court.

    -After a significant period with no activity Councillor Willemburg of South Africa proposed that Commissioners Beech and Gorthuar be impeached. An amendment to the proposal saw Brown added to this list. Gordon Brown resigned to avoid the shame of impeachment. Gorthuar and Beech were impeached by the council with 6 votes in favour.

    [b][size size="3"]Court News[/size][/b]

    -In August the court saw cases on both sides between Suzannah Beech against the United Kingdom regarding the commission election debate. The ECoJ took a significant time to rule on the case, over 2 months. This delay led to discussions as to the future of the ECoJ and also showed the weaknesses in the current governmental system.

    -Running concurrent to the Commission election the ECoJ had its new justices elected. There were only 5 candidates meaning all became justices. An election was held to see who would be appointed as Chief Justice. Salim Joubran from Angleter was elected to the post.

    [b][size size="3"]Council News[/size][/b]

    -In October the Halsbergian councillor proposed a repeal of the Nuclear Weapons Act 2015 which was proposed in May of the same year. The legislation placed restrictions on member states essentially prohibiting the production of new nuclear weapons. The Halsbergian councillor stated that the repeal would pave the way for nuclear disarmament. The repeal passed with 8 in favour and 1 against.

    -At the same time the Davishirian councillor proposed a repeal of the Cannabis Act 2015. The Cannabis Act obliged member states to remove the restrictions on the use and possession of cannabis throughout the EU and itself was a controversial bill. The Davishirian Councillor proposed the repeal shortly before the deadline for the bills implementation in order to delay the implementation of the bill in Davishire. The repeal failed with 3 votes in favour and 9 against.

    -The councillor from the Duxburian Union proposed a repeal of the Abolition of Capital Punishment Act 2015 at the same time as the other repeals. This legislation forbids the use of capital punishment during peacetime. The repeal failed with 6 votes in favour and 7 against.

    -December saw the Aalenic Councillor propose an amendment to the Nuclear Proliferation Act. The proposal changed the membership of the ENAA and prompted new elections as a result of the repeal of the Nuclear Weapons Act. The amendment was passed 8 for, 5 against with 1 abstention.

    -The new year saw the Nicolezian Councillor propose a bill relating to a European Union Language Preservation Trust. After a short debate the proposal was removed from the Council table.

    -Late January also saw the Inquistan Councillor propose the Councillor Accountability and Democracy Bill. This piece of legislation would have made it necessary for European Councillors to be elected to their office by member states electorate. The council didn't take to the bill however and it failed to pass with 4 in favour, 6 opposed and 2 recorded abstentions.

    The Inquistan Councillor also proposed an amendment to the constitution which would change the voting periods for when legislation is put before the council. The council liked this proposal more and it passed with 10 votes in favour and none against.

    -Early February bought about some more legislative action from the Aalenic Councillor who proposed changing the face of the European Commission and bringing about an elected President with an appointed cabinet. This bill is currently being voted upon.


    We are looking for speakers to come to the European Union from our friends and partners in other regions and speak in the European Council. We feel it is our duty as a democratic region to hear the ideas of our neighbours and colleagues and listen to their messages, hoping to glean knowledge from their experiences and views. Those who wish to partake in such a speech to the European Council, please contact Davishire2 on, or Davishire on the EU forums a

    And that is all for this month (and the months before it too!!), more to come in March!

    all the best,


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