Fremet Arms Manufacturing

  • GE Headquarters in Rhodenheim

    TRONDHEIM- Today, the Fremetian government announced that it would begin to expand its supply chain. The MoD gave the new supply contract to General Electric, and GE said in a statement today that they will be able to begin to fill orders by the end of the month. GE will be primarily offering aircraft from its subsidiary, GE Aviation. GE is the largest arms manufacturing company in the Federation of Fremet, and it will supply the FAF with over 90% of its aircraft and equipment. GE is expected to become Fremet's primary supplier of all aerospace goods.

    ((OOC: All of Fremet's Arms manufacturing News/Data will be posted to this thread henceforth; Posts are not IC Secret unless indicated otherwise))

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Elbit Systems Ltd. is a Fremet-based international defense electronics company focused on the construction and development of unmanned areal vehicles for the military and other government agency. They also specialise in cybersecurity, and is a major contractor of the Fremetian government.

    Origin Type Version
    Status Estimated Production Date Amount
    Elbit Hermes 900 Fremet
    MALE Hermes 900 "Kochav" In Development TBA 1 (Prototype)
    Elbit Hermes 450 Fremet Tactical UAV Hermes 450S "Zik" In Development TBA 2 (Prototypes

    The Fremet Aerospace Institute is the one of the nation's premier aerospace developer and manufacturer. Historically, the company focused on civilian aircraft, but FAI has recently changed their focus to Unmanned Areal Vehicles.

    Origin Type Version
    Status Estimated Production Date Amount
    IAI Eitan Fremet
    MALE Heron-TP "Eitan" In Development TBA 6 (Prototypes)
    IAI Heron
    Fremet MALE Heron-1 "Shoval"
    In Development TBA 3 (Prototypes)

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