Trouble in the North

  • ((This story line has been retconned with the agreement of other players, for reasons of interest this thread remains here)

    It was a cool summers evening in the Arctic with temperatures in the high single digits when a joint Davishirian-Fremetion convoy was sailing just outside of the Teutonic States 12 mile limit. The fleet commanders were advised to avoid going anywhere near Teutonic Waters, the north of the nation was still quite unstable since the civil war in the last years but after a series of delays it was believed necessary to arrive on time and cut accross the most northern tip of the Teutonic State at a distance of only 12.5 miles.

    The convoy was made up of 12 cargo vessels and a series of 3 fremetion Destroyers, 2 Fremetion frigates and a Davishirian Light Aircraft Carrier and two destroyers and associated submarines shadowing at a distance. The significant security operation in place was due to the high value of the cargo being carried. The initial consignment of components for setting up the new Davishirian missile defence system bought from Fremet at significant cost to the Davishirian taxpayer. The ships would then return to Fremet carrying some state of the art F35 fighters.

    As the sun began to fall it was eerily calm, and then the calm ended...

  • Suddenly there was a massive explosion coming from a Davishirian destroyer that was accompanying the convoy.

    The vessel began to list,

    "Sir, additional missiles incoming"


    The ships immediately deployed their chaff confusing two incoming missiles but the other slammed into the side of a cargo vessel.

    "Get the aircraft in the air, launch defensive actions... Do we even know what is causing this?"

    The convoy commander was in a mild state of panic. He had been advised that this stretch of water had the potential to be dangerous but never expected a full on attack.

    "Sir, spotters indicated artillery located on the Teutonic Coast."

    "Ok, lets give them a greeting. Deploy Marines!"

  • "Sir our convoy is under attack!"


    "Several Coastal installations, one of the freighters is heavily damaged and needs to beach!'

    "Deploy countermeasures and reposition our vessels to defend against the missiles!"

    The vessels maneuvered as the cargo vessel beaches on a nearby sandbar.

    "Land Marine units to protect the cargo vessel and return fire on the attackers!"

    "Sir our Davishirian counterparts are landing troops as well........"

  • PM Merkel was receiving her evening briefing when the report came through of a TS attack on the convoy headed for Davishire.

    "Dispatch the 4th Fleet. Their mission will be to secure the convoy and the beached vessel's cargo and to capture the installations firing on our vessels."

    She dismissed the briefing and looked at her chief of staff, "Get me a representative of the TS on the phone, and get me the Davishirian PM while you're at it!"


    Knife 27 being a section of three of Davishires F35B Lighting II aircraft, state of the art, 5th generation, deadly. Screaming overhead using a show of force a barrage of old style anti-aircraft flak bounced up around the F35s. The aircraft however were flying to fast for any of the ground gunners to be accurate. With the artillery still continuing to fire upon the convoy of military ships which themselves were returning fire the F35s were authorised to go in for the kill. A lone F35 piloted by a 21 year old newbie pilot from Bicester in Davishire put his aircraft into position,

    "Knife 272 firing"

    The bombay door underneath the aircraft opened and fired two single paveway IV laser guided bombs. Each one fell silently directly onto its target with extreme precision. two of the guns were ceased from firing but there were at least two more. By this point some enemy aircraft, poorly maintained and mixed livery fighter jets from the Teutonic State were in the air

    "Knife 27, engage"

    By this point three other F35Bs of Knife 26 section joined them in the dogfight. It was quite clear that the F35s were a match for the teutonic aircraft.

    By this point the Davishirian and Fremetion marines were making their initial landings to respond to the threat posted. Heavily outnumbered but with reinforcements on the way they fought on in bloody short range combat with the unknown enemy.

  • On the beach the fighting was fierce, it was clear that the Allied forces would face quite a significant fight to destroy the gun emplacements. On the ground the commanders were struggling to make sense of an incredibly confusing situation, with a force of only 30 men until reinforcements arrived they all knew they were unlikely to succeed.

    "Serjeant, take Alpha and Bravo in a flanking manouvre to the right hand side of the enemy emplacements! I shall get air support"

    The commander turned to his radio operator,

    "Get me some air support to take out those emplacements!"

    The radio operator signalled back to the fleet requesting an aircraft to make a strafing run, a matter of moments later a confirmation was issued and within moments a fully armed F35 was on its way over...

  • The aircraft completed its strafing run and returned to the carrier, the area was in smoke when suddenly the enemy ran inside. Another boatload of Davishirian and Fremetion Marines landed on the beach and the forces began to advance. It had all gone completely quiet and the men were becoming quite uneasy about the situation. They continued to advance and no shots were returned.

    ¨Corporal, get onto the radio request immediete reinforcements the enemy are ret...¨

    Before the captain could finish his sentence there was a sudden blinding light, everything went incredibily hot. The light continued for several seconds without fading and the heat got more and more excruciating. All of the troops, including the enemy soldiers hidden in the woods, began to scream in pain, the sea and the pools of water around the tidal area of the rocky beach were steaming as the temprature increased. Suddenly there was a massive shockwave. All of the trees were flattened, the soldiers pushed onto the ground with their clothes burning in the heat and the soles of their boots melting, the chemical coating on the landing craft bubbled and began to peel as the vessels were capsized, the fighters battling in the sky were shoved down to the ground by blind pilots and massive winds and the shockwave, two destroyers that had moved within only a few hundred metres of the coast capsized.... the noise was deafening to the point where anyone who had survived to this point was rendered deaf.

    As the light faded the captain, who had just about survived despite being badly injured looked up and saw a mushroom cloud in the sky ¨completely loco

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