EuroSummit Letter

  • My fellow Europeans,

    The current situation of economic cooperation in Europe is a disheartening one. I call on the nations of Europe, big and small, to come to an economic summit here in Europolis to secure the state of Europe's economy and plan for the future of both the near-extinct Eurozone and plans for further economic cooperation between between the nations of Europe. I plan for this meeting to give the economic stability that is necessary for peace in the future of Europe.

    ((OOC: Everyone is welcome, and those who wish to attend are asked to place their nation name below so I can get an idea of those attending))


    Thomas Ericsson

  • Nation Name: Democratic Republic of Sitanova

  • Nationa name: the Empire of Inimicus

  • Nation Name: The Commonwealth of Australia

  • Admin

    Nation Name: The Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter

  • Admin

    Nation Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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