Terrorist Attack

  • [Oddly, the Home Secretary for Derbyshire and Fife comes stumbling into the chamber. He is beset by a thick stack of documents and a thick onset of old age.]

    "Greetings, esteemed colleagues! I come in the gravest of circumstances to seek an audience. Numerous events in Derbyshire have led me to conclude that the Union must be informed personally of their course.

    First off, I would like to express my sympathies to Cardinal da Cieli's four childr...I mean large spiritual famil...I mean following. I know his eminence had a great following in Fife from his time as Bishop of that Ilk.

    My second piece of news regards the Cardinal as well. The government received a tip overnight that da Cieli's captors had arrived by helicopter in Fife and are barricaded somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. The Prime Minister sends his assurances that the Royal Army shall not tire in its search until every crooked...I mean every crook and cranny is thoroughly searched.

    Third, I can confirm that six Soviet nationals have been detained in Derbyshire in connection with the terrorist bombings in Belarum and in collusion with a Marxist plot to overthrow the government of Derbyshire and Fife.

    Fourth, I have received reports that a Fife passenger plane has been hijacked by Alikhi terrorists. Connections with the purpetrators have not yet been made, however, the government has vowed to save as many lives as possible."

    [With that, the Home Secretary collapsed briefly in a nearby chair and then quickly scuttled out of the chamber, seemingly delirious.]

  • In response to requests from Belarum, Aesop Rocks would like to offer all assistance neccessary in terms of personel as well as intelligence sharing. We are currently detaining 3 Alikhi suspects and hope that we may be able to gain information from these men; we are glad to share such intelligence with other nations who have been attacked or subjected to terrorist attacks in the recent weeks.

    We also call upon the Security Council to discuss this issue immediately. Security Council members, we must unite to destroy this evil. We must ensure the nations of the European Union are safe and as Security Council we must takes steps to prevent such acts of terrorism.

  • We are outraged by the kidnapping of the Cardinal. Aleutia will do its best to prevent terrorists from using the country as a base for their attacks across Europe.

    However, we would like to remind nations of the West and the Soviet world that no matter what happens, they can't lose their values of democracy, tolerance, and justice to the fear of terrorism. In order words, every action taken must be justified. Arrests of innocents without Court orders, and especially, torture, are never acceptable in our view.

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    Kuslikov stood up furiously as he heard Derbyshire's delegate's words. So, after ETO countries nearly invaded his homeland and never got any blame for it, Soviet citizens were blamed with acts of terrorism and unacceptable ways to revolt towards the anti-proletarian structure of the Derbyshire society!? This was an outrage!

    "We protest over the arrest of Soviet citizens, seeing this as an act clearly geared towards political hits towards our nations! We cannot, logically, totally rule out the possibility of Derbyshire's authorities having found actual links of Soviet nationals to terrorist entities, but we nevertheless would like the Soviet citizens to be turned over to our own authorities as well as allow us full investigation of their cases. Accusing us, indirectly, of attempts to overthrow other governments in unlawful manners by Marxist-Leninist ethics and sponsoring terrorism is totally provocative on your behalf."

    Saying that, the Russian sat down calmly, pondering over the options he would himself have, as well as guessing - pretty accurately - how this incident could further escalate ETO-Soviet relations. It was entirely possible this had been entirely engineered by the European Treaty Organisation, even though he had hesitated to say it.

  • Ambassador Berkant arrived, looking dishevelled. His worn face and tired eyes were some clue as to the complete lack of sleep he had over the last three days. Oddly enough, it was not due to his commitment to foreign policy. Rather, he had spent those three days desperately trying to get in touch with someone in his government to give him orders. It was sheer Chaos back there, and only luck had managed to get him through to Vizier Sharif for a comment.

    "I...apologize for my lateness. On this topic, we have a very invested interest, and we strongly request the right to participate. I have been instructed to request the extradition of all detained Alikhi Nationals- In Derbyshire and Fife, In Aesop Rocks, and elsewhere- to our own country, where they can be properly tried and convicted publicly." He said this with as much weary conviction as he could muster, before slumping into his chair.
    "In addition, we are willing to discuss possible terms for allowing foreign, allied intervention in aiding our current...security crisis."

    This was a major concession. Clearly, things were far more desperate in Alikhstan then anyone was letting on. Even a limited request for intervention was a major blow to decades of Alikhi sovereign pride, and confidence in their own stability.

  • Immediately upon hearing the Alikhi request, Comrade Dylan rose to reply. His Government had expected such a request and he was authorised to only concede the points he was to present today.

