Motion for Recognition of Neutrality for Australia

  • Golfia wholeheartedly endorses Australia's request to be recognised as a neutral state.

  • Admin

    Miraco fully endorses Australia's request to be recognised as a neutral state.

  • Though the Empire is not a neutral state itself, Inimicus realises the importance neutrality can have for a state like Australia, and supports its government in proclaiming this status.

    Alexander Strathclyde

  • I would like to inform the Council that voting on this matter began at 14:25 BST.

  • Admin

    I, Gisela Stuart, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR this motion.

  • In the Name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos, I, Alexander Strathclyde, vote FOR this motion.

  • I, on behalf of the Apostolic Empire of Golfia, vote FOR this motion

  • Admin

    I, Juliet Couillard, on behalf of the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco, vote FOR this motion.

  • The Fremetian Government expresses its support for this motion, and we hereby vote FOR this motion of neutrality.

  • With 5 votes FOR and 0 votes AGAINST or ABSTAINING, at 100% approval, I declare the motion adopted and Australia formally recognised as a neutral nation.

    Australia will comply immediately with the mandate set out by the European Union's Constitution that lays out neutrality.

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