March-April 2015 Regional Update

  • An Update from the European Union

    March-April 2016

    Our Region:

    • Regional Population: 146 nations
    • WA Delegate: Occoron
    • Regional Officer: Duxburian Union

    The European Commission:

    • Premier: Anja Emerett (Inquista)
    • Foreign Affairs: Lord Eric Hitchens (Inimicus)
    • Internal Affairs: Richard Dawson (Aalen)
    • Economics: Thomas Ericsson (Fremet)
    • Defence and Peacekeeping: Marie Solomon (Halsberg)

    The European Council:

    • Speaker: John Walters, Halsberg (ind.)
    • Current Eurogroups: European Progressive Alliance

    The European Court of Justice

    • Chief Justice Salim Joubran (Angleter)
    • Justice Hubert Christian (Inimicus)
    • Justice Brenda Hale (United Kingdom)
    • Justice Brian Leveson (Davishire)
    • Justice Miroslav Valera (Sitanova)

    European Commission News:

    • The April Commission election saw a detrimentally low turnout, tremendous inactivity, and lack of proper candidacy. Five individuals put themselves forward, automatically guaranteeing each a Commission spot, and leaving only the battle for the Premiership to be fought. The Commission Debate, which in days gone by was an often heated event, received almost no attention from candidates and European citizens alike. After a debate with only one candidate taking part, the European Court of Justice ruled the event had to be re-run. Only Anja Emerett, candidate from Inquista, managed to put the basic effort of responding to the few questions and completing her opening and closing statements, into the debate. This caused widespread disollusionment with the European peoples, and we are now seeing one of the worst periods of inactivity in the Union's history.
    • Commission candidate from Broome received zero votes, and therefore immediately resigned from the Commission. A Foreign Affairs by-election was, therefore, required, which saw a slightly more contested race than the general elections. Anastasia Friedmann from new member Sitanova ran against veterans Allele Ine am Acennon from the Duxburian Union and long-time Premier Eric Hitchens from Inimicus. The final vote was a tight one and saw Hitchens return to the Commission stage after months of absence.

    European Court of Justice News

    • ECoJ elections took place in late March and early April. Only five candidates stood for office, meaning all five were guaranteed a Justice seat. The race for Chief Justice was a tight one, with Hubert Christian from Inimicus only just being outvoted by the well-known Angleteric Salim Joubran.
    • There was no further news from the European Court of Justice for the months of March and April.

    European Council News

    • Heated debates about constitutional Commission reform took place over the last few months. Presidential-style systems were the object of lively discussion, with some nations fundamentally opposing the idea of a supranational European president, and others supporting new executive powers the President was supposed to receive. In the end, none of the several Presidential-style amendments received the two-thirds majority required for constitutional changes.
    • Another constitutional amendment proposed by Davishire's Councillor aimed to give some legislative powers to Commissioners, allowing them to propose legislation to the European Council. Despite strong opposition mainly voiced by Councillors who had previously supported Presidential amendments, the proposal was passed. Whether it has turned to fruition remains to be seen.

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