Embassy Update May 2016

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    [color=blue]May 2016 Embassy Update[/color]

    Dear Councillors, Commissioners, Peoples and Governments of Europe,

    In light of my recent start as European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, my first duty is to publish and maintain our embassies to other regions. To this purpose I am publishing my first Embassy Update.

    Active Forum EmbassiesCurrently Suspended Forum EmbassiesNationStates EmbassiesFormerly Active (Now Closed) Embassies
    Canada (NS)United KingdomIndiaBritish Crown Dependencies (Closed May 2015, region disbanded)
    10000 Islands (NS)OccitaniaThe United Federation (Closed May 2015)
    Europeia (NS)The Allied States
    The Asendancy (Closed January 2016)
    The Allied Sates
    New Republica
    Caprecia (Closed January 2016)

    Over the coming week, I shall set about producing our regional update, covering events in the Commission, Council, and member states, from February 2016 on. These will then be posted to the relevant embassies. I will also attempt to get in touch with regional leaders from the United Kingdom, to ask them to continue our embassy.

    I hope I have informed you sufficiently. If there are any remarks or questions I will be more than happy to address them here.

    Lord Eric Hitchens

    European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs

  • UPDATE 7/7/2016

    Added 'The Allied States' to the Active Forum Embassies section after setting up embassy topics on their forums.

    Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • UPDATE 9/7/2016

    Under directions from Premier Commissioner Emerett, I will soon be simplifying our Embassy scheme.

    ((OOC: From now on, we shall attempt to set up NationStates embassies with other regions only when those regions have an active forum community. I will be slightly busy the coming week, but after that I will be going through the nations we have solid Nationstates relations with, and attempt to set up forum embassies with those who offer the opportunity. If possible, I would only ever like to set up NS embassies with nations who have forums, and perhaps even try to close down NS embassies with those who don't. Some liaison with NS admins will of course be necessary.))

    If there are any suggestions or comments, I will, no doubt, hear them here.

    Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • UPDATE 16/07/2016

    Embassy with The Allied States has been set up and is currently active.

    Embassy with Europeia has been re-applied for, awaiting reply.

    ((OOC: Yahoo Email Address set up.))

    Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • UPDATE 18/07/2016

    Our embassy with the 10,000 Islands has been reinvigorated. A summary of our basic information has been posted.

    We have registered for the Allied States' inter-regional olympics, events for which will commence shortly. I will contact some of you for assistance in this matter.

    Foreign Commissioner Eric Hitchens

  • UPDATE 20/07/2016

    Relations with The North Pacific (NationStates) (Forum Link) have been revamped. Our ambassador application is currently awaiting approval and their ambassador here has been granted approval by yours truly.

    Commissioner Hitchens

  • UPDATE 27/07/2016

    The European Embassy in The United Kingdom (NationStates) (Forums) has been approved and is currently awaiting masking.

    The European Embassy in Canada (NationStates) (Forums) is currently awaiting approval.

    All current revamped embassies (The Allied States, Europeia, 10k Islands) have been updated with the regional update.

    Commissioner Hitchens

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