    There is no way Aesop Rocks shall allow the extradition of any citizens arrested in Aesop Rocks in connection to the recent terrorist attacks. All arrested foreign nationals shall be detained for questioning for a period of undetermined time. If no charge is brought against them they shall be offered extradiction to their homelands. If charge is brought against them, they shall be tried before the Courts of Aesop Rocks and if found guilty they shall be imprisoned for life with no chance of parole. Aesop Rocks is angered at the apparent belief by Alikhstan that we are unable to try our criminals properly and we request that the Alikhstani official withdraw his comparitive comment, 'to our own country, where they can be properly tried and convicted publicly' because of afforementioned implications.

    All foreign nationals arrested in Aesop Rocks have the right to apply for self-deportation. However, this decision made for the application is based upon the level of criminality as well as any intelligence the Police and Government believe they may gather from suspect. The Alikhi nationals arrested in our recent raids have given us a number of intelligence leads as well as hopefully being able to provide more. They are also suspected of plots to attack Aesop Rocks and our allies. Therefore, there can be no way Aesop Rocks will allow the release of these detainees into Alikhi-control. We believe the only fair and just trial for these suspects can be in Aesop Rockian territory.

    On the matter of Allied intervention in Alikhstan, Aesop Rocks believes that if it were neccessary, the Alikh Government would be contacted by ourselves. We are willing to help destroy any terrorist networks in Alikhstan and offer our aid in helping the Alikh Government root out this evil. At your invitation we are willing to provide Intelligence Officers as well as Military Personel. However, we cannot negotiate the release of suspects for this intervention.

    Sitting down, Orlan hoped that he had portrayed his Government's position well. AR had strong intelligence that there were terrorist networks in Alikhstan and Orlan's Government were never one to back down in the face of hostility. "We'll have our terrorists and eat them!" thought Orlan as various counterparts began to respond.

  • A more debonair figure, the Lord Chancellor arrived to clear up some of the matters at hand.

    I sincerely apologise to the right honourable gentleman for the USSR for the misunderstanding. The Marxist terrorist organisation is composed, as far as the government knows, of Derbyshire nationals, who are disgruntled with never having any representation in the House of Commons. It appears the six Soviet nationals were students at university in New Liverpool. They seem to have been largely ignorant of much of the plot to overthrow the government and assasinate the Prime Minister. As such, four of the six have been released without charge. They are free to go, however, three have expressed their desire to remain at university. The remaining two have been indicted for collusion in a terrorist plot and inciting terrorism. They shall stand trial in Derbyshire, and, if convicted, shall serve 2/3 of their time in Derbyshire before extradition can be considered, according to the Human Rights Act.

    The government sadly reports that after fierce fighting in the Uplands of Fife, Cardinal da Cieli has not been found. The terrorist organisation seems to be unconnected and is comprised of ultra-fascist catholics unhappy with the Union.

    The Alikhi terrorists have not yet been aprehended. They are threatening to fly into the Parliament building if certain conditions are not met, however, their message has yet to be fully translated.

    [The Lord Chancellor sat after a speach that illicited several outcries from the audience.]

  • The Irasian representative arrived in the halls, looking a bit harried.

    "My apologies, but I was busy talking to the High Council and to the Premier, about our response. Now, I am in agreement with the Soviet Union about those nations, and I am happy to see that you have let them go. However, it still stands that by the way you first mentioned the arrests, it implicated all those who believe in Communism that we are trying to uproot governments secretly and thats not true. The fact that they are Soviet or Communist, only those from Soviet Russia are really Soviet my friend, does not have much bearing on why the committed terrorism, if they did it at all. Which your courts shall determine."

    Straightening, he began to speak again, louder this time.

    "The High Council has decided to increase security measures within our own borders, so as to protect our citizens and fight against this threat. We are currently working with the Islamic communities in our country and cracking down on leads to possible terrorist cells in Irasia. We are willing to aid nations hit and to track down these horrible killers. If change is needed, then peace and legislation should be used, not explosives and violence."

    Sitting down, he waited for the discussion to continue.

  • Comrade Thelonious Vaughn, ETO Spokesperson, came running into the Parliament. His driver had ploughed into the back of a lorry in his rush to get to the Parliament after hearing the Soviet delegates words and he was sporting a rather shiny black eye.

    I would like to re-enforce the position of ETO, reminding members that unless statements come directly from myself as spokesperson of ETO or the ETo Council then they are not reflective of ETO beliefs.

    Whilst Derbyshire and Fife is a strong and prominent member of the European Treaty Organisation, the sovereign matters of that nation - including the arrest of citizens of any nationality within their borders - do not neccessarily reflect the beliefs and opinions of ETO or other affiliates. ETO would like to remind our Parliament that as a supranational organisation ETO does not hold a political stance nor do we wish to discriminate nations based upon their political inclinations.

