Roleplay Mentoring

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    Let's face it: our forums seem very confusing at first. Our forum is completely open, without a masking process, and without clear directions. We totally immerse all new players into our little RP world, and it is very daunting. Even some of the more experienced players who have been here for well over a year are still left with many questions. Where does one start and what should one be doing in the region? Our introduction section is useful for understanding how our regional government works, but what are you supposed to do with it exactly, and how does one get involved? Besides, most RP happens outside of our regional government, so how does one get involved in that too?

    Well, do not fear, because Roleplay Mentoring is here! We used to have a roleplay mentorship program years ago, and it was a success. So let's bring it back!

    Are you looking to have someone guide you through all the facets and nuances of this region? Do you need help navigating our forums? Or perhaps you want someone to teach you how our embassy, Eurogroup or war system works? Or perhaps you just want a new buddy to talk to? You've come to the right place.

    Just post your name below and you'll have a mentor assigned to you! It's free, so try it!

  • I shall gladly join this glorious, magnificent program of yours! 🙂

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    Heh, good. As the first person to sign-up, that means you're stuck with me! 😈

  • @Inquista Excellent! 👿