Amendment to the Constitution- Legislative Powers

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    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR this Constitutional Amendment.

  • On behalf of the Rightful Majesty of Inimicus I, Ralph Jaevons, vote FOR this amendment.

  • On behalf of the Federation, I hereby vote FOR this amendment.

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    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote [b]Against[/b] the amendment.

  • I, Amalia Coppola, on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Sitanova, vote FOR this amendment

  • I vote AGAINST the proposed amendment.

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    I, Eloise Murray, on behalf of the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco, vote FOR this Constitutional Amendment.

  • I vote FOR this amendment.

  • I, John Walters, on behalf of the Twelve Commonwealths of Halsberg, vote FOR this constitutional amendment.

  • At this point Nicola Heaven stood up in the chamber,

    I am pleased to announce that the voting for this proposal has now ended. As with all constitutional amendments it requires a 75% majority to pass. With a total of 12 votes that means there needs to be 9 votes in favour of this piece of legislation.

    I can confirm that the following member states voted in favour of this proposal,

    -Halsberg -Icholasen -Miraco -Sitanova -Fremet -Inimicus -Angleter - Austrailia -Davishire

    I can confirm that the following member states voted against the proposal,

    -Aalen -Duxburian Union -Inquista

    Therefore with 9 votes in favour and 3 votes against and the 75% threshold being reached this amendment has passed and the constitution is hereby amended.

    I am pleased to be able to advise the council of this today. It proves that we can all come together as a union and approve the beginnings of real change within this European Union. Allowing Commissioners to propose and debate legislation means that our European Executive can finally get things done. I look forward to working with any commissioners in the future that wish to propose such legislation.

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