    Official ETO Policies will be stated as such and are likely to come from myself as Spokesperson or a prominent member of our Organisation. Unless a statement regarding ETO policy is made by myself or an authorised member of ETO, I ask you to remember that the statement is likely to be one of _national sovereignity _and in no way influenced of affected by ETO.

    Thank you.

  • I quite concur with my right honourable colleague. The government of Derbyshire and Fife in no way connects the Marxist terrorists with the Soviet Union or any other Communist country. As it will be testified in court, the Soviet nationals (who were at university) became involved with the fringe of a university Marxist-Leninist organisation, which later developed close ties with the Marxist terrorists. It appears that the two Soviet nationals colluded in planning a terrorist attack, the details of which I am not at liberty to divulge. Again, I apologise for any confusion or any crossing of terms.

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    Kuslikov blinked. Were they questioning his intelligence? Was it possible at all, that all out of a sudden, after a couple of bombs detonated in a couple of countries, hundreds of 'terrorist organisations' were springing up madly across Europe, as though all of this was some sort of anti-ETO conspiracy? And, a 'Marxist-Leninist Terrorist Organisation?' Would it not be ironic if it 'happened' to be the local Communist Party? They were not blaming the USSR - they were 'just' blaming Communism in general, no big deal.

    Excuse me? Are you suggesting that Marxist-Leninist organisations support terrorism, by any chance? Does it happen to also be a fact that they call themselves "Communist" or "People's" or "Workers'" Parties? Now, would that not be amusing? Are you accusing us, indirectly, of engineering conspiracies against your governments? Because, if you do, you should at least find the guts to do it directly!

    Pausing for a second to control his emotions, Kuslikov drank some watered vodka and continued.

    We would be interested to participate in the investigation of the six Soviet citizens' cases. The very quick outcome of results is indeed very suspicious to us, as well as the facts that you claim them to be 'students of the University of New Liverpool' when that would require common renewal of their passports as well as other bureaucratic work commonly impossible to take place in our embassy in your capital.

    Kuslikov sat down, wondering how on earth could he explain all of this. Most likely, this wave of arrests across ETO countries was a "democratic" excuse to put down political opposition. He would have to contact the State Security Committee about this thing, and let them figure out some sort of quick exit for the innocent Soviet citizens - if they were Soviet at all, since the Derbyshire claims were considered all but reliable just about 90 percent of the time by Soviet officials anyway - or whatever.

  • Another Italian walked into the room, alone. This man was recognizable to most of the MEP's as the newly elected Italian President.

    **"My fine fellows, Signore Saolo Verrina was put in the hospital shortly after collapasing here delivering the news of the Good Cardinal's disappearence. I, Signore Ugoino, will be taking his place here until he is well enough to return.

    "On the topics now, I can say that Nazione Italiana will not release the current prisoners it has detained from the raid on the Cathedral in Roma. I can tell you that there are two men in custody, and they haven't yet claimed nationality.

    Secondly, to the Russian and Alikhi representitives, I personally feel that in this time we should be more focused on this sudden out break of terrorism. Terrorism will not end...perhaps ever, and I realize that this isn't a sudden creation of grops that hate the west and its religions. What I do realize, is that this sudden out break of attacks _is _recent and valid to argue about, and try to stop. I would hope, that rather than claim those useless lives that take the lives of others, you would try to help us track down more evil-doers.

    Accusations have no place here... Jesus people... listen to yourselves! People are dying!"**

  • "I respectfully request that the right honourable member for the Soviet Union re-read my previous message to this house. I do not know how I can make any clearer, unless using words of one-half syllable, which I am told do not exist. For the sake of taking up space to amuse my Soviet colleagues, I shall repeat myself: for the third time. There is a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organisation located in Derbyshire. MI5 has found little or no connection between the terrorists and the Marxist-Leninist Party of Derbyshire and Fife, which boasts an over-active membership of twenty-five persons. (The Fife Marxist-Leninist Party, however, is a bit more active, with nigh on one hundred members.) The government makes a clear distinction between political parties and terrorist organisations. The Human Rights Act (2003) clearly defines terrorist organisations. Perhaps I should further specify that the HRA and the government define the terror group in question as domestic. No link with any foreign sources, whatsoever, has been detected. The government would never assume any connection between the Soviet government and the Marxist-Leninist terrorists, and the Prime Minister is rather surprised that the right honourable gentleman would accuse his closest aly of such a faux-pas.

    Furthermore, I am happy to announce that the terrorist threat from the Alikhis is over. A deal was struck that would allow the kidnapped passengers to leave the plane and the terrorists leave in the plane to return to Alikhstan. Sadly, after the passengers were evacuated, the terrorists' plane ran out of fuel after takeoff and crashed into the Bight of Lord Liverpool. There were no survivors.

  • Ambassador Berkant entered the European Parliament Council Chambers, nervous but defiant. Demanding to see Representatives from the nations of Aesop Rocks, Triera, Belarum, Nazione Italiana and Derbyshire, Ambassador Aydin Berkant was determined to make his case for Alikhstan. Little did he know, that this very matter was already being discussed behind closed doors.

    His Vizier was frantic with calls, promising anything, trying to hold onto democracy by his fingers. Ever since Suhrawardi's kidnapping, everything had been slowly slipping out of control. The Brotherhood was almost certainly to blame, no doubt trying to destabilize the region, and use Alikhstan as their main recruiting pool for their insidious ends. But Berkant had been allowed to see classified reports detailing illicit soviet arms deals conducted over the last few years, between the previous Vizier's Administration and unknown agents from the USSR, who had then promptly delivered the hardware.

    Publicly, all soviet arms purchases by Alikhstan were covered through Sovboronexport, but the report had suggested otherwise. and roughly 70% of all that equipment was now believed to reside in hidden warehouses loyal to the Brotherhood. Aydin Berkant felt he was way in over his head. He had dreamed of becoming an Ambassador, and maintaining the strong position of Alikhstan in foreign affairs...but he had never dreamed of becoming involved in its very fight for survival, from insidious enemies within and without.

    Now he had to do all in his power to avert a potential Disaster. At all costs, the Brotherhood must not be allowed to succeed in its goals of starting a war with the European Union.

    He bowed stiffly to the representatives of all nations present, and addressed his comments to noone in particular.
    _"Gentleman, i can confirm that Alikhstan will do all in its power to rid itself of the Brotherhood, as it has been trying to do since we learned of their existence. I can further confirm that our request for foreign aid stands. However, we request that it be of a limited peacekeeping nature, and not a full occupational taskforce. Our nation is a powderkeg, and we do not need any bigger a spark waving around it than necessary.

    As to the Terrorist Demands...my condolences to the family of the Cardinal, and my sympathies to you. We will aid you in abducting those responsible, and punishing them fully. But it is ESSENTIAL that they be punished in Alikhstan. These terrorists will become martyrs if tried in foreign courts, and our people will feel that we are weaker than we already are. We MUST counteract the influence of these fundamentalists NOW, before they can further work their evil on our youth."_ He sat, and waited for the west's reply, praying that sense could be restored in this troubled time.

  • **"Good Islamic Friend and Ally, I ask a favor of your government and of your people. I ask for your government to FORMALLY and OFFICIALLY renounce the workings of radical Islamic terrorists such as Cain's. I do not suspect that you're harboring terrorists or aiding them in the destruction of the western world. However, this will aid us in capturing that convicting those guilty, and we must start with the largest suspect, if you will allow the analogy.

    I thank you for your continued support and help." **

    _Ugoino sat down. _

  • A few moments went by, Ugoino allowed enough time for the translator... five minutes was more than enough. Still, no answer.

    Good friend, please, my government requests and answer!

  • Ambassador Berkant reluctantly mounts the podium. "I...have been empowered by my government to make this very dangerous concession. I stress to you that what you are asking could further tip a delicate balance. Our- No, I will offer no further excuses. You are right to ask this. It is our own hand-wringing which has led to these dire straits, and it is time that we, the unwitting creators of this crisis, should take full responsibility."

    He cleared his throat, waiting for the translators to catch up. Finally, he delivered the damning proclamation.
    "The Caliphate of Alikhstan, in the name of its ruler, its court and its people, officially renounces all ties to Islamic Fundamentalism. We officially CONDEMN the false creeds of the Brotherhood and their ilk as apostate and heretical, and direct all true muslims to reject them and turn them away.
    Henceforth, it is the Brotherhood who has Fatwa pronounced on THEM."

  • For the first time in a long time the Holy Roman Empire MEP rose his eyebrow in interest. He rose to speak.

    I commend the Alikhistan governemt for thier stance in this matter, whilst I know how difficult it most be for the Alikhi leaders to do such a statement in accord with it's history, traditions and religion, I'm most pleased that the Alikhi government take stance against world terrorism in all it's shapes! The Senate has offered it's full support to the current Alikhi regim in it's work against worldterrorism and Fundamentalism, be it islamic, chatolic or any other.

    As the ties with the fundamentalists are broken, new ties with the European Union and the Holy Roman Empire may be established. Trade relations, diplomatic and cultural exchange can and may be restored to the former glory of the medieval age, when both our great empire blossomed in religious tolerance and a golden era.

  • I thank you, fine friend and ally on this new war against radicalism. As many of you know, the Cardinal has been killed. His head was removed from his body, and both were found in a box delivered to Genova port. My God keep and protect him, and may he smote his murderers. My government is still trying to make sence of this horrendous event and thanks you all for your continued